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  1. Im tellling you guys the rule is different for plays like this. there was a play like this earlier this year, but i can't remember which game. he clearly has possession and then crosses the plane. at that point the play is done and its a TD. its different from the standard rule. anyways. past is past and the colts won.
  2. Why was that considered a catch if Decker's wasn't? Im about 99% sure that we got away with one there. The ref blew that one. I always thought the rule states something like if possession is established outside the endzone and then as soon as the goal line is crossed the play is done and you don't need to maintain possession to the ground. Decker clearly established possession and crossed the goalline, so why wasn't it a TD? Someone please tell me if Im an *, but im pretty darn sure im right about this.
  3. actually has a lot more to do with the way the scheduling is done... 6 games vs the division 3 vs teams in same conference who finished in same place in division (winners vs winners, 2nd vs 2nd etc) 3 vs an AFC division (goes on a rotation) 4 vs an NFC division (goes on a rotation) and thats your 16 games, has nothing to do with what the NFL wants to see
  4. I know Im gonna get torched for this like jason has been. So Im gonna say my 2 cents and im done cuz i dont have time for message board drama. I LOVE the colts. I LOVE Peyton. Peyton being drafted to the colts is the reason that as a 10 year old I became a colts fan. Peyton is my favorite thing about NFL football. Peyton has 3-5 years left to cement his legacy. Being a HUGE peyton fan I want very little more than for him to be recognized as the GOAT indisputably like jerry rice is for WR's. For that reason I am a Peyton fan for the remainder of his career as well as a Colts fan. But because
  5. I might be wrong... but I always thought there was a distinction for 4th quarter comebacks vs game winning drives? maybe. I cant remember honestly.
  6. Thats because there is no better situation for RG3 to come to Indy. He is definitely a talented, athletic quarter back with a strong arm. But he has some refining that needs to be done. There is no situation better for him than to come to indy, learn from peyton for 2-4 years and then start. If he goes somewhere like seattle, washinton, cleveland, or miami i would expect him to never reach his potential. Just like aaron rodgers wouldnt have ever even dreamed of being this good if he had started in GB from day 1.
  7. 3 organizations that in my opinion we should be looking at people from: Ravens, Steelers, Giants and Packers. The ravens just manage to keep finding defensive players and they always end up great. That is great work by their scouts. Giants, well pretty much the same thing. That team is loaded with talent. Unfortunately they got hit with tons of injuries early. Still, they are as good as anyone when eli is playing well. Steelers.... just look at how that team has been for the past 8 years or so.... packers... built that entire team through draft sans woodson. Team is incredibly deep. People in
  8. I think they need to seriously consider reviewing the bump and run zone. I think that would be the best way to fix this. The way the NFL was this year was just sad. The fact that three QB's threw for 5000+ yards and I think 4 QB's had 39+ TDs is a really bad sign for the NFL and in my mind it kind of diminishes the achievements of brees and rodgers this year. My second favorite team has and always will be the Lions. Stafford is definitely the best young QB in the NFL and has loads of potential, but he should not be throwing for 5000 yards and 41 TD's. Same with Cam, both are outstanding but th
  9. i think they should go back to 10 yard bump and run. or actually start calling holding penalties. also going below the knees of a QB should not be a penalty. no one does it intenionally and it shouldnt be a 15 yard penalty.
  10. when will people realize that Jim Irsay saying we will take a good QB if one is available doesnt indicate anything! Its a game that has to be played. If he says we dont want Luck then there is no trade down value when other teams learn that. He has to say it! Regardless of if it is true or not. Any good businessman/smart person should be able to understand this concept! Irsay's comments dont tell us anything.
  11. peyton manning. Andrew Luck has been impressive, but the Pac-12 has some pretty poor defenses and luck is closer to his ceiling that peyton because of being coached by harbaugh. Peyton didnt have that luxury.
  12. Just to add my two cents about the whole physical thing. After the season players are not allowed to use the team facilities for a certain period of time. Unless you fail a physical, in which case you are allowed to continue working with the trainers. So yes they have been talking for awhile about peyton failing the physical so he can continue rehabbing with the trainers for another 6-7 weeks. Honestly I am also in the trade down camp. Drafting luck puts us in a bad position as far as the rest of our team is concerned. I say trade down to browns or redskins and draft bray, tyler wilson, or bar
  13. Blackmon is a monster. If we had ended up with the 3rd pick it would be tough to pass on him. as i type this i realize it is a very dumb hypothetical. in any case..... hes a beast
  14. I would take an OL in round 2 instead of montee and claiborne instead of kirkpatrick. otherwise i love the top of the draft. if we didnt resign reggie, then replace ball with Nick Toon or Kendall Wright
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