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  1. Trading 21 for Wentz is hardly a highlight, imo. It's a disaster. I'm incredibly unapologetic among my friend group in saying that a move like this would set the Colts back, instead of move us forward. Give me Matt Ryan, or Matt Stafford with a 2nd, and then my interest is peaked. I did like some of the other FA moves for the team, but that first big splash sent chills down my spin.
  2. Man, I'd love to see the Colts stay in and pick AJ Epenesa at #34 tomorrow. I know it wouldn't be super popular, but he's a 8-10 sack a year kind of DE. Our line would be ferocious with that pick. Knowing CB, and the wealth of talent available though, he's totally going to trade out of 34.
  3. I kind of think something messed up on that extra point. It looked "off." Not saying it was a bad snap and hold, but I did see Adam smack Rigs on the head as if to say "Don't sweat it." I don't think we can start to ignore a pattern though. I was willing to give him the bad game, but a pattern is a whole different story. Lets see if he can make a FG in this game if we get in range.
  4. I'd love to see this move if we could get him for a second round pick, but with that being said, I just do not see where he fits in our defense. We're loaded at CB, and he has been very vocal about not wanting to play SS. As others have said, he's a perfect "Ballard" guy, but who loses their job to get him on the team? I just don't see anyone in the rosters current state
  5. How in the world have y'all managed a six page thread over a kicker? The Colts allowed the chargers to convert 7-11 third downs, including multiple third and longs. Our defense couldn't contain a backup running back. Eric Ebron couldn't make a TD grab he made all of last season. Our secondary continues to look like swiss cheese playing a Tampa-2. Did the GOAT have an awful game yesterday? Yes, absolutely, and I don't think anyone is denying that. You're insane if you think we solely lost the game yesterday on his leg. Adam has said mo
  6. I can not help but think this has something to do with McDaniels bailing on the Colts last year. Hindsight is always 20/20, but maybe he did catch wind of Andrew's heart not being in it anymore, and didn't want to deal with him retiring. What makes me upset more than anything about this whole situation is the fact that the Browns offered a BOUNTY for Andrew last off-season, and Ballard turned them down. Now, we don't even have Baker OR Luck. Everyone on here gawked at the idea of giving up Luck for two first, and two second picks, but I was not one of them. That's an insane haul f
  7. Indianapolis trades #26, Jacoby Brissett, and a fourth round pick to Washington in exchange for #15 Round 1:15) Ed Oliver, IDL Let me start by saying that I really believe this trade to be realistic, but I’m not so sure about the target. Oliver is a top five pick in any of the past three drafts, but I’ve had this opinion for a while that he may slide in this draft for no reason whatsoever. There are a LOT of really good “fit” picks in the top ten, and there are a bunch of teams in the top 15 who I feel are rather unpredictable. Atlanta is the last road block between us and Oli
  8. I laughed incredibly hard at this. Although, I don't think the Colts drafting team mates is too far fetched. In the mock draft I'm working on in my head, I see both Abram and Simmons landing in a Colts uniform. As for your other bold predictions, I wouldn't mind any of those other scenarios, especially the JD sponsorship.
  9. So, being a Colts fan aside, that’s some pretty impressive hand work. I even saw a little dip and bend around the edge on that break. If you go back on his feed, you can even see him put the ole spin move on some equipment. He’s putting in the work to be THE guy on the edge. He looks lean, in shape, and putting in what it takes. There’s a REAL chance we can see double digit sacks from this guy in 2019. I’m so excited for our second year players
  10. I'm of the opinion that if Ed Oliver falls past 15, we trade up and not look back.
  11. I'm 100% right here with you Superman. People on this forum only have a short term memory. We're talking about a fourth round pick who couldn't even start for the Browns....THE BROWNS. He was then signed and cut by two other teams. He was an absolute liability in coverage in 2017, and was a liability at some points last year. He's not "under rated" at all, he's just rated. No one wants to admit that he just played well down the stretch last year, and played when it counts (for one year). I was hoping he'd walk, SIMPLY because I knew he had a market, and I'm really high on the CB's
  12. You’re right. Five hours into the legal tampering period and we don’t have ANYTHING to show for it. Nobody can actually even sign a contract yet, but this season is already over. We’re doomed. Done I tell yah. All those difference makers who haven’t even had more than 7.5 sacks in a season that are now making 17 million a year. We really missed out
  13. Call me crazy, but last year I was rather ticked at some of the free agents that we couldn't grab. This year, I absolutely cringe at some of these numbers these guys are getting, and am beyond glad we aren't signing average players to 17 million a year contracts.
  14. You know it's crazy when even Rapaport is saying how insane that deal is. Next on the list please
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