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  1. Carson seems to like Sam too ... golf buddies already.
  2. It will be interesting to know if other teams put claims in for Eason.. I kinda understand Seattle, his home state and their need for backup of backup. But if more than one team had claims on him, than that would be a sign how teams view his potential talent. It may show that the Colts were dumping Eason for other reasons.
  3. I agree, Brett seems best choice as backup today. Managing a roster is not easy. There were ways to keep all four this year though. It just seemed Frank wanted to push Eason out. Brett could have stayed on PS , once Wentz started to look more healthy. ( even saved as a Covid protection ) Sam could have gone on IR for season, and been a redshirt year.
  4. Yes, he is a free agent when the Colts cut him. I would think if a team wanted to sign him to an active roster he would go there. So I doubt there were any offers. Otherwise, he probably took the best practice squad available to him, the Colts.
  5. The Colts cut Brett Hundley Sept.1 and no one claimed him. Eason was cut , and a team claimed him. explain your point again.
  6. LOL... no, I just bought a lot of his rookie football cards. I thought he was undervalued at the time. But, if the Colts truly believe Sam Ehlinger is better than him, then it was a very poor investment. I just don't see Sam Ehlinger having any starting NFL talent.. Maybe Pete Carroll has some magic dust he can sprinkle on Eason. and does Seattle even use a play book ?
  7. I'm curious if other teams had claims in for Eason too ... I was thinking maybe the Panthers or Browns may have taking him too.
  8. Eason scored a 23 on the Wonderlic ,, that was on the low end of the class. Tua was the lowest at 13 Here's the full list of notable QB scores, per McGinn. Jake Fromm: 35 Joe Burrow: 34 Jordan Love: 27 Justin Herbert: 25 Anthony Gordon: 25 Jacob Eason: 23 James Morgan: 23 Jalen Hurts: 18 Tua Tagovailoa: 13
  9. Reich said he would like Jacob to come back to practice squad... Frank didn't say that Jacob wanted that. Jacob may have no option anyways. When you get beat out by Hundley and Elhinger maybe all teams will stay away. They must think the Colts know something. I am curious though if other teams can sign him to their practice squad , or if they can only claim him to their active roster?
  10. Frank said the reason for Sam over Eason, "Sam has played more football, and he's the guy that can move around." Guess Eason will never catch up to Sam's or Brett's experience and "poise" they have in Frank's eyes. Frank did say he wanted Eason back to the practice squad. He didn't seem too confident he will be back.
  11. Do you guys think Eason will pass waivers ?
  12. If someone claims Eason, does he stay on his rookie contract ? and if Eason is not claimed , and the Colts sign him to the practice squad, is he then paid like a PS player?
  13. please let the Seahawks pick up Eason .....
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