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  1. 8 minutes ago, Pilgrim said:

    I wanna know what was said in his speech on Saturday. I get the sense that he told the team he’s retiring after the season. Reich and Wentz wouldn’t comment on it after the game. 


    My thought as well. He was open and honest with them about coming back for one last run and hanging it up. 

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  2. 15 minutes ago, MB-ColtsFan said:

    Okay, so someone please edumacate me...when will episodes be shown?  My only concern will be that a player will see themself being painted as something they don't believe they are and will act out of character to re-image themself.  That could affect their on field play.


    If the episodes are shown after season I couldn't care less that they are on it.


    First episode comes out in November. Not sure on the date or how many episodes there will be but I imagine it’ll get either pretty close or into playoffs. 


    However, I think they are collecting all the film now. I’m not sure how long they’ll stay with the Colts. It may only be something along the lines of Week 1 - Week 10 or something, then the episodes just air later. 

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  3. 2 minutes ago, DougDew said:

    At the right moment, of course.  But not every moment is the right moment.  I guess that's a judgment call then.


    I'm sure that a person standing up in their living room yelling at their TV would make them feel stupid when they looked around and saw that they were the only ones doing it.   But at home, there is no one else to blame for them feeling stupid.  At the stadium, there's about 50,000 others to lash out at.

    Fair. Anytime the defense is on the field is the “right moment” for me. More specifically, 3rd downs, goal line/RZ, FG kicks, etc. Anyone who has played a sport at a semi-high level or even golf for that matter can appreciate how impactful distraction can be. 

    Some stadiums in my area have dedicated sections that are meant for the people that go all out, all game. Some of these dedicated sections will kick you out if you’re not complying with the fandom rules. Maybe Indy should implement something along the lines of “spirited fan sections”. 


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  4. 18 minutes ago, DougDew said:

    Sounds like some people who are sour with the LOS experience need to stay home and watch it on TV.  Both the ones who don't want to be annoyed by others and the ones who want to stand up and yell with as much effectiveness against the opponent as yelling at their TV in their own home.

    Just for clarity, are you implying that a loud stadium (in the right moments) is not a competitive advantage? 

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  5. 1 hour ago, WERC82 said:

    Public Service Announcement

    If you go to a Colts game you are not allowed to stand and make noise when the Colts are on defense but, you are allowed to throw items at those who do.


    I am from NJ and usually fly out for a game each year. Last game I was at (Jags game pre-covid) couple guys in the row behind me were upset that I was standing on 3rd down and cheering when the Colts were on defense. I respectfully told the man that this is a sporting event and I am going to continue cheering on the Colts. 


    Being from NJ and having attended many Philly, NY and NJ games I honestly was shocked that this even happened. The stadium is definitely one of the quieter ones that I have been too. 

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  6. I like the kid! Hope he plays well and takes full advantage of the opportunities. Crazy that his parents have never seen him play live! Cool to see that they will be able to make it to the MIA game.


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  7. Saw this earlier on the Pat McAfee Show. Howie taking a shot at Caron’s durability. 


    He isn’t wrong but I most definitely feel like he could have stated that a little bit differently. Could see why some players including Carson weren’t a big fan of him. Makes me glad we have CB. 



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  8. 1 minute ago, AustinnKaine said:

    Right, nothing you said really answers why Ballard is okay with the tackle depth we have. I already acknowledge that Tackles don't grow on trees. When your blocking TE is more reliable than your LT, you have an issue. 


    Also, the LT that plays really isn't depth... they will be the starter. Awaiting a return from someone who suffered a very serious injury. Who may or may not play up to form. 


    You point was about putting too much faith in a single player. What team doesn't put a heavy amount of faith into their starting QB or LT? Many teams don't even have quality players starting at either of those positions and you expect the Colts be have multiple? Ballard is creating competition at the position between what we do have. If there happen to better or more serviceable players out there, I'm sure he would bring them in. 


    Good players at those positions are a luxury. I think it's pretty clear why we go from Fisher to someone quite less serviceable. This fan base was spoiled for a long long time with Glenn and AC. 

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  9. 4 minutes ago, AustinnKaine said:

    Right, but what happens if Fisher gets hurt again? Or if he comes back and doesn't have the same step? Seems like a lot of faith in one player. One could say the same for Wentz, but I don't wanna take the convo there. At least the QB depth doesn't seem as terrible. 


    Edit: Makes me wonder if they are counting on Davenport or Holden over Tevi. I haven't seen anything from Tevi that warrants a roster spot. I'd rather Put Doyle there. 


    To be fair the two positions referenced are pretty much the most difficult depth positions in the game. You aren't going to find many teams that can lose either a QB or a LT and be able to easily replace them with their backup. Every team needs depth.  


    They signed Fisher because they know what he can be when healthy and they are willing to accept the risk. 

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  10. 8 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    Obviously the downside to this is that Frank has covid and I wish him a quick and safe recovery, but I'm wondering if this will influence Colt players who haven't got the vaccine not to get it because Frank got Covid while being fully vaccinated?


    3 minutes ago, NewColtsFan said:

    Maybe it will influence players to get the shot?  After all, Frank is asymptomatic.   Getting the shot helped him avoid getting much worse symptoms. 


    Unfortunately, I feel like you can almost guarantee that it will be used as a point for both arguments. 


    Most importantly, I'm happy to hear he is feeling alright and is asymptomatic! Hope you get back sooner than later coach. With new rules, since he is vaccinated and he's asymptomatic he should be good to return after two negative tests or something right? 

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  11. 14 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Maybe because I haven't been sick since this Virus came out in 2020 nor nobody close to me has been sick either as in my mom or close friends. I know several people that haven't got the vaccine for many reasons. The survival rate if you do get Covid-19 is like 99.6% and like me many people are waiting to see what effects the vaccine has on the people that have had it. To me it is easy to understand why some people are reluctant to get it. You are getting something injected into your body that in reality you don't know everything about. It's a matter of trusting it and some don't 100% trust it, pretty simple.


    Definitely understandable. I was never sick and am a relatively healthy 30-something. Survival rates aside, the variability in a person's immune response to COVID19 and the unknown long-term impacts were two of my biggest drivers. Both the long-term impacts (if any) of COVID19 and the vaccine are not fully understood at this time. It'll be easy to play Monday Morning QB in 10-15 years to see how things pan out. Right now it's up to each person to educate themselves and make the decision they feel is best. 

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  12. 2 minutes ago, indyman411 said:

    No disrespect intended here, but if you are truly science oriented, then you would understand the actual science around Covid, not the media scare tactic hype.  The survival rate of Covid is 99+%, especially when you get treated with hydroxychloroquine, zinc, & azithromiazine (spelling?).  If a person has got and survived Covid, they have antibodies to protect them from it.  I am okay with others making whatever choice works for them.  Forcing a vaccination on people with such a high rate of survivablilty seems odd.  Also, this is a dangerous slope to go down, what's next?  People no longer can choose what foods to eat, where to live, what to wear?  IMO, those with pre-existing conditions that make it difficult to survive should get vaccinated, those without those pre-existing conditions, do not need to get it, but can if they choose.  


    As a science oriented person, I trust the information that is published by scientists, doctors and epidemiologists. Most of whom, have strong opinions on getting vaccinated backed up by their knowledge and findings. I don't disagree that the high survival rate is a strong argument against but that is simply one variable in a larger equation. There are so many other factors. Like vaccine efficacy and unknown long term impacts of both COVID or the vaccine. e.g. the potential long-term impacts on respiratory health for someone who was infected, the disparity in impacts across blood types and ethnicities, etc. 


    My choice in getting the vaccine was a risk-assessment. I felt there was less risk and way more benefits in getting a vaccine that was developed, tested and deployed by a group of individuals that will know more about the cellular structure of our bodies than I ever will.


    I can understand a persons hesitancy on that but that is why I bolded it's a choice. I don't force my beliefs the vaccine on anyone, 

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  13. Transparency:  I am vaccinated and a very science oriented person. 


    This is a bit surprising, especially since the culture and emphasis on "family" is discussed here often. It really is so interesting to me how polarizing of a topic this is for people. Getting the vaccination is without a doubt a choice but I'm genuinely curious about an individuals reasoning on not doing it. Not for judgement but to simply better understand their perspective and where they are coming from.


    A couple of my friends are against it but their reasons seem more influenced by social media rather than forming their own opinion by reputable sources. Asking them any sort of question on their stance devolves into defensive attitudes or half-baked thoughts. I'm sure these NFL players have been provided all of the appropriate information and I can only imagine the pressure the NFL is putting on them. I assume many of them actually have solid reasons or at least I would hope so. 


    All in all, you can only control certain things in life. A person's choices and actions are not one of them. This may impact us in the season but it may not. 



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  14. 2 hours ago, ipljeff said:

    The Wentz decision is going to cost Frank his job and waste two years of our young players. Reich is way to close to Wentz personally to be objective. I really hope I'm wrong, but damn Wentz stunk it up so bad he has to prove it on the field under pressure before I'm buying into the hype. Boy he looks good throwing against what?  If he couldn't look good now then he couldn't even be a college starter. Now Frank has to worry about his son on game day instead of coaching the game. This offseason has been very disappointing to me. But hey, we have cap space. 

    I understand your reasoning and don’t disagree that it’s tough for Frank to be objective but this wasn’t his decision. Sure he had influence but both Ballard and Irsay are bought in. I honestly don’t think Ballard would’ve made this move if he wasn’t confident that it wouldn’t make us as good or better than last year. There’s a chance it could go either way but I think under the circumstances there is a great chance for it to be positive. 



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