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  1. Where are you pulling the data from? I’m glancing at the PFF advanced stats and see wildly different #s. Looks like you show JT with only 15 missed tackles forced on the year? PFF has him at 41 MTF in the regular season, 33 of which came in just the last 6 games (on 119 carries). Only 5 against JAX, broke at least 4 in each of the other 5 stretch games. Pretty big discrepancy. The general splits btwn his first 9 and last 6 games are not just huge, but also pretty consistent after he got going, not merely a JAX or LV skew. But I guess depends on which source. Via PFF, JT went w/o a single MTF in 6 of initial 9 games with a high of 4 vs NYJ (vs min of 4 in last 6). YCO differs big time too, they show his lowest yac/att down the stretch as 3.0 vs Pitt. The game log you posted shows JT with yac/att below 3.0 in 4/6 final regular season games. His AB also dropped from 14.1 to 3.6 after he entered beast mode.
  2. Not OP and I’m not trying to argue he’s on Henry’s level (yet). But on putting up #s against weaker Ds that’s what all these backs do. Elite RBs are exceptional at not just taking advantage of a weaker run D they destroy it. Fwiw, check out Henry’s game log last year. He had 10 100+ yd games. 7 came against teams in the bottom 8 in rushing defense (DEN, MIN, HST, CIN, JAX, DET, HST). Other 3 were BLT and INDx2. His 3 200+ yd games came against HSTx2 and JAX. He outright struggled against teams like Pitt, CHI and BLT the 2nd time around. He’s also got more experience than JT (who I agree still has to prove himself more). I’m not in the JT top 2 camp (not out loud yet lol). But I don’t question the potential for it, in fact I think we absolutely saw it the last 6 games. That’s not an entire season agreed, but it can be
  3. Having been a fan of him throughout college this doesn’t surprise me at all. He’s always gone above and beyond what coaches asked him to do, seeking out all kinds of ways to improve and stay healthy. He would even experiment with things like hot yoga, which he started doing a couple times a week and credited with keeping all his muscles loose. The most impressive thing to me was that he showed up to 4x100 relay tryouts the summer before his last year and started for the team. I can’t imagine a better way to improve explosiveness after taking a handoff than practicing taking a baton handoff and exploding into a run as fast as possible.
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