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  1. Well i can say this....there is a reason we kept EASON and PATMON off the practice squad and basically Red shirted them at the pro level because they have the physical traits and are raw but Ballard knew other teams would have swooped in and taken them. Will they be successful? Who knows but they obviously thought enough of them to keep them on the active roster and hold two possible spots from people who could have contributed to the team at that moment. Time will tell but just because Eason was drafted in the 4th doesnt mean he can not be successful in this league. How many 1st are busts? I
  2. Ballard has always said the right thing and not putting one player over the next and that included Andrew Luck when he came to this team to be our GM. Is Eason the answer, no one knows but we have yet to see him play thanks to no preseason and running practice for the last few minutes doesnt help solve those answers but he seems to be putting in the work, the knowledge and even working with a QB guru to further help his mechanics. I would like to see what we have in him at this level. Could be good could be bad but its worth a look. We have a glaring hole at LT, DE, WR and CB that we need to a
  3. Actually if it wasnt for the fact that the medical staff messed up with Tyrod Taylor, Herbert would have sat the bench and he wouldnt be where he is today. I think anyone that watches football realizes that. So Eason stood on the sidelines all season just like Herbert would have just waiting for his chance. Just because alot of people on here want to give Eason a shot instead of becoming the Browns and having a new QB every year till Mayfield came along doesnt mean they know less about football than you. On top of that, Marcus Brady worked exclusively with Eason during the season and i think h
  4. Have you read the draft report on Eason? His arm is stronger than Herberts and no one knows what he can do. Herbert and Burrow were top 30 QB's, who is to say Eason can not be? During the draft it was all about Burrow and Tua and guess who ended up being the best out of the three? Herbert........give the kid a chance. I would much rather roll with OUR own draft pick Eason than get a terrible Darnold or an aging Ryan. Our best outside option is now a Ram so i say roll with Eason and possibly resign Brissett to back up or compete if he doesnt land a starting gig elsewhere.
  5. Looking at our wide receiver group, If Hilton does sign elsewhere, we would have to move Pascal to be our 1 and Pittman our 2 and Campbell Slot with Patmon and anyone else we draft or bring in as reserves. I would be on board with Hilton signing a 2 year deal to retire a colt with a deal something like 2 yrs 14 Million and focus on our TE, DE, LT, CB, QB positions with the draft and free agency. We can't forget we need to lock up Leonard and Smith and that will easily chew up 20-25 million between the two. Ballard will def have to work his magic
  6. I like Eason taking the reigns and Jacoby resigned to be the backup with the chance to be the starter should EASON fail. I do not see Jacoby getting a starting gig else where with the upcoming draft coming and Stafford and Ryan possibly becoming free agents.
  7. Green didnt do too bad considering what he was up against. Clark was just as bad at LT. He was getting beat all the time. Look at the Titans game and Browns game now granted they had miles garrett which is no easy task. Green had to go up against Watt and Merciless but at least this week if Costanzo doesnt play, we are against the Raiders which do not have a pass rush so we can rest him for the following week at home against Houston.
  8. PLAY TO WIN........There is no guarantee Trevor Lawrence is going to be good in the NFL. Just because he is good in college doesnt mean anything in the NFL. For example Mahommes was not the first QB drafted in 2017. You didnt see teams losing to prevent the Chiefs from drafting him as many attacked them for moving up in that draft to get him. The texans had every chance that year to pick him over Watson. Look at 2012, you have Luck, Griffen go 1, 2 in the draft. where are they now? Wilson was drafted 3rd round and ended up being the best QB out of that draft class. 2013 where are the QB's from
  9. I will take anyone at LT as long as it is not Le' Raven Clark
  10. It looks like the Texans will have Brandin Cooks, Keke Coutee, Isaiah Coulter and Steven Mitchell as their wide receivers for this weekend's game. As far as corners go, they lose Roby and are left with Vernon Hargreaves, Phillip Gaines as their top corners, I see no reason why we should not be able to out score them let alone it be a very close game if our defense plays the way we know it can play. What will hurt us is I am sure they are gonna blitz Clark if he ends up being our LT for the game. He was getting beat left and right against the Titans. He got manhandled in the game against the Br
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