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  1. 12 minutes ago, Wentzszn said:

    I am not sure about Lawrence. Skill is there but he just doesn’t seem to have drive and never faced adversity in college. His interviews rub me the wrong way.


    All of the interviews about him not "needing" football in his life and he could step away and be completely happy give me Andrew Luck vibes way too much. I want a guy who lives and breathes football to be the QB of this team. I know we all hate on Tom Brady (me included) but the dude LOVES the game. Matt Stafford is another player that comes to mind. 

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  2. Pretty indifferent to the Reich/Wentz relationship but if it makes both of them more successful then I welcome it. Best part of the episode for me was TY. Guy has been a stud for us for so many years and to see him excited again makes me happy. He was crushed when Andrew left and his production obviously suffered but I really do believe him and Wentz could do some fun things.


    Will be exciting to watch, let's hope for a fantastic year! We are certainly setup for it with the talent and front office support this team has. 

  3. 1 hour ago, NodakColt said:



    Pat had a video clip on his Twitter summarizing his and TY's conversation. Made it sound like TY was really fired up and excited with how the session went. Mentioned right away he felt like they had chemistry and that Wentz has a cannon. 

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  4. Pretty sure this is standard, especially because it’s a Saturday and an away game. If it was an away game on a Sunday we probably would’ve had one additional day of limited contact. 

    I don’t think we should worry. They are still practicing and going through reps. 

  5. The Bills have been playing great most of this season. I think they did the right thing keeping their starters in the last game to keep the flow going. I expect them to be a tough matchup. However, I feel comfortable about the Colts chances. 


    We have a talented defense that ebbs and flows a bit, we just need them to get hot. Turay is starting to come on, Buckner and Leonard will make plays and Kenny Moore has been flying around. There is a lot of talent on that side of the ball. TJ Carrie and Rhodes have even been pretty good. It also looks like we are getting Khari back which I think is going to make a massive difference. 


    Offensively I think we all know what we need to do. Run it down their throats. They have an average defensive line, we have MAULERS. Push them around, run up the gut, throw quick screens and to JT and Hines in the flat.


    Our RBs and defensive line are going to carry us to a win this weekend. 



    • JT's rushing o/u will be around ~85 yards, I'm betting the over. 
    • Hines receiving o/u will probably be ~24 yards. I'm betting the over.
  6. JT balled out. Let's not crown Veldheer as next year's starter. It's one game against the worst team in the league. He played well but this really isn't the best sample size to decide if he's going to play LT for us next year. 


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  7. BUF & KC are probably the two best teams in the NFL right now, it will certainly be tough. However, BUF isn't unbeatable. They've had some really close games this year to teams that are far more questionable and when Colts actually want to play they can. We beat two great teams in TEN (handled BUF) and GB (NFC top seed). I could see us making it a game if we play with some better consistency.


    KC on the other hand, they are so explosive. We beat them before by controlling the clock and running the ball down their damn throats so IF we get there, I could see us doing it again. 


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  8. 14 hours ago, EastStreet said:

    Overall, it was a must win, and the offense made a statement. 




    1. The offense - throughout the entire game they were good. Only a few very small complaints. They are peaking now, and IMO, arguably better than our defense.
    2. Rivers - 68%, 250ish yards, 2 TDs, no INTs, clutch throws, and did all that with our running game getting more touches than passing. Didn't look old today. He's been playing really good ball. 
    3. Taylor - best game IMO by far. 150ish yards and 2 TDs rushing. Add in another 20ish catching. Anyone still think he stinks? Anyone still think he can't "break away"? He was feasting the first drive, and then got pulled down by the goal line. Why? lol. Glad he finally got some goal line carries and got the TD even though it was out of the wildcat.
    4. TY - the DBs weren't good, but he played his behind off. Some very clutch catches, and I loved the 1st TD when he bodied the DB off him make the contested grab. That's what he used to do all the time, and hasn't done in a while. 2 TDs from him was biggly.
    5. Pittman started out looking great, then faded a bit. Early, I loved his "glide". The announcer even talked about how he ran. The penalty is the only thing that bothered me about him today. Got to quit flinching. That's the 2nd or 3rd time this year. 
    6. OL - looked pretty darn good all game, and even with Nelson momentarily at LT. Some very nice run blocking, and Rivers didn't get sacked once. Only got hit/knocked down once IIRC.
    7. Moore - what an INT. One handed spectacular grab that will certainly make the highlight real. Made up for some of the below...



    1. 1st half D - again, very inconsistent. Had it not been for the Moore INT in the end zone, we would have given up 21 in the 1st half. That's just not good, no matter what they do in the 2H or what the final score is.
    2. DL - zero sacks... Got to do better than that. Only two QB hits the whole game, and didn't get home once.
    3. Moore - got burnt at least twice, and he got flat out blown up on a Jacobs run. He'd be in the ugly had he not got that amazing INT.
    4. Reich - trying to run the ball with time running out. Almost missed the opportunity for a FG. Thankfully we lucked out with 1 sec remaining.




    1. Blackmon - Got burnt horribly once, and burnt pretty bad again, both in the 1st H. In addition, either he or Willis blew coverage badly too, just not sure who was at fault. Then got burnt again later on that double pass. I love his forward aggressiveness, but that's one of the reasons he's dropping the ball on his backend coverage duties.
    2. Injuries - Hope Leonard's back, and Rhode's lower leg are OK. 
    3. The picked up PI flag.... the DB straight up tacked TY before the ball was there. Wrapped him up. Wasn't close to what the announcers were saying (it wasn't that bang bang). Clear PI.
    4. Johnson's route running - clearly he wasn't where Rivers expected him to be. This is the third noticeable time Rivers gave him the look... It's not happening with other WRs, even the young ones. Too many now to give him the benefit of the doubt. His snap share has been declining since the 1st occurrence. 


    All solid points! Nice review!


    Only one I disagree with is Bad#4. Obviously 20/20 because we still got the FG but I loved the aggressive play call there, Especially after we gashed them for 10+ on the same drive with a similar call. A FG there only put us up by 6 if I recall correctly. Getting the TD and putting us up by 10 was definitely worth the risk of the FG IMO. 

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  9. Will he decide he wants to come back, TBD. 


    I'm surprised at how many people are saying things like "Luck didn't love football", "Luck doesn't miss the game" etc. I really just don't believe any of those things. The dude is not the loudest guy in the room, that we know, but that doesn't mean his passion for the game is any less. Noise and showmanship != passion. Those just weren't aspects of his personality. 


    Football has been an integral part of his entire life, professionally and personally. Luck grew up on football, he's formed countless relationships and it's weaved into the fabric of who he is. I would be absolutely shocked if some of his greatest memories weren't on the football field. The dude played his * off for this team and other teams time and time again. You don't do that, you don't get to the highest level of this game if you aren't passionate about it. 


    I feel as if fans aren't putting enough significance on the state of his mental health. It is a very very serious thing. It has the absolute power to strip everything that you love most from you. Above all else I really think that this was the biggest reason in his decision. Not that his love for the game changed or that his heart wasn't ever really in it in the first place. 


    Do I think Luck misses the game, his teammates, the competitiveness, and the sheer amount of mastery you need to play at that level? Absolutely, he probably wishes everyday that things went differently.


    Do I think he has interests in life other than football? Yes, I definitely agree with posters who have stated this. However, I think that is the same for many great players (including #18). It's that drive that helps make them so good in the first place. 


    Do I hope he comes back? Yes, I would be ecstatic to find out Luck has returned. Not only for the great football player he is but because I honestly believe that if it occurred it would mean that he's gotten a handle on his mental health as a person. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, life long said:

    I went to over a decades worth of home games between RCA and Lucas oil stadiums and I have been saying this exact thing since the first game against the bears at LOS. People have denied it but it is validating to see several posters come out and agree. I've been told by fellow season ticket holders to not block their view or yell too loud many times.... I was told I was ruining their experience but my dad and I always took pride in standing and yelling on every single defensive play. It was not uncommon for the two of us to be the only ones doing so in our section. 

    Love to read this. Where are your seats? Friends and I will be joining you next year haha 


    I politely told him that I’m sorry but if they stood maybe the opponent would make even less third downs. I tried to be as political as possible being an out of towner and wanting to show respect to my elders but I was incapable of just sitting and not cheering. 

  11. 1 minute ago, Sumo63 said:

    I'm guessing there were wheelchairs or leg casts involved.....


    Neither. Perhaps a bit older (late 50s-early 60s) but didn’t seem to have any issue getting up for restroom/concessions. 

    Not that everyone I’ve encountered is like that but I have felt in general it’s a way more conservative/docile crowd then what I’m used to back home. 

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