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  1. I like Eason taking the reigns and Jacoby resigned to be the backup with the chance to be the starter should EASON fail. I do not see Jacoby getting a starting gig else where with the upcoming draft coming and Stafford and Ryan possibly becoming free agents.
  2. Green didnt do too bad considering what he was up against. Clark was just as bad at LT. He was getting beat all the time. Look at the Titans game and Browns game now granted they had miles garrett which is no easy task. Green had to go up against Watt and Merciless but at least this week if Costanzo doesnt play, we are against the Raiders which do not have a pass rush so we can rest him for the following week at home against Houston.
  3. PLAY TO WIN........There is no guarantee Trevor Lawrence is going to be good in the NFL. Just because he is good in college doesnt mean anything in the NFL. For example Mahommes was not the first QB drafted in 2017. You didnt see teams losing to prevent the Chiefs from drafting him as many attacked them for moving up in that draft to get him. The texans had every chance that year to pick him over Watson. Look at 2012, you have Luck, Griffen go 1, 2 in the draft. where are they now? Wilson was drafted 3rd round and ended up being the best QB out of that draft class. 2013 where are the QB's from
  4. I will take anyone at LT as long as it is not Le' Raven Clark
  5. It looks like the Texans will have Brandin Cooks, Keke Coutee, Isaiah Coulter and Steven Mitchell as their wide receivers for this weekend's game. As far as corners go, they lose Roby and are left with Vernon Hargreaves, Phillip Gaines as their top corners, I see no reason why we should not be able to out score them let alone it be a very close game if our defense plays the way we know it can play. What will hurt us is I am sure they are gonna blitz Clark if he ends up being our LT for the game. He was getting beat left and right against the Titans. He got manhandled in the game against the Br
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