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  1. As crazy as this sounds, I think that’s JB’s value. To answer the question: Jeffery Simmons. Look at other top picks injured before the draft. Jaylon Smith, Sidney Jones, and they were both picked in the early to mid second round. If we trade JB, that is absolutely who we should target with that pick
  2. This is a darn good mock. Can you fill me in on Wilson? I have done hardly any scouting on LB’s, because I just don’t see that area of personnel needing as much of an upgrade compared to others. I wouldn’t be opposed, as I love the LB position, I’m not not sure I fully know enough to say one way or the other here.
  3. Graham is my top target in FA. He’ll be cheaper than others, but still performing at a high level
  4. I wouldn’t even mind paying Collins. In a perfect world, I’d love to see that happen. I don’t see him leaving NY though
  5. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I think they’l let him walk, it’s I just don’t see how the Falcons can afford to keep him unless the clear up a ton of space. They’ve been making moves to try and do that, and I would not be shocked if they even dealt Julio to free up more room. Looking at the papers right now though, doesn’t look good.
  6. I've been working on this offseason in my head for a little over two and a half weeks now, and I'm just starting to put pen to paper. I've done mock drafts in the past, but never a full off-season. Now, I"m going to do a free agency and (some) draft, but I"m not comfortable enough to put together a roster and keep track of numbers like some of you. I will also explain a lot of the things I do, since I have a feeling some of the decisions I will be striking to some, since they go against popular opinion. Free Agency We have already re-signed Vinny and Glow, which were moves I would have 100% made, so I'll stick with our own FAs at the moment. 1. Dontrelle Inman (2 year, 5 million) He was our best WR down the stretch, and this should be a no brainer. 2. Margus Hunt (2 year, 7 million) Margus could very well walk and make more money elsewhere, but he has absolutely played himself into a new contract with the Colts. He was borderline unblockable at some points after the switch to DT, and he fits/plays really well in this style of defense. 3. Matthias Farley (2 years, 2.5 million) I have always felt that Farley has been under appreciated. It sucks he got injured this year, or else I think people would really have seen his skills. Now, some of you may not to notable people not on this list; Geathers and Desir. Imo, it's time to let Geathers walk. The guy is always hurt, is basically just a linebacker for us. We need to truly upgrade that second safety position. Desir is another story. I have a feeling he'll get more elsewhere, which may be good for us. Some of you forget that he was downright bad at many points during the last two seasons. I feel like this year is a prime example of playing for a contract. I'm not saying to let him walk. Offer him a very reasonable contract and see if he signs, but don't overpay for someone that I think we can replace in the draft. Now it's time to bring in some big outside help. 1. Brandon Graham (3 years, 15 million) He may be older, but he is constantly in the backfield. His QB pressures are still at a high level, and while he doesn't always get to the QB, we all know pressure is just as important as sacks. 2. Grady Jarrett (3 years, 40 million) Atlanta is in MAJOR cap trouble. I have no doubt they want him back, but they may not be able to afford him. This is a pretty simple signing imo. Grady fits perfectly with what we want to do on defense, and will complement Brandon on the edge to get to the QB. DRAFT Round 1, 26: DeAandre Baker, CB, Georgia. I love the CBs in this draft, and believe that the top three are legit NFL cornerbacks. If it weren't for how deep the DL was, I wouldn't be shocked to see all three of these guys go in the top 15 in any other year. DeAndre is smaller, but he's obnoxious. He's sticky, has pretty good ball awareness, and has fluid hips. One think someone may say about him is how much man he played in Georgia. Believe it or not, I think he'll play better in a zone scheme. When he can sit back and watch the QB, he can take advantage of his twitchy movement a little better for takeaways. Round 2, 34: N'Keal Harry, WR, Arizona State. I see him mocked to us in the first round 8/10 times these days, but outside of the Raiders behind us, no one really needs a WR. There is a legit chance he could slide to us in the second round. He's big, physical, and just plays ball. He's slower, sure, but the guy KNOWS how to use his body. He has great hands, and runs clean routes. I saw a play here he just bounced off of a full speed tackle to gained some extra YAC. Hilton, Inman, Cain, and Harry would suddenly give us a core of reliable pass catchers who can get into contested coverage and make plays. Round 2, 59: Johnathan Abram, S, Mississippi State With Geathers gone, we could sure some more backfield help. Abram's stock is odd, because he is someone who is either going to fall a ton, or rise a ton come closer to draft time. I've seen him mocked a few times already in the first round. This pick may be a bit of a reach too, since I believe his value lies somewhere right between our first, and this pick in the second round. He's a hard hitter who can play the run, and adds a ton of talent to an already talented secondary. Round 3, 90: David Sills V, WR, West Virginia I like Sills, so this is just me taking someone I like, and I'm not to afraid to admit that. Sills is a former QB planted at the WR position, and is a deadly in the redzone. He has good hands, and is pretty physical. His biggest issues are his speed, and that he hasn't been playing WR for the longest time.
  7. 1000% for it. Dude can play football. I know most people are high on Geathers, and I just don't see why. Could you imagine two first round safeties locking down the secondary for the next 10 years? In fact, he is my first round pick in the mock I'm working on in my head. Potentially the second as well. His value is right around those two picks, and I would love for the Colts to grab him
  8. Exodus

    Trade idea

    I'll start with this. I do not see the Bucs in ANY universe giving up Mike Evans. HOWEVER, if for some reason they do listen to offers, I would offer them a 1st and a 3rd, and not even think twice about it. In this particular draft, I feel like having two second round picks is more valuable to the Colts than a first and a third. Heck, I'd almost consider a first AND a second if they actually were listening to offers. Evans is an absolute game breaker along the lines of Deandre Hopkins. If you told me we'd go into next year with Evans, Cain, and Hilton back in the slot I'd crap my pants. With Ebron and Doyle back in the mix, this offense would literally be unstoppable.
  9. Brandon Graham is my dark horse. He's getting older, but he is still consistently in the backfield. If we could pair him with Grady Jarrett, oh muh god.
  10. I've been holding on to the opinion that if Ed Oliver falls into the teens for whatever reason, we need to trade up and not think twice. He's the sole reason I didn't want the Colts to make the playoffs. Better position in the draft to try and get him.
  11. You was hanging oot on the Colts forum with ur pels the other dddaaaaaaayyyyyy
  12. I just signed in to say the same thing. He obviously had an effect on the line, and Big Q seems to take to him really well. If he wants that position, I say absolutely let him have it.
  13. Hi y'all. Operational Meteorologist chiming in here. Current National Weather Service forecast calls for 1-3 inches Friday night. Temperatures will be above freezing Saturday, so precipitation looks to be rain, with the chance hanging out pretty much the entire game. Gameplan: Give Mack 40 carries, and Hines 15. Run, run, and run the ball some more RIGHT behind Kelly and Q. Lets go Colts!!
  14. I had a dream last night that the Colts traded a 2nd and a 4th for AJ Green, so there's that
  15. This is the one thing I keep sitting on with all the "Ballard sucks" stuff. When you interview for a GM position, you're not just hired on your credentials. Owners want to know, "Ok, so I hire you, What is your plan for this franchise? Where do you see us in four years, and how do you get us there?" Chris has been very vocal on how he plans to do this, and Irsay liked what he heard so much, he gave Chris the job. Now, lets look at year one. Ballard was handcuffed to a terrible coach, and a terrible roster. In the first year Ballard was here, he gave more public interviews and briefings than I think "he who shall not be named" EVER gave in his four years? with the franchise. Yes, you could argue that his draft year one was pretty bad, but when the GM has the balls to release players they were high on, that just says something to me. This year has said a TON for me about the type of man Chris Ballard is. I mean, you had a coach stab you in the back for corn's sake, and you go out with the "rivalry is back on" speech. Incredible. Not only that, but he rebounds with Reich, who I genuinely believe has everything it takes to get us into a Super Bowl. He is an absolute leader of men, and just carries himself so well. He's a Colt: plain and simple Now, we wine and complain EVERY loss, saying something needs to change, and that we're better than this. We aren't: period. Even management knows were not close to competing for a title. This is why I think the next two years are going to be absolutely nuts for us as Colts fans. If Ballard can hit next years draft out of the park like he has this year (So far), and hit on some free-agents with all this C A S H we're flush with, then Ballard's four year plan would have worked out EXACTLY as advertised. We're used to winning, and I get that, but this team NEEDS time. Just go back and look at his interviews, how he's handled adversity, and who all around the NFL has been vouching for Chris, then come back here and TRY and tell me we aren't in good hands