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  1. My sentiments exactly Gramz. I couldn't believe what he did to Doyle either. Jesus. Just when I start to feel sympathy for defensive players who get too many penalty flags by refs on the field, this lowlife keeps breaking the rules, laying guys out, thinks his cheap shots are funny, & he makes it harder for LBs with their heads screwed on right to be given the benefit of the doubt. Wow, what a... At this point, VB must be banished from the NFL permanently. He's run out of second chances. Bye Felicia.
  2. Good post CurBeatElite. Yep, if JB has time & protection up front, he usually makes good decisions with the ball no question. Patience is the right approach indeed. Some fans expect perfection way too fast. I've never put my stock in QBR nonsense. It's total bull you know what to me. Beyond that, I like what you said.
  3. Okay, I'll be honest. I did have a Vincent Price laugh when I read your response CBE. I can't lie. Well placed sarcasm always makes me smile. Canuckcolt might even be right. But, here's the thing though: With our offensive line & above average running game, JB doesn't need to be elite. Just move the chains, not turn the ball over, & win the time of possession battle. I get what you're driving at though. When the weather gets bad in November & December, top tier teams will shutdown you're ground game, take away your best deep threat, & compel you to beat them thru the air with your 2nd or 3rd best WR. Jacoby does scramble pretty good when necessary & he's always looking downfield even on the move & that's worth something.
  4. Yeah, I get what both you guys are saying. It depends what kind of mood I'm in. Sometimes, I love seeing an ariel assault immediately just to take the top off a defense forcing safeties to back up & other times, I just like seeing a QB take what the defense gives em & not perceive the term game manager as a dirty word. I don't do fantasy football because I've never been preoccupied with stats personally. I just like that JB could bring the heat if he needs to or play a slow, methodical game with intermediate passes & no turnovers if that's what's required to get a victory. Mostly, I like his even keel approach. Never too high; Never too low. Mental consistency regardless of what the scoreboard says.
  5. I realize it was your wife working in that environment as opposed to you V-2004. However, you deserve credit for highlighting the noble work your spouse does in order to reinforce your point that Davis quitting before the game was over was unacceptable, unprofessional, & in some cases, criminal. Sure, I agree with that assessment. Finish the game or your shift before you walk away & decide to do something else in society. No argument there. Glad to hear your wife was hired under better management & that she never got stiffed or denied a paycheck either.
  6. Okay, whatever the true origin story behind the name Obi-Wan Jacoby is...All 3 of you deserve credit for recognizing brilliance & taking it to the next level i.e. keeping that nickname thriving & strong. It's gonna stick gentlemen. Trust me. Hades, I'll give props to all 3 of ya. Kudos @Four2itus, @Fisticuffs11, and @Sumo63. When you steal from 1 source, it's called plagiarism; when you borrow from more than 1 person--It's called research. LOL! No harm done. Sounds a okay to me fellas.
  7. That's why I like you Gramz. You cut through the fog & never mince words. Okay, you're smart, funny, & a talented musician in your own right too. I feel good about Jacoby because if we can beat a high caliber QB like Matt Ryan that is a big deal. We're sitting in a good spot as a franchise.
  8. Love that nickname. Probably because I'm still a Star Wars nerd. Very clever. Look, I love to see Jacoby get his props, but I can't stand Deion Sanders because he always slammed Peyton before he won in 2006 & he did the same thing to Eli until he ended NE's perfect season in 2007. You watch, the minute Jacoby has a bad game Prime Time will disown the QB. I really dislike how when you win the big chip. He pretends he had your back from day 1. Please...
  9. Thank you for the additional details you provided regarding your wife's profession V2004. Very illuminating actually. Yes, given that environment & that she is often the only one there tending to the needs of developmentally disabled adults--I could see why walking off the job before a suitable replacement arrived would be deemed a criminal act of negligence. "Apparently many of them being very dedicated to the people they care for showed up to work knowing they would not be paid for it. There are several people who are alive today because those people did their jobs knowing they wouldn't be getting paid." I applaud individuals like your wife who go above & beyond to care for disabled people & treat them with the ut most dignity & class under challenging situations & circumstances at times I'm sure. It takes a strong, patient, & compassionate person to do this kind of noble work. Not everybody can handle what comes along with this type of occupation either. Thank you for your wife's dedication. As a person born with Cerebral Palsy myself, I really admire & respect those who treat my community with class, professionalism, kindness, & perseverance overall. I tip my cap to ya.
  10. Oh, I'm right there with ya Myles. We finally put a capable team around Luck & we all wanted to see what this roster could do with Andrew under center. It is disappointing in that regard. No question about it. Good post. I don't disagree with anything you said at all.
  11. So Pittsburgh, severs ties with Antonio Brown, moves on from Le'Veon Bell, & then Big Ben messes up his elbow. Poof, there goes their season before it even starts. I was kind of hoping the Steelers would have been wearing those hideous throwback uniforms when Ben went down. I just despise those retro jerseys & given how superstitious athletes can get when bad mojo happens; it would have been a perfect excuse to discard them forever IMO. This sure has been an eventful NFL season. Luck retires, Newton out, Darnold down with mono; Eli Manning shifted to a backup role...And we're not even halfway thru the yr yet.
  12. Whoa. Really? I believe you & all V2004, but that sounds like a steep price to pay indeed. I get perhaps not getting say a glowing letter of recommendation from your boss, but the slammer for missing a shift sounds a tad extreme. Okay technically, you said not finishing her shift to be accurate. Not doubting you my friend. Just raising an eyebrow that's all.
  13. I guess there is something to be said for finishing the game & fulfilling your obligations even in Buffalo. Sometimes, you just know though when you've reached the end of the line & can't do what you've been doing anymore. Was it the best way to handle the situation? No. What's done is done. I'm just glad Davis is in a good space mentally. You can't put a price on true contentment. Nice.
  14. It figures. Daniel Jones has an outstanding NFL debut as the new Big Blue starter & then NY's best offensive weapon goes down for the count. Ouch. Major bummer. This one really hurts. The Giants can't catch a break at all. Sigh...
  15. I hope Kyle Allen beats Cam Newton out as the full fledged starter in Carolina. I'm get tired of Cam being more consumed with his fashion & wardrobe versus his performance on the field. He hasn't been relevant since he lost that SB to the Denver Broncos. Look, I remember his first 2 NFL games & how unstoppable he looked. I know one of his idols/mentors is Warren Moon. I know how difficult it is to became the face of a franchise. But, facts are facts. Mr. Newton isn't getting it done at any elite level anymore. Time to move on.
  16. I DVR "Undisputed" every weekday just to see what Shannon's got to say. A HOF TE who is smart, very funny, & he has a way with words that fosters loyalty. One of the few smack talkers in the NFL who backed it up with hardware more than once. Let's not forget the Tuck Rule either that started the whole Patriots Dynasty too. Brady should have said nothing on social media about penalties period. I won't say anything else because roughing the passer flags on QBs always infuriate me, especially that foolish body weight nonsense which is beyond crazy to me...
  17. Originally, I was gonna respectfully disagree with the use of the word "drama" as it pertains to INDY. However, if you perceive drama as a rollercoaster ride of uncertainty as in, not knowing what to expect with Adam's foot--there is something there whether we care to admit it or not at the moment. McWeasel... I like that.
  18. Simple, succinct, & accurate. We'd be in serious trouble without Coach Reich right now.
  19. So, you're saying we need to bake the cake in the oven before we attempt to eat the darn thing as a finished product? What a groundbreaking idea & novel concept. LOL! Just joking buddy. And yes, you are quite correct BHC--Fans want perfection now. Patience? What the hades is that? All kidding aside, Luck's retirement might be a blessings in disguise for us because we leaned on him too much to bail us out in a tight spot. Jacoby moves well, distributes the ball well, & he's not locked into just 1 WR. Okay, TY is his get outta jail free card sure, but he utilizes our TE's Ebron & Doyle effectively too. We run the ball well. Our o-line is solid...Leonard is only gonna get better. I'm with you on this one bro. Let's let the yeast expand baby & see what we're working with at season's end or at least wait until week 8 before we start drawing tentative conclusions for now. Well said.
  20. Boy, you sure said a mouthful there. Like many already stated eloquently in this topic, very few athletes click immediately at this professional level. It takes time for the game to slow down, feel confident in what you're doing, & trust your eyes, hands, & feet. Campbell will get there. Yes, we all need to be realistic in our expectations no doubt.
  21. Appreciate the visual. Thank you CR91. You know when people talk about a near death experience or a light that flashes before your eyes? I fully grasp what they mean now. Jesus...A one man wrecking crew.
  22. Amen to that. Come on Jerry. Time to derail that 3-0 winning train. Make Christmas come early this yr...At least for me anyway. All kidding aside, AB is seriously messed up. It's not CTE; it's fame & human arrogance on his part.
  23. Hey there @2006Coltsbestever, Feel free to scold me comedically for not backing you up when you said in another thread awhile back that our current GM is the defacto leader for our franchise until Jacoby takes the full reigns. The statement I bolded reinforces your primary thesis. I go back & forth on it. Oh what hades, I can admit when I'm wrong. LOL! Sorry brother. My stubbornness is usually my biggest flaw. Nuff said.
  24. I get it IA17. You're justified in your frustration. Once fans know Jacoby can hold down the fort & make strides forward, they'll move on. But, it's gonna take this season before that happens though. Beating Matt Ryan today was a step in the right direction. Fans gotta know we're in good hands before they turn the page. Like Jvan said, JB is growing on people. By 2020, fans will know who our leader is. It takes time to learn how to win consistently as "the man." JB is earning his NFL starter stripes as we speak.
  25. I know some fans objected to this thread & I understand why given we're in a new QB era now. Having said all that though, you've gotta reflect on it so, you're not a slave or beholden to it. Although, the Chiefs comeback was awesome in the playoffs, this one is my personal favorite: I hate the Cowboys with heat of a thousand suns & 23-0 was a thing on beauty baby. Suck on that Jerry Jones. God, I never get tired of watching this. I get the biggest diabolical grin ever across my face. Sweet. Shannon Sharpe said afterwards, "Did you hear about the new cologne called Dak Prescott? It's what you put on before you go out to the clubs & don't wanna score." Priceless.
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