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  1. Mack will be a top 10 running back in this league, mark my words. He was on his way to that in 2019 with almost 1,100 yards and will be there again soon. Let him play!
  2. Marlin Mack is maybe our best back. Lets face it, our OL is not opening up big holes. Mack has the BEST vision of our backs and makes something out of nothing, which JT or Hines does not. Remember Mack was our best back in 2019 and had over 1,000 yards. He deserved to have more carries this season and imo given our OL, makes more guys MISS. You play the RB that fit your system and Macks fits our system right now best. Taylor is best when the OL opens up big holes and has good straight line speed, not a real good Juker. I honestly think we will be sorry we let Mack go, as potentially could our best back. People are so short sided no days, he should be given a change, especially since our RB have not been impressive so far. JT looks like he did early last year. He leaves way too many yards on the table and many times makes the wrong cut and does NOT MAXIMIZE potential yards, again, should have given Mack more carries. I blame the coaching staff on this one, give him a chance and he is good change of pace, 12 carries is not nearly enough, so sad, we will be sorry he is gone:(
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