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  1. Who in their right minds would let a player like Peyton Manning go? I hear all these reports on ESPN about how their 100% sure that Peyton will not return to the Colts next season and will be playing for a different team. Jim Irsay has to be crazy not to pay Peyton the money he is due in March. Look at everything Peyton has done for this team, the city, and football in general. A player like Peyton deserves to finish his career in Indianapolis. Not only is Peyton a premiere quarterback but he is a one of a kind person. How many quarterbacks tape a pre recorded message reminding you of your doctor's appointment? If I was Jim Irsay I would absolutely pay Peyton the money. Peyton's going to play in 2012 so why not let him be the quarterback he is known to be. Not only will Peyton play this upcoming year, but he will dominate as usual. Peyton's the type of quarterback that is going crazy right now because he missed a whole year of doing something he loved. If he gets his money and is guaranteed he will be playing for the Indianapolis Colts this year, he will be watching tape in March preparing for next year. If something was to happen after Peyton was paid the money and he could not play after this season, keep him around as a coach. The money you would be paying him as a player would pay off by having him around as a quarterback coach or even a consultant. If the Colts draft Andrew Luck and trade Peyton they will be making a huge mistake. Andrew Luck will not be the premier quarterback everyone thinks he will be. Even if he is half of the quarterback people are projecting him to be it will take a few years for that to come about. Why wouldn't you keep Peyton around to train and prepare Luck and have a few winning seasons while Manning is still playing. None of this makes any sense to me. Why would this even be an issue? Manning should 100% be the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts next season. If he's not......then maybe we should trade Jim Irsay because he obviously has no clue how to run a football team. Getting rid of the Polian's obviously shows that. If #18 isn't around next year, I absolutely will not be rooting for the Colts next season....maybe the Patriots? I'm sure I won't be the only one either!
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