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  1. People seem to be hyper-focused on the 1st rd / 2nd rd pick for 2022. I see it that the Colts will be more than happy to pay the first unless he is unfixable and they won't be playing any "pitch count" games around it.
  2. I say find the LT of the future in rd1 or even trade back to top of rd2.
  3. Is it a risk to take Wentz? Of course it is, but the reward could be much more valuable. Are the people complaining about a potential first rd pick more than a year from now also the ones who wanted to "Do whatever it takes" to move up and take the 3rd or 4th QB in this draft? That would have easily taken at least one 1st rounder and many other picks THIS year to take someone who is younger, but also high risk and would take years to get up to speed. I wanted Stafford when all that was going on, but NOT at the price it would have taken. I am fine with the potential we have with Wentz and am not upset with the picks given up. This was a good move and now still have 1st and 2nd round picks this year to fill in some holes.
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