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  1. the only thing more surprising than Waddle dropping to #21 would be Green Bay then moving up to #21 and actually drafting a WR
  2. the similar move I mentioned before was #21 to Green Bay for #29 and #93--I suspect they might be even more interested in moving up than Cleveland. If nothing else, that move would give them a better opportunity.....to not draft a WR again (DWS) I think the Saints would also be interested in moving up but IIRC they don't have a 3rd this year--maybe #21 for #28 and a 2022 2nd rounder? That might really pay off, especially if Brees retires and Winston takes over, in which case I could see the Saints finishing a good deal lower in 2021 than they did this past season.
  3. if Mac Jones is REALLY moving up like some say, that's 5 Round One QBs. There are at least 4-5 sure-fire WRs (including Pitts, who IMO is more of an over-sized WR than a true TE), 3 probable Round One CBs, possibly as many as 5 DEs, 3-4 LBs and likely one DT. And at least 3 OTs (4 if you include Jenkins) and 1-2 OGs. So it's certainly possible someone CB really likes will still be there at #21.
  4. IIRC Leonard, Pittman and Taylor were all impactful 2nd rounders--I think Ballard strongly feels that, in most years, there are about 18-20 "true" first round guys and after that there's not much qualitative difference between a guy picked at, say, #28 or #30 versus a guy picked at, say, #35 or #40. But given the Colts' positional needs, and what the first 20 picks are likely to be this time around, Ballard may well also feel pretty confident that an OT or DE or CB he really likes will fall to #21--in which case I don't think he trades down this year unless some other GM just blows
  5. I'd consider it if it were with a team that I thought would finish 2022 near the bottom of the league. In part it would depend on how comparatively deep I felt the 2021 and 2022 drafts were, especially in Rounds 3-5.
  6. when I think Ballard might trade down in a given draft, I look for teams with multiple later round picks. IIRC this year the Jets have 2 Round 3 picks as well as 2 in Round Five. The picks are now #66 & #87, and #130 & #138 (but I think New England also had to forfeit a 3rd round pick, so some of those numbers may be off by one spot). That's why if I were Ballard and the Jets hypothetically wanted #21 (maybe they wouldn't, given that they already have 2 first round picks) I'd ask for #34 and #66 in return, and if Douglass wouldn't agree to that, I'd ask for #34, #87 and #1
  7. the trade value (Rich Hill version) is #21 = 261 and #29 + #92 = 246 on the "old" (J. Johnson) chart, #21 = 800 and #29 + #92 = 772 I've seen Cosmi mocked late 1st to early 2nd, so he might still be there at #29 or even #34 (if Ballard were to trade down w/ the Jets like I posted earlier). I agree that Sewell, Slater and probably Darrisaw will go before #21 but I can't get a good feel for where T. Jenkins is likely to go. And the majority of mocks I've seen have Eichenberg lasting until the 2nd round FWIW.
  8. I mentioned earlier (as an example of moving down in Round One) #21 going to GB for #29 and #93--the Colts shouldn't need to include a player since moving up 8 picks in the 1st round is at least as valuable as pick #93.
  9. this is basically why I brought up McCoy on the 1st page of this thread: he turns 35 in September (so he's no real threat to Wentz like Hurts apparently was) and his most recent contract paid him $2.25 Mil
  10. personally I think GB might be more interested in moving up for a WR it's looking more and more like the 3 OTs who are considered sure-fire 1st rounders (Sewell, Slater and Darrisaw) may all be gone by #21. I've seen Jenkins mocked before #21 as well (and after #21). I've even seen one mock that has Radunz going at #20. Most of the other OTs I've seen mocked more often in Round Two than in Round One. If one of the 3 sure-fire OTs falls to #21 I assume Ballard might keep the pick and draft that guy. If one or more of the Round One quality edge guys falls to #21 I could s
  11. theoretically he should be able to get better than a 4th--the example I listed earlier was a trade w/ Green Bay where CB sends them #21 in exchange for #29 and #93
  12. I was seeing him as more of a late round potential guard with serious athleticism
  13. didn't he sit out last season? that may cause him to slide
  14. no, I'm aware of Meinerz the guy I'm thinking of (screwed up his first name earlier) is D'Ante Smith: https://ecupirates.com/sports/football/roster/d-ante-smith/10872
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