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  1. I think something these reporters and experts keep forgetting is that Watson has a no trade clause in his contract. He has to approve any team the Texans try to trade him to. Patriots were not on that list. Im sure there is some play in his list if he wants to get out, but it speaks loudly that Matt Stafford said he would take any team but the Patriots to be traded to. Many of these reporters said Watson to the Eagles. I find that hard to believe cause its just as bad a situation as the Texans. Watson has all the leverage on this situation. He has the Texans by the nuggets. This is a lesson le
  2. Those sites are always incorrect. Howie Roseman was on sports radio a few hours ago after the Brandon Graham restructure and said they are now under the cap with the final deals done today. Now it puts them in horrible shape in the next 2-3 years with all the "ghost" years added to these contracts. But he said it again on WIP they had no plans on cutting Ertz. Hes bull headed and will cut others just to not cut him, lol. You want to make a trade for GMs?
  3. Eagles are already under the salary cap. They were only around 12 mill over yesterday and just worked a few more contracts to get under this afternoon. They had to restructure half the teams contracts just to do it, lol. Eagles will get a trade or keep him. It has to be a post June trade or cut anyways to save the 8 mill and get most to carry over to 2022, otherwise they make their cap worst by moving him pre june. If they keep him, next year they will get a 3rd or 4th round comp pick when he signs with a new team. They wont let that pick go so they will just use him t
  4. Eagles are claiming they will not release Ertz. They will trade him but if no trade, they are claiming they will keep him till his contract runs out next year. More then likely they are looking to get a comp pick next year if not traded.
  5. If Ertz gets released, his preference will be the highest bidder. He already has a SB ring so he wont be as motivated based solely on that. At age 31, this could and more then likely be his last big pay day. So in the end, he will take the money from who ever will write the biggest check
  6. Pretty much this. If Wentz plays well then the first round pick was a steal. Not to mention do you want a repeat of what happened in Philly? Wentz was very upset by his benching in Philly. Even by sitting him down and telling him the situation does anyone think he will not get upset being benched to save 1 round of a pick? Thats playing with fire right there. Don;t mess with a QBs head.
  7. This will be the weirdest FA the NFL has seen in a long time. You will see most players take a 1 year deal so they can cash out more in 2022 when/if the cap situation goes back to normal and most teams will have more money to spend. This is the year you want to be a team in the hunt for a SB cause these players will want to play for a winner for that one year.
  8. All mocks are questionable. That is what they are there for. To make people think, get upset or in another sense.........read it. That is what these writers get paid for, to make people read their article. Who wants to read an article that has no flare? No surprise? No argument? Now, way I see it is you never draft by position of need. This in most cases results in reaching. If Im the Colts Im going the BPA. With the amount of Oline and WRs it is a very possible chance it could be one of them positions.
  9. Where is the "Other" option? I vote my boy Wentz
  10. Fun game Under Colts rank 10th in total defense end of year 2021
  11. I hear Jason Peters wants to play another year
  12. Mariota has already been rumored to be on the chopping block in Oakland because of his cap number. I also think you might be over est JB value to teams. Dont see a team that will sign him as a starter. Only chance would be a team that has a QB injured.
  13. You think JB will get around 15 mill to be a backup ? lol. You know the contract he had was because they were expecting him to be the long term starter when he signed it right? I can bet his 2021 number is a lot closer to my est over your market value.
  14. Wondering where 40+ mill is coming from? Smith who I said would not be a good choice and JB might get in the 5-6 mill or even less range for 1 year. This years FA wont be crazy in big deals. A lot of players will take 1 year prove it deals. With the QB market I think you see that, esp with Smith and JB.
  15. Ok, well my first post didnt say you couldnt go after one. It was saying dont go crazy and "make it rain FAs" like another poster said. So 1, sure, trying to get 3 or 4 or more, no.
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