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  1. Played mostly on the right side, however I am in the "Nelson" at LT camp if need be. Nelson at LT and Jenkins at LG would be an awesome combo in my mind.
  2. Draft Jenkins, play him next to Nelson and let the coaches determine whom play inside/outside! Nasty combo.
  3. FA Davis (Titans), Campbell, Pittman, Pascal, draft -D’Wayne Eskridge (Western Michigan). Bringing the WMU Bronco's together on the Colts...sounds good to me!
  4. I believe Stafford is the answer, but don’t see the Lions making a trade until they have confidence they can backfill with one of the highly rated draft QB’s. Maybe a 3 team deal, with us getting Stafford, Lions trade up with the Jets using a combination of Colt and Lions draft picks. Might cost us a 2021 first round or a multiple of other picks.
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