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  1. What if we made an offer on Tuesday and are just having to waiting through the 5 day counter offer? May not get an answer till Sunday.
  2. Good video but the music makes it boring. It needs more original and up beat music. Like SLAYER or something. Lol
  3. This is the worst idea ever. You must be 13
  4. If we score more points than the Seahawks we will be victorious.
  5. If you don't like the uniform get out. Try being a jaguar fan if you like changing uniforms.
  6. I mean what ever it takes.
  7. Those patches are cool. Where can I get one of those "30 year" patches? Couldn't find any online.
  8. McAfee? Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of visiting teams like rolling up and seeing a punter on LOS. I like the guy though.
  9. An all blue, head to toe, alternative uniform. Think about it.
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