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  1. read the book the code. it is the unwritten rules in football. if you cheap shot me I have the duty and right to cheap shot you back.
  2. how can Gregg Willams appeal punishment when he has not been punished. all that has been said if he will be out for an undetermined amount of time of which most people said will be a years. notice the people you have mentioned are not defensive coaches either. Steve M was a head coach/oc and Brian B was head coach/oc. neither have coached on the defensive side of the ball. I can tell you there are defensive coaches in the nfl who have no problem with what Greg Willaims said. like I have said, I do not agree on bountys at all nor do I believe in attempting to injure players. however, I do
  3. I can see your point. The question I have is if these are late hits why are officals getting off scott free? I do agree many hits on brett favre were late and the Zebras did not blow the whistle. should n't the officals be suspended as well for not doing their job to protect players? This is where I have a hard time when the comish says he is for improving player safety. IF he was interested in palyer safety he would instruct the refs to call spearing which is what james harrison does on every kill shot. leading with the crown of your head is spearing or at least that is how I was taugh
  4. If you listened to the tape he was not specifically attacking frank gores head. Frank gore is the head of the 49ner monster. Separate the head and the body will die means take gore out of the game by hitting him hard, make him earn every extra year, take away the niners run game and make alex smith beat you. hit the head, means hit frank gore every time you get a chance because most backs do not like to get hit. lot of metaphors people who have never played football do not understand. now i do not condone attacking the knee that is wrong but I am sure going to hit crabtree hard to see
  5. The colts and manning struggled against the 34 defense because of their pass protection and the fact they did not have an answer for what is called the x cross blitz where both inside linebacker cross paths in an x. the nose guard takes on A gap and the guard to that side helps but does not see the linebacker coming. teams who face the steelers (who run this blitz with their inside linebackers to perfection) will practice all offseason to stop it in mini camps. Manning was excellent with outside pressure because he could step up. however, he like most qbs do not like pressure in their f
  6. there were clearly times where he was speaking in metaphors and there were times when he was not. take the acl statement. it was both.. it was take him out if you can but if you cannot hit him hard to see if he wants to play with the ACL injury.
  7. I am a colts fan and my second team is the packers. I wonder how colts fans will change when they finally have an aggressive, attacking all out physical defense which the new DC runs. I will be glad to see linebackers like the ravens have to rip peoples heads off. it is to bad bob sanders is not our safety now. he was the only player on soft core dungy defense who would come up and put a lick on people. football is a violent game played by people who enjoy violence. nothing finer then knocking the living crap out of *, arrogant running back or wr. the nfl has done its best to le
  8. sure money for injury is not something that can be tolerated.
  9. If you understood football you would know that getting a running back to turn his head side ways means he is running parallel to the line of scrimmage which is bad if you are the offense and good for the defense.
  10. 1. where is all the profaintiy. that is tame compared to my high school coach and college coaches. 2. Willaims in speaking metaphors.lf you have played in a top high school program or college program you understand what kill the head means. it has nothing to do with hitting the actual head. It means knock the % out of him to see if he wants to play when he is getting the crap beat out of him. 3. Now I do not support money for hurting a player. However, say Petyon manning has broken ribs. Every chance I get a chance to hit Petyon legally in the ribs I am going to do it. DEFENSIVE FOOTB
  11. most stressful position in the nfl is long snapper. you cannot make a mistake. if you do, bad things happen.
  12. it is not just the hits that running backs take in the pros it is from high school to college and then to the pros. it adds up that is why they have a short shelf life.
  13. who cares. manning is gone. He is dead to the colts organization. I wish him well.
  14. fact is they do not need to repair their image. fans will still support their team regardless. in fact many saints fans feel the nfl has piled on them to be honest. NOw the saints can use US vs the World as motivation. I predict their is a very solid chance the saints r very, very successful this year.
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