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  1. A good cause and I suppose that if your wear your hair down to your shoulders at work no one will even see it. Nice Horseshoe and Cross CCF!
  2. How does Apple continue to create overzealous frenzy & demand for their technological products? Computers I get; iPhones not so much...The legend of Steve Jobs will never ever die. It's remarkable actually. I'm fascinated by it.

    1. Nadine


      brent, I agree, landlines are a good deal these days. Time was, they were not. However for call clarity, land lines are the best. Which by the way is another issue I have with my android, call clarity bites

    2. BrentMc11


      Exactly Nadine...especially here in cell phone no man's land....and my LAN line covers most of 56 acres...very good service. I only use cell for emergencies. The clarity is exceptional.

    3. mom terp

      mom terp

      i agree with the comments posted so far.it is also nice.to have a husband who is a computer / electronic technician.as for me.i have had some junior college courses in auto mechanics.i never finished my auto mechanical training.my husband did finish his computer technical courses.have a great day.

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  3. southwest1

    shelby 01

    A work of musical art if I ever saw one Cs4. Let the beautiful bass jam session begin!!!!
  4. southwest1

    Shelby 03

    Slide you fingertips up & down Shelby's neck...Groovy bass solo there Cs4!!!
  5. southwest1

    Shelby 02

    Is Shelby similar in inspiration to B.B. King's guitar Lucille? Is she with you like a security blanket everywhere you go too?
  6. southwest1

    Shelby 04

    Jim Irsay is beaming with pride & shedding a tear of joy right now Cs4. Very Nice Indeed!!!
  7. southwest1

    Work in Progress!

    Yes, when you consider all the turnover that this team has undergone from a scheme, player, and coaching staff perspective from last season until now it is nice to see that the arrow is finally pointing up David. Patience is the key. We will rise again like a phoenix amid the smoldering ashes of doubt. The Blue Horseshoe will dominate our division again within 3 years...Good things come to those who wait patiently and never ever give up hope. Our day of resurgence is coming.
  8. Since loyalty to my friends is paramount to me, I need to sent a shout out to 2 Forum Friends I haven't heard from in awhile Kayla D & Subvet...Drop me a line okay & tell me how things are going. Thank you

    1. Coltsince4


      I was wondering the same also. I guess right now Kayla might being spending time with our winning

      Reds team!!!! But I don't know?

    2. southwest1


      Thanks Cs4. This may sound corny, but I really do appreciate the quality of friends that I have come to know on the Forum & that we check in & watch out for 1 another's wellbeing. How's my favorite bass player doing by the way buddy?

    3. Coltsince4


      I'm alright as can be just dealing with nightmares of some plumbing issues im in business of the same. lifes a trip? Man I wish I could retire from this stuff. Thanks for asking!! As they say, THIS TO SHALL PASS!

  9. That ticket stub would go great in your collection Barry. If only you didn't need to pay bills and had a enormous trust fund right? Just Kidding Buddy!!! I agree 100%. Drew Brees don't need to have every NFL QB record. Some achievements should remain untouched especially in reference to Johnny Unitas.
  10. Is it just me? I really could care less about the successful landing of the NASA Rover on Mars. Until human being start living on other planets like Star Trek colonies, I am not enthralled at all personally...

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    2. MAC


      fund. The appropriate response is pride, appreciation, and hope - not resentment.

    3. Dan


      Spot on MAC.

    4. southwest1


      "Southwest is going to be startled when he gets on tomorrow to find all these notifications." I was pleasantly surprised to see such an full fledged debate here AC17. Nice!!! Space exploration takes time & does have a few longterm benefits. However, cost/benefit wise NASA innovations seldom aids a person's daily life. Latest cutting edge technology=only the filthy rich can afford it.

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  11. Hello there Mona, Nice football picture and Colts game day jersey gear. Yes, there have been a significant amount of upgrades and transformations since Colts Direct to Colts Forum no doubt. But, the changes on this site are much more advanced and they make it much easier to use and track your Blue Horseshoe family and friends IMO. Welcome Back Mona!
  12. Randal, You have done a superb job of documenting the similar backgrounds of Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, their patriarchal influences of their NFL fathers, public criticisms about their capacity to win crucial football games, and their ability to call multiple audibles at the line of scrimmage. In addition, this statement is very accurate, timely, and cogent as well: "Barry Sanders, Charles Woodson and Desmond Howard are the only three players out of the most recent era who have won the award and achieved a level of success in the NFL. It can be inferred that “losing” the Heisman could be viewed as the blessing to the curse associated with winning it." Nicely written piece Randal. I look forward to reading your additional posts on Andrew Luck and any possible future parallel correlations to the future NFL Hall of Fame player Peyton Manning.
  13. "Twelve dead and fifty-nine wounded. Let's remember them and not the person that did it." Yes, we need to express sympathy for the families who lost loved ones naturally of course. I have a slight difference of opinion on your central thesis however JPPT. I am in no way, shape, or form condoning the violence and bloodshed committed by this lone gunman. He will face justice, through the legal court system, for his unspeakable crime eventually. From my perspective, the news media is too quick to label a gunman mentally unstable without taking the time to understand why a person was motivated to commit such a violent act. It's too easy just to say "lock him up and throw away the key." Very few mass murders are classified as legally insane. Most gunmen have a reason for what lead them down such an unspeakable conclusion of tragedy against innocent bystanders. Why take the time to do this you ask? To potentially spot unstable warning signs much faster and prevent a similar tragedy in the future.
  14. Yes, a vast majority of gun owners are law abiding citizens, who are responsible with firearms, advocate safety at all times, and well adjusted individuals. Yes, "people not guns do the killing." However, most people tend to forget that the second amendment to the U. S. Constitution was written during a time period when local militias defended their territory using muskets and packed gun power performed largely by hand not assault rifles with multiple rounds in single clips as Narcosys states accurately above. Our Founding Fathers never envisioned this kind of weaponry or heavy magazine capacity. The only law enforcement entity that needs that kind of fire power is S.W.A.T. and military Special Forces Units IMO. I respect the "Right To Bear Arms" and the right to legally hunt wild game for sport and recreation, but the proper historical context needs to be observed here.
  15. Sorry Jay, I don't check the blog section that often unless I am prompted or encouraged to do so by a friend. I think we will get all our rookies signed in short order. Hey, the Horseshoe is pointed up this year. New GM, new head coach, new quarterback, and a number of new roster faces. INDY will return to NFL prominence in about 2 years IMO.
  16. I learned this reality in Graduate school obtaining my first Master's thesis: Never do anything spiteful or vengeful in nature when you are upset. Take a break, walk away, and cool your jets. Passionate can always be expressed in a calm manner once you gain some distance and perspective on a topic you care deeply about.
  17. After 5 hours without power, hail, lightning & thunder, my Badger State home & location is fully restored with no worse for ware to report. Reliving Lincoln's childhood by candlelight, Priceless...

    1. MIColtsFan


      glad you are safely through the storm.. hope all your stuff in the fridge made it through the 5 hours without power.. send some of that rain this way please, we need more

    2. southwest1


      "I think Denene and I are watching Gettysburg this weekend...I heard it was well done...has anyone seen it?" Yes, I have seen it. Denzel Washington & Morgan Freeman are in it as well. 2 actors at the top of their game IMO. Enjoy the film Brent!

    3. southwest1


      Thank you to all my Forum friends for their kind words of compassion & concern on my behalf. I do appreciate them immensely. Stay safe & secure everyone as the heat & storms of summer linger & progress.

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  18. An empty Status Update always says "What's On Your Mind?" Strange. Nothing is on my mind, but there is stuff in my mind though as Comedian George Carlin would say. Never interpret language as literal. It might lead to problems. Just Kidding!!!

    1. MIColtsFan


      your so silly! I do know people who can make a short story long, and it's not always entertaining! LOL

    2. MIColtsFan


      hate when I make grammar errors not paying attention to my typing... you're as in you are so silly

    3. southwest1


      I guess I am cut from the same cloth too MCF. I have been known to make a few grammer, I mean, grammar mistakes myself. I have a number of teachers in my family who taught me a lot about somethin' called learnin' too. HA! HA! No worries MCF. I respect you & I knew what you meant to say. It must be all them books you keep readin'. Just Kidding!!!

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  19. southwest1

    Indy 063

    Does anyone have a pin? I wanna see if I can actually here it drop now? Yes, you are right. Yoda the line of scrimmage master needs complete silence. "Destroy the SeaHawks secondary now will I." [Yoda speech joke.]
  20. southwest1

    Indy 060

    Hey Peyton, before you score another TD, could you sign this please? Thanks.
  21. southwest1

    Indy 043

    I still can't wrap my head around Jeff Saturday now wearing Green & Gold in Packers Country. It seems so odd, wrong, & blasphemous to me personally. I still want Jeff to do well though.
  22. southwest1

    Indy 043

    Right in the middle of all the sideline action...That is my kind of 1 on 1 fan inaction man. Yeah!!!
  23. southwest1

    11 1 10

    And here I thought Johnny Cash was "The Man In Black." Just Kidding Lollygager!!!
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