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  1. Him and Broyles were doubled up ALOT this yr and then when Broyles went down he was doubled ALOT more
  2. OU fan He is athletic and fast as his 40 time shows espically with the ball. Hes good in the redzone as hes willing to go up and get the ball. Is he a future Pro Bowler probally not imo he will be a very reliable TE just not quite reaching Pro Bowl but coming close but he as the ablity to if he works extra hard. He's not route savvy he's more of a straight line reciever. If Brody stays healthy(ex Sooner as well) we have the blocking TE and I would take a chance on Hanna in the 5th and you have your fast recieving TE.
  3. Anytime imo Franks was a little better than Jackson though Jackson had nice size and very athletic for his size. Flemming pretty much shutdown anyone he went against this yr. Fleming has a very good chance to be a #1 corner for any team with his closing speed on the ball and excellent abilty to tackle. If I was the Colts If hes still there in the 3rd I take him and put him next to Powers as the #2 corner. And if he does as well as I expect him too let him compete with Powers as the #1 corner the following offseason. Plus hes a very excellent STs player
  4. Your Welcome To me imo he's better than Franks. Fleming is defienatly a better tackler then Franks. Franks is a little better in Man espically when he plays off but Fleming is better when hes up close and has great closing speed to either make a play on the ball or secure the tackle. Fleming is better in Zone as he is a excellent zone defender due to his closing speed, Franks struggled in zone and gave up big plays due to miscommunication with the safties. So in all Franks is faster but Fleming has excellent closing speed. Fleming is a MUCH BETTER tackler and can provide run support as for F
  5. OU fan here after the combine and pro days he is projected as a 3rd rounder The knocks on him is he isnt biggest or fastest corner(5'10 206 40 yd is 4.53), but the MAIN knock on him is he missed spring practices in 2009 and 2011 due to academic misconduct. He was a ST standout his first 2 yrs as he is a excellent tackler. He had a breakout yr. his Junior yr as it was his first yr. as a starter his stats were 71 tackles, 8.5 for loss, five interceptions, and 14 pass broken-up He didnt have as good #'s his senior yr. due to people not throwing his way and missing 2 games due to injury his stats
  6. Peyton your the reason I started watching Football,your the reason Im a Colts fan(still will be)Never thought I would see the day that you were no longer a Colt I will continue to follow you and cheer for you and wish you the best. I hope 1 way or another you can retire a Colt. Thank You Peyton
  7. Ill admit I did when Peyton was talking and couldnt quit. As a Lakers fan and Red Sox fan too there was 3 things I thought I could ALWAYS count on year in year out Kobe Bryant being a Laker David Ortiz being a Sox(even though he hasnt been there his whole career he's still the face of the Red Sox) and Peyton Manning being a Colt. I almost had to go through it with Ortiz glad I didnt but Peyton never thought my Idol(well after The Man Upstairs) wouldnt be a Colt Thank You Peyton
  8. That's Peyton for sure and if it ain't forget Luck draft this kid lol.
  9. He's the same guy who told me on twitter that the Colts have singed Jericho Cotchery(?) Contracts been signed just waiting for the annoncement During the offseason. Yes he has been right but everyone is right sometim ,hes been wrong too more times yall r aaying. Until PM or Irsay says otherwise PM is a a Colt and is the starter.
  10. I would rather have Carr like someone else said Finnegan could be a lockerroom cancer. As far as the draft I like Jamell Flemming 5'10 1/2 192 out of Oklahoma projected as a 3rd rounder said to be a 1 or 2 without some off-field issues(accedmically) but said to matured ALOT the last 2 yrs. Was a ST stand-out his first 2 yrs. Became a starter and Had a breakout Junior yr(2010) with 71 takcles, 5 picks, and 13 passes broken up. Didnt have a solid season season this yr.(2011) number wise but was out of his control due to team rarely throwing towards his way.
  11. I would wait to get Ryan Broyles in the 4th or 5th instead of getting a WR early. As for the 1st pick if PM is healthy IMO trade it and get Jones or Barkley next draft and keep Dan O as te backup this yr.
  12. I would wait till the 4th or 5th to get Ryan Broyles 5'10 188 WR OU. He was projected to be a 2nd rounder before his knee injury and since he wont be able to workout at the combine he'll fall to the 4th or 5th. He also had some off-field issues early in his career(2007) but has said to have matured ALOT. He's a very smooth runner but undersized but doesnt play like it, hes willing to go up and put his body on the line. As for the 2nd round I could a NT or OG
  13. I havent seen much of Brock but me personally would rather have Case Keenum as a late round pick but I gonna have check Brock out. As far as Luck choosing his Uncle this me says to Mr. Irsay-Im NOT coming to Indy. but hey thats just me.
  14. Ive noticed other QBs wearing them too Landry Jones wears one too and I dont think hes had knee problems
  15. I did not say I wanted Gruden I was just saying Gruden would only agree to coach us if Peyton was healthy. I said that cause his name is coming up ALOT. Me personally agree about Cower hes my top pick
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