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  1. Again you have a QB that didnt play in the preseason and was barely even in camp. It takes time to start to gel. They are pretty much in there preseason stage right now. You will know by mid point what this team really is. Too early to see what it is right now.
  2. You would be wasting the 1st overall pick since all the QBs coming out this year are trash. Colts would be better off trading out of that pick to gain more picks
  3. Only problem with that is the div is still wide open and Colts are going into the soft part of the sch in this season where if they want the playoffs they need to win these games.
  4. If Wentz is healthy and can play the last thing you want is to bench him. If you do that you might as well cut him in the off season. Which means you gave up a 2nd round pick for nothing. Wentz will lose all confidence in the coaching staff and this team if hes benched to save a draft pick. Yes im a Eagles fan but Im a Wentz and Frank supporter and want them the Colts to have success. Being a former player myself, it will result in nothing but disaster if he is benched while healthy, esp when its a team effort crap season.
  5. It's week 3, Colts lost to 3 very good teams, all playoff teams last year. Not to forget there is a new QB who is not 100% healthy and ran maybe 1 week of practice during the off season. There i going to be growing pains. Maybe come back to this around mid season.
  6. Problem is Carson will push to come back quick, and possibly too early. Happened in 2018. His injury was min a year and a half recovery process and he was pushing and came back in 8 months. This is one reason he keeps getting injuried. Hes coming back too early. As a Eagles fan, yes I want him to come back quick. As a Carson fan, I want him to get as much rest as he can to make sure he doesnt come back too early and results in an ending season injury.
  7. Im a Carson guy, but did find this a little funny.
  8. Losing Gannon is going to make a difference in the secondary. He was one of the top DB coaches in the league and knew how to put players in the best situations to have success or at least not hurt the team. He made Rock look like a serviceable DB last year. he did it with many unknown DBs honestly. It will be interesting to see how the secondary looks this year in Indy.
  9. Foles never ran the Frank system/playbook well. The Eagles had to change the scheme/system to the read option(Chip Kelly) system when Wentz went down and Foles came in. This was the case for both 2017 and 2018 When the Eagles ran the base system with Foles, he played horrible. It wasnt until Frank had the idea of going back to the film room to see what success Foles had under Kelly which lead to a SB in Philly. brilliant move to be honest. So only way that works is if the Colts have the system team to run that read option offense and Wentz doesnt come back or your changing schemes mid season again.
  10. The problem with drafting a QB in round 1 is you just wasted a 2nd and 3rd on Wentz then. Wentz just went through multiple years of Foles playing over him due to injury then again in 2018 to start the season. Then Eagles drafted Hurts in the 2nd round in 2021 and screwed up Wentz mentally. Most of the fans gave up on him and it took a toll on him. This situation is even worse then 2021 with Hurts and would end Wentz career in Indy. The Colts, esp Frank did not pay that price to give up on him after one season of an injury which if you draft a top 5 QB you are throwing in the towel. "If the Colts had a top 5 pick your best situation is to trade back, build that team around Wentz. We have already seen you can get kings ransom for that pick, Realisticly though Colts wont have a top 3 pick so wont be in a area of drafting one of the top QBs coming out. They would have to pay the hefty price to move up which is even more capital spent on QB. Colts would get nothing for Wentz if they did that as well. It would be a cut/release situation the following year.
  11. Not a very good theory. Yes Colts get a first rounder back but will lose yet another year of a possible SB chance and another year wasting Wentz, the current coaching staff and players. Me personally Id rather be a top team in the NFL with a chance at a SB and lose a late 1st rounder then waste another year and gain my first back but still lose a early 2nd rounder. The windows are way to short in the NFL. Players and Coaches leave to quick now. Colts have a great chance right now. This option is just wasting that time. Also lets be real. When QBs or any player comes back from surgery they dont' "Ball Out" Esp a player/QB in year one with his new team, new coaching staff, new scheme, etc. Wentz would be missing the rest of the offseason and key beginning of the season to gel with his oline, recs etc. This is huge with any QB. Have to honest and hope the best situation here is Wentz only misses the preseason only. Me as a Eagles fan Im rooting for Wentz and not for a pick. Makes not difference to me if its a late first or a early 2nd which is what it would be. Im a Wentz and Frank supporter and the only good situation for this team is the statement above. Anything else for this team is just flat out a bad situation. Trying to make any other sense out of this situation is just unrealistic.
  12. Being an Eagles fan/ Season ticket holder I dont see Howie Roseman cutting Ertz. Hes just that bull headed of a guy. Ertz will be part of this team to show his skills this season. Its in the best interest for Ertz to play since he will lose a lot of money if he holds out. He also will be a year older with question marks all over him if he does not go out and prove that last year was a fluke season. If not that effects his contract and team interest next year. So my take is the Eagles will keep him and his name will still be out there to teams by the trade deadline or end of preseason to a team thinks he can be that final piece. If not the Eagles keep him and land a comp pick next year when he signs his new contract with team of choice. More then likely a 5th rounder via trade or comp pick will be the outcome. Howie is just known for being a guy who does not give in and sticks to his guns for better or worse.
  13. 2.75 He has been in the league now 5 or 6 years and only 2 has he had success. Now the position change is a big factor here and the system he in is with Carr. I think he can keep this success going with his abilities. he does get a slip from me since he really can;t block at all. To me in today's game there is no specific rec position. All recs play the slot, play the outside, have situational positions etc. This goes for TE as well. They are mainly recs now. To me a TE has the blocking factor in his game. Waller is just a big rec playing in a position on the field to create a mismatch. Well planned by the coaching staff in LV to get the most out of him. Being an Eagles fan and keeping the TE position going........ Dallas Goedert
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