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  1. Hey there JPPT, 


    I like your profile page & it always baffles me when bad people target innocent kids & fans at a concert. Look, I know why they do it. To instill fear & panic. But, why tarnish societies love of music? Or provoke a stampede? Parents should never outlive their children in most cases not like this anyway. 


    You're a very caring person & it shows. I apologize if I embarrassed you JPPT. You're fascination with history & song trivia is pretty cool too. :hat: Keep doing what you do. 

    1. JPPT1974


      No apology needed my friend. Keep up the good work. As really you are a caring and understanding person my friend. Thanks a lot and always will.

  2. Yes, that is very impressive GZR working 24 hour shifts, but I suspect that all the regulars on here are capable of rolling up their sleeves & doing what must be done when called upon to do so. Bravo to you all. Take a bow. I insist or a nap on me that's probably more valuable right? I thought so.
  3. Ouch Jay, I wouldn't wish that schedule on anybody. Well, not somebody I like anyway. I admire your baseball dedication Mr. Kirk in light of that schedule. CBE is right.
  4. Cute & Touche. Which begs the question, if PT said something like, "Well, this is not good", does that mean the world is about to end? Just curious. All kidding aside PT, I do like your slogan for lack of a better word & there is comfort in familiarity I suppose. Okay, SW1 will zip it now.
  5. No predictions on my end CBE. But, if I ever consider laying down any bets for real. SW1 will consult both you & Jules. Seriously, you 2 have a gambler's sixth sense when it comes to predicting high stakes outcomes in professional sports. I'm always impressed how you & Jules have a knack for knowing who the major players/teams will be once games really matter. It's a gift that I sure as hades don't posses. "2006(Me) = Cubs over RedSox 4-3" We know who you are CBE. The "Me" designation made me chuckle. Funny.
  6. So, you're saying that M Colts M has all the subtlety of an army tank driving through a load bearing wall or a torpedo from a German U Boat penetrating a submarine's hull? Just Joking NFLfan! SW1 has never been able to shut off my sarcasm switch. It's all good. I only tease people who's company I really like. It's cool to see M Colts M that giddy man along with all the regulars of course.
  7. Thanks for the Badger props CBE. Appreciate it. Our Program in college basketball is actually respectable. I love when Dick Vitale covered games on TV from the Kohl Center. He's always very complementary of our coaches, players, & fan base as are all my Indiana comrades too. "That a baby bee!" Okay, I'm done now.
  8. Absolutely right CBE that flick still holds up & I still laugh my caboose off over it whenever I see it today. I love that WI line because the Badger State seldom ever gets mentioned in the movies & I live there so that line has an added comedic punch to it. Speaking of my Badgers, I was bummed when the Men's Basketball Team lost in NCAA tournament by a point, but Duke who took a title away from us last this yr too so that made feel better. LOL! Why do some broadcasters say toy-na-ment BTW? Where'd the hard R go or disappear too? Just curious... I like the followup Stripes WI line too...."Well I got the crap kicked out of me in Wisconsin once. Forget it!" Priceless man; Priceless.
  9. I wanna see actor Bill Murray this happy again....So cool, when adults embrace their inner child full throttle. I love it! The best feeling in the world. Okay, next to a child being born or winning the Lottery perhaps, but that's about it. Bill Murray is the man! Favorite quote of Bill's from the movie "Stripes"... "C'mon, it's Czechoslovakia. We zip in, we pick 'em up, we zip right out again. We're not going to Moscow. It's Czechoslovakia. It's like going into Wisconsin."
  10. Man, it's so strange not to see Gavin not posting in this CUBS thread anymore. No disrespect intended & I apologize if I accidentally ruined the mood & depressed anybody. Carry on...My bad...
  11. Much appreciated CBE. Fist bump of respect bro. I just wanna say this one thing & we can return to the CUBS again since I have too much admiration for Jay Kirk to unfairly dominate this thread. Here it is: In my film reviews, the score or the song I select for my readers is just as crucial as my written critique is because the music gives the audience it's emotional intensity or over arching theme or mood that hits me on a visceral level. I couldn't use accompanying songs on TV though. Darn copyright restrictions. Just kidding! Honestly, music gives movie's emotional intensity & lasting gravity & truthfully, record producing has always fascinated me ever since I can remember. If money was no object, I'd be a professionally trained studio producer laying down film scores or albums for artists across several genres. Just go to You Tube & look up Full Sale University. If my resources were endless, that's what I'd be doing. Getting a Master's degree there in recording production. Sorry for the deviation Jay, back to baseball buddy & this...
  12. Good advice PT thank you. I actually learn a lot about Indiana from your status updates as well whenever you refer to a local basketball team or a popular Hoosier State's DJ's death for instance. I like your this day in history posts too. You're right PT. I'll drop by here more often. Besides, Jay created the thread so I know it's gonna be spectacular.
  13. I love you to death Jay you know that. But Brent hit the bullseye on that one bro. Thanks for being a good sport about it. You rock man! You're pretty cool yourself man & a talented comedian in your own right man. I mean that no bull you know what. Yeah, M Colts M is an awesome dude no question. A word to the wise: I promise to e-mail folks back on the forum eventually. You have my word. I have to be in the right frame of mind though. Honest, I'm not ignoring anybody even though it may seem at first glance like I'm being a colossal jerk. Thanks Jay BTW for your thoughts on the movie "Hacksaw Ridge" last night too. I know people probably get weary of my longwinded reviews, but thanks anyway for tolerating my obsession with details. I do take stock & value immensely what my friends say & recommend.
  14. Somehow this thread went from the Cubs defending their MLB crown, to ancient computers, to slow internet processing speeds, to asking a woman's age online. Darn, you folks are funny! I love when threads slide in new directions & somehow boomer rang back to the original topic. You guys always make me roar with laughter, especially when SW1 has no business even reading this topic. Way outside my level of expertise now. BrentMc11 & Jay Kirk are like brothers man. It's cool that NFLfan can comically haze her male counterparts too. I respect that. Hey CBE, rather then buying a new laptop, it might be cheaper to download software that routinely cleans up trash that slows down speed. I use MacKeeper myself. Just trying to save a fellow brother major Benjamins man. Okay, I'll zip it now & just listen...
  15. One of my favorite TV shows to watch on Showtime on Sunday nights is called "Billions." I say that because the premise of the storyline revolves around a greedy, WallStreet hedge fund CEO & the Attorney General in the Southern District of NY City. Money vs Regulation; Unlimited fiscal resources vs a tight federal budget. 


    The other segment of the program that I really enjoy is that the musical score pays homage to classic metal bands like Ratt & Metallica in previous seasons. I will demonstrate my point in a second. Thank you for your patience...

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    2. southwest1


      "Hate is nature's most perfect energy source; It's endlessly renewable" --Bobby Axelrod


      Delicious villains make for captivating television. 



      "You know the only enemy more dangerous than a man with unlimited resources is one with nothing to lose."--NYC Attorney General Chuck Rhodes. 


      The clashing of bravo & intellectual spears always fascinates me. An eternal battle between sins & virtue like a greek tragedy baby. Great stuff! 


    3. southwest1


      1 last quote: "Walk away."


      "I should. But, then again, what's the point of having bleep you money if you never say bleep you right?" 


      This quote illustrates the allure of money, but it also leads to a false sense of security like those who have it are untouchable or indestructible. They're not. Like Icarus who flew too close to the sun & his mythological wings melted....Overconfidence leads to underestimating your adversary & your eventual downfall & death spiral. 


      I minored in Literature as an Undergrad so SW1 has a soft spot for metaphors & deep, universal truths I guess. haha

    4. TheRustonRifle#7
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  16. I've heard a number of sports analysts talk about what Phil Jackson said recently regarding LeBron James reaction to the use of the word "Posse" & whether or not the use of that word in relation to LeBron's business friends in his inner circle means that Jackson is now a racist in this 3 time NBA Champion's eyes. To me, posse has no negative, derogatory connotation to it historically speaking. It's not the equivalent of saying using the N word at all. Let's examine how the term is defined in the dictionary shall we... Posse: 1. A group of people who were gathered together by a local sheriff in the wild west to help search for a criminal or somebody on the run. 2. A search party. 3. A select group of friends, associates, or a traveling entourage that has your back no matter what regardless of the situation at hand. A posse according to these definitions makes no distinctions for race or even gender correct? Did you ever see the Clint Eastwood movie "Pale Rider" released by Warner Brothers Studios in 1985? That to me is what a posse more closely represents in the context of human history. A rich business tycoon who pays a gang of mercenaries to murder legal settlers for their property so that the wealthy man can steal their gold & line his own pockets accumulating greater personal fortune at the expense of any man's bloodshed without having to get his own hands dirty. Technically, this version of a posse that sells their services to the highest bidder speaks more to corruption than in your face discrimination. Here is a clip I saw on "Undisputed" yesterday discussing this controversy... From my vantage point, all Phil Jackson was really saying is that LeBron can't surround himself with friends who handle all your daily duties for you because part of growing up is dealing with your own obligations entirely on your own & a fleet of yes men around you tends to keep superstar athletes in a bubble, which isn't always a good thing in the long run. I'm not referring to a personal assistant or 2 here. I just mean that a bunch of childhood friends now handsomely paid to solve problems for you at every turn can be a hinderance down the road. Phil Jackson never attacked LeBron's skills on the court, his intelligence, or claimed that his business partners were up to no good. I like what Joy, the moderator on Undisputed said in reference to this discussion... The term posse is not a racist term at all & LeBron needs to lighten up & realize that in the grand scheme of things his friction with Jackson is a complete waste of his time & energy moving forward. I was born with a disability called Cerebral Palsy & I am not fond of the word crippled when describing my condition. Now, if somebody uses that term in my presence do I ridicule them loudly for using that word? No, I take into account how old they are, when they grew up, & I politely encourage them not to use crippled when describing people in wheelchairs or individuals using forearm crutches or prosthetic limbs. I don't blow up at them or assume they are being viciously cruel on purpose. LeBron James is way off base claiming Phil Jackson is a racist in my opinion simply because he referred to his business partners as a posse. Posse usually refers to a group of friends who hang out together & enjoy each other's company. How in the word is that a racist phenomenon? Okay, it can refer to a security detail that protects a celebrity from harm in the public sure. But again LeBron, how is that racist? It's not. Have you ever seen the 1993 film 'Posse' directed by a black man named Mario Van Peebles? Is he racially insensitive too? Just curious.
  17. For some reason, I can't add this to the status update you sent me earlier. Let's try another crack at it. 


    I really like this song called "Grey" CC1. 



    Cody has a nice voice & this song has a surreal Spanish vibe to it. Life is black n white just various shades of grey right Mr. Jinks? I like it. 

    1. crazycolt1


      I think he is kinda new but he has that outlaw sound and delivery. 

      Has was a lead singer for a grunge band before deciding to find himself at something he seems so natural doing. He has a way of sounding old outlaw country but with a modern twist.

  18. Hey Ruksak,


    Nice to see you leaving your commentary in threads again. I was going to respond to your post in the NFL ratings topic, but it was closed for obvious reasons. 


    I always find your take on things intriguing because you know how to frame your argument & back it up even if I might have a different perspective on it. 


    You're smart, speak your mind, sarcastic [a plus BTW], & you don't care about being popular or flipping over the apple cart when necessary. Welcome back! 


    Just like Bogie, I like you because you tell me what you think, why you think it, & you make no apologies for it. A rare quality in modern day society. I respect that. 

    1. ruksak


      Had to take time for an old friend here  :thmup:


      I really want to get back to loving football, but I'm struggling to with all the changes in the NFL atmosphere. So many things about the state of the game have utterly turned me off. Most of you know that i'm no casual fan, and even I, after nearly forty years of being a fan, have stepped away from following football. 


      I still lurk here, and hopefully someday I can embrace the game as I once did. Take it easy SW1. You're a good dude. You haven't heard the last of me. 

    2. southwest1


      Good. I'm glad to hear that you aren't going away anytime soon. I respect you because you know how to stand your ground, you don't care if others think an argument you are making is flawed in their eyes, & really all you wanna do is compel people to defend their positions in a dignified manner. 


      I admire individuals that aren't intimidated, don't concern themselves with always having to be right, & they know when to pick their battles & when to let pointless stuff go. 


      Yes, I will admit that NFL games don't contain the shine & luster they once did for me either probably because of the league's over commercialization of it's product & some protests that take away from just enjoying a football game. Sure, players have a right to voice their frustrations over unnecessary treatment of citizens by authority figures absolutely. However, can't we just enjoy a game for it's own sake once in awhile? 


      No need to reply back. I just hope you are doing Okay ruksak. Never lose your twisted sense of humor BTW. One of your best assets in this crazy world of ours. :hat:

  19. It always bothers me when women aren't respected as musicians like they are incapable of hanging with their male contemporaries because they are more than just T & A or just another pretty face.


    To be honest with you, I just wanted an excuse to post songs from the spectacular band Heart because I revere Nancy & Ann Wilson & those timeless riffs & melodic melodies they created. 


    Oh, they can bring the house down too make no mistake about that. Am I about to go "Crazy On You?" Absolutely...LOL! 



    These ladies know how to strum their guitars, connect with an audience, & create vivid imagery with their lyrics & that's not as easy as it looks or sounds. Trust me. 


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    2. TheRustonRifle#7


      I have never felt the need to express my feelings on how Women should be treated, as I was seemingly taught differently than some that should know better.


       I too posted a tribute to the Wilson Sisters with the heading of, "Yes, girls can rock too!", a few weeks ago.  These songs show that despite anatomical differences that we are all in this together...

    3. southwest1


      I must have missed your Wilson sister tribute awhile back. My apologies if I stepped on your creative toes brother. It was not my intension to undercut you or minimize your tribute to these 2 iconic siblings in any way my friend. I will go back & check it out. A lot of mesmerizing musicians come from Seattle AKA 'Emerald City' BTW. 


      It's cool I get it. When you grew up dictates your vocal treatment of women either thru actions of politeness & kindness or speaking up publicly about the mistreatment of the opposite sex. Yes, I know every guy has commented on a female's attractiveness as they perceive it thru the eye of the beholder. The difference is that unlike 1 Presidential candidate most men I know would never view a woman as a personal possession to mock, ridicule, humiliate, & abuse overall. 


      Anyway, thank you for your thoughts RR7 & thank you to all who are gracious enough to put up with my music & movie fetishes. Much obliged. 

    4. TheRustonRifle#7


        You could never step on my toes my Brother!  I hope all is well!


        And you have my support Sir......I have held women in my arms that felt comfortable enough with me, to have reincarnated the travesties of times past.  It was hard not to want to react because actions caused this dilemma...kindness and understanding were needed. Strength is measured in character...and you are one of the strongest people that I have ever had the fortune to call my Friend!  

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  20. Yes, that is a fair point some individuals just like to stir the pot & cause controversy & mayhem simply because their life has not turned out as well as they wish it had. Like it's somebody's else's fault that they don't make enough money or have a pretty girlfriend or any girlfriend for that matter. Look, I'm not trying to minimize any fatality white, black, male, or female & I know that being a police officer is not an easy job. I get that. I just wanna get to an atmosphere of mutual respect for human decency & dignity. The strange thing is this: The black community knows that not all cops are bad. They just want to return home safely every night & not feel singled out simply because they are driving a fancy car in an affluent neighborhood. Not all black citizens are violent criminals up to no good who couldn't possibly afford the wheels they are driving without doing something illegal. Or just because your vehicle may be run down & not new; it doesn't mean that the driver or their passengers are second class citizens to be harassed for no good reason. I also get the police side too to some extent. Any routine traffic stop from running a stop sign to a broken tail light can turn dangerous in an instant if the driver feels threatened or uneasy given recent casualties around the country right now. I just wish more cops would be willing to talk to their supervisors about police officers too aggressive & guys who need to find another line of work since they either abuse their authority or they display anger too frequently to specific segments of society. Silence is a form of acceptance & good cops have to be willing to speak out & weed out bad cops. I don't view it as taddle telling...More like making sure that the right personalities respect the shield & protect the community on the street. I've heard the counter argument to this: If a cop doesn't turn a blind eye to bad behavior, then when you're in trouble no backup will show up to save your caboose. I'm not talking about minor infractions here. I'm referring to repeated cases of excessive force against suspects & using your gun & badge as an intimidation tool to make civilians fear you. Community policing on foot goes a long way to the community viewing cops as a vital cog in the town or city along with attending local parades, picnics, games, & other social events. People need to see you as just a regular guy or girl not out to bust you, but a conduit to a safer & friendly community. Town hall meeting forums are good too as a way to clear the air & get to know the community whereby no one is looking to pigeonhole people into corners but figure out ways in which no segment of society feels unfairly categorized as a criminal from jump street & to not have 2 separate codes of justice purely based on a person's zip code, attire, appearance, or skin color. It also bothers me how some police departments have access to military grade weaponry beyond basic SWAT units across this country. It's difficult to foster an air of trust among the locals when armed vehicles are being deployed & officers come out in full riot gear to get a handle on protests. I wanna be clear here. I do not want either civilians or cops hurt or killed in any way. But, when you see a cop holding a night stick with full gear on, it's not easy to approach that & feel safe & secure as a local person now is it?
  21. Thank you CBE for your response to my blog entry. I know how busy peoples daily lives are so I am grateful for feedback & different points of view on this subject matter. Max Kellerman on ESPN 'First Take' has made the intriguing argument that in America anyway the Natl. Anthem standing up during it is a mandatory gesture of compliance as opposed to a voluntary one where dissent is frowned upon & even called out publicly if you refuse to stand up while the Star Spangled Banner is being sung vocally or played through a variety of instruments. If an act is required with backlash coming if you exercise defiance, where is independence & liberty being displayed individually without fear of retaliation exactly? Didn't George Washington defy King George III & call for a revolution against Great Britain's colonization & lack of religious & economic freedom which lead to the formation of the United States in 1776? Still other American scholars have made the argument that the red in our nation's union jack represents the blood of the many black men & women who paid the ultimate sacrifice through war & forced bondage to play a crucial role in the United States autonomy away from the cash crop economies of cotton & tobacco via indentured servitude that survived slavery, Jim Crow laws, & city & natl. prohibitions against unfair restrictions on unlawful voting practices, unlawful access to an equal education; unlawful employment restrictions, unlawful housing practices; & unlawful guidelines about separate lunch counters; restrooms; water fountains & basic dignity rights about human survival minus lynchings & other forms of physical & psychological torture. Relax, I'm not here to lecture anybody about our country's past missteps or injustices CBE. I am only pointing out what others have said about America's right to peaceful protest earned tragically through rebellion, wars, death, & social unrest just to allow some US citizens the right to not stand during the Natl. Anthem. I like you dislike this act of defiance immensely, but that decision to not stand or kneel during the Star Spangled Banner is a choice they are entitled to exercise no matter how much others might firmly be diametrically opposed to this notion outright. I've said this before & I'll say it again: To me, the flag & honoring it through the Natl. Anthem represents the land of opportunity where immigrants with nothing can come here & make something of themselves despite language barriers, cultural barriers, geographic barriers, & gender barriers. Yes, I know. The flag also means paying tribute to the fallen [military men & women & those who made positive strides forward as leaders of social change in this country as well]. Colin Kaepernick wants to use his quarterback clout as a conduit to convey his frustrations over so many black brothers & sisters dying over minor traffic stops when more police stations across this country need to focus their attention on how to de-escaltate volatile situations more calmly & peacefully with no fatalities at all. And when a police officer oversteps their bounds of authority...There is a heavy price to pay meaning hard time behind bars in a federal prison. I also know we need to find a way to peel back the onion of racial bias & prejudice among different communities too. We need to start a dialogue between the black, white, & Latino communities where a safe comfort zone is established. By that I mean, create an atmosphere where all sides can ask each other anything not as a mechanism to upset or blame each other but rather to listen to everyone's hopes, dreams, & aspirations while unpacking misconceived prejudices about another community that are not accurate or truthful at all in the interest of real growth & awareness. It may sound like a far fetched pipe dream on the surface, but it can be achieved as long as different groups from different backgrounds really listen to one another & they don't get obsessed with protecting their own point of view exclusively at all costs. Yes, I know. The first thing any group needs is to know that they are safe, protected, & no bodily harm will come to them when interacting with powerful authority figures in society or expressing a POV that may be deemed unflattering or unpopular in contemporary circles. I understand completely. Trust me. I have my first college roommate named Al who happens to be an America Indian that converse with somewhat frequently on provocative issues. I just enjoy our conversations because we respect the other person's backgrounds & life experiences & we can ask each other anything because for us it's not about a gotcha moment or look how smart I am stance. We wanna get deep below the surface & kick every rock/road block over. To quote HOF INDY head coach Tony Dungy, "are you part of the problem or part of the solution?" Thanks again CBE for jotting down your thoughts. I respect you as a writer & thinker a great deal.
  22. I hope you're hanging in there brother as well as can be expected given such heart wrenching circumstances. Miss you man. I'm here if you need me. God bless, my friend.
  23. YSGC, Thank you for being brave enough to share such personal information about the loss of your beloved father. That took a tremendous amount of courage on your part. Naturally, that void in your life will never be filled of course, but this line made me smile: "He insisted we bury him in his Colts gear" Awesome!
  24. When 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick first made the decision to sit during the Natl. Anthem, I was not happy. Part of my frustration was due to fact that my father served in Korea as a med tech & historically speaking the Korean War is viewed more as a police action then a national conflict like World War I or World War II is. It is also referred to as the 'Forgotten War' meaning that veterans who served there are not fully appreciated for the sacrifices they made serving overseas away from their family & friends. In addition, I failed to see how Colin Kaepernick took it upon himself to be the spokesman for police brutality in the 21 Century, especially now as the backup quarterback vs starting face of the franchise quarterback in San Francisco. Third, Colin Kaepernick was making this display of peaceful, civil defiance not in civilian street clothes, but in his NFL uniform. A huge no no in my book. Do you remember when HOF pass rusher Reggie White who was also a minister spoke against the same sex lifestyle as a retired player wearing his #92 Green Bay jersey? Aside from a person's religious, spiritual, or even agnostic beliefs in general, it is not my place to tell anyone how to lead their private lives. My biggest pet peeve with what Mr. White did is this: By wearing a Packers jersey from the NFL team that he won a SB ring with, Reggie blurred the line between religion in his pulpit capacity with indirectly associating the Green Bay franchise with the notion that this organization endorsed or condoned discriminating against people who just happened to be gay or lesbian themselves. So, when Colin Kaepernick decided either to not stand or kneel during the signing of the National Anthem in his NFL uniform, he was disrespecting John York, the owner of the 49ers who cuts his check, pays his salary, & provides Colin a darn good standard of living. He is creating the false impression that Mr. York on company time approves of this continued act of defiance on a repeated basis. When an employer provides their employee an income to purchase a home, a car, food, & a disposable income to travel, buy nice things, help family members out financially, & have a girlfriend & a social life away from football; Colin Kaepernick should know that there is a difference between company expectations & doing whatever you want on your own time when the regular season isn't taking place. Colin's boss may not cosign everything Kaep does while wearing the burgundy & gold uniform right before a game is about to start, which is why he is actually being paid. There is nothing wrong with bringing a heightened sense of awareness against police brutality across America just don't use your employers uniform in order to spread possible solutions to ending unnecessary violence, fostering more community policing vs racial profiling & stop & frisk practices, & holding dirty & racist police officers accountable when they cross that line & murder a black man or woman in cold blood. There is definitely a double standard when it comes to pulling over a black driver vs a caucasian driver in this country. Now, I am not saying that all police officers are up to no good or use excessive force on purpose getting intoxicated with the power & the authority that a badge & firearm may give them. There are a number of fine upstanding cops out there. All I'm saying is this: Most parents of white children with drivers licenses don't have to tell their offspring to lower all their windows, place their hands visibly on the steering wheel making no sudden or abrupt movements, speak in short, respectful sentences to the police showing no rebellious tone in your voice; & concluding their interaction in one peace meaning not secretly fearing that they are about to be unlawfully incarcerated, beaten, or shot. White children 16-18 don't usually worry about their world being flipped upside down if they mouth off to a cop or decide to argue over how fast they were going when they were pulled over & the red sirens got turned on. They just don't. My oldest nephew got pulled over for transporting illegal narcotics across state lines & I wonder to myself if the driver had been my black cousin instead of my white nephew would he be dead right now? I already know the answer to this question & it infuriates me because skin color shouldn't matter one darn bit but I know how the real world works sadly. Getting back to Colin Kaepernick, is there credence to the fact that Colin started this whole red, white, & blue movement against police brutality as the 2nd string QB as opposed to the starter right now? Well, the NFL is consumed with production on the field week in week out & the league runs away from anyone or anything controversial because it doesn't wanna lose millions from sponsors as a wholesome, family friendly entertainment. Or is this just a publicity stunt by a man who isn't what he once was on a football field anymore & Colin just did this to make himself a household name off the field & become a celebrity that way? I think Colin Kaepernick genuinely believes in what he is doing & he is sincere promising to give $1,000,000 of his salary to charity designed to curb police violence. However, the reason we even know who Colin is is due to his SB appearance vs the Ravens in New Orleans during the 2012 season. So, if Kaep is no longer affiliated with the Niners anymore or any other team after this year; will we even care anymore? Probably not. My primary thesis here is this: When you are in company clothes on company time as a 49er QB, you don't have a right to use your uniform as a tool or mechanism to propel a personal issue forward. In blue jeans & a t-shirt or tie away from the football facility, Colin can endorse whatever cause or movement he wants. The difference here is that your boss may not want his logo & brand name attached to everything their field general says off the field. Now, I know what you're thinking. The NFL endorses play 60. Is it the league's business to start a campaign on TV inferring that my teenage kid is fat, lethargic, eats to many candy bars & needs to exercise more? Not really. Or what about Habitat For Humanities building homes for low income people or making homes handicap accessible for Disabled Veterans returning home from War? Isn't this an example of participating in activities that transcend football as a game & improve a community for the better? Okay sure, when you put it like that, it's easy to make the case that this act of Natl. Anthem defiance is just a way to keep black men & women alive by keeping families intact & alive. Therefore, promoting protection & self worth in local communities across America. However, can't the same platform be propelled forward by Colin Kaepernick in street clothes outside his 49ers uniform? It's not people won't know who Kaep is without his uniform & pads on man. Just like everybody who knew who Reggie White without his Packers uniform on. Thanks for listening. I appreciate it. It's cathartic just to write about provocative current events like this for me.
  25. I just finished watching Ron Wolfley, AZ Cardinals booth announcer, do color commentary in a preseason game vs the Oakland Raiders. I love these freaking guy man. He's absolutely hilarious! He's like those 2 old senior citizen puppets on the Muppet Show was I was a little munchkin. Translation: You never know what the dude is gonna say. He's priceless baby. haha

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    2. Coltsince4


      Wassss up SW1!!!? Not actually sure what your talking about here but one of those guys the one from Cardinals or Oakland announcer when I watch NFL Game Pass, He sounds like  

      Jesse Ventura the X wrestler Now that's weird...     

    3. southwest1


      Hey there Cs4, Nice to hear from ya brother. Ron Wolfley sounds a little bit like the former Minnesota Gov. & co-star of "The Predator" movie when he gets excited over a fabulous LB collision on the AZ field sometimes.  


      I only mentioned him since their HC, Bruce Arians, coached the Colts in 2012, while Chuck Pagano received cancer treatments. I usually follow a lot of former INDY players & coordinators etc. etc. I hope you are doing well my man. 


      Here's a picture of Ron Wolfley BTW: 



    4. southwest1


      I usually like off the wall play by play commentators because they don't care what fans think of them. They just wanna amuse themselves, laugh at their own shortcomings, & rave about their favorite team as often as possible. 


      If I was in Wolf's shoes, I'd be the exact same way. LOL! He knows football though. You can tell. 

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