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  1. Seems like if Ben Roth and The Goat can still play at their age, why not Rivers? I remember years ago when as a charger fan kid...the Colts finally let Johnny Unitas go...and the Chargers picked him up. Now darned if that son of a gun didn't passed the heck out of that ball one game...and we won...BUT...he was definitely out of his prime at that time...and he never did much....Rivers I would say is not in that boat...
  2. I don't think anyone can play with a torn achilles :>)
  3. It was a torn meniscus L...he had surgery the Monday week of the game...and then I think after words...yeah he's tough but injuries are never good on the QB right :>)
  4. "Led by Don Shula, the Baltimore Colts finished the 1968 season with a 13-1 record and won the NFL Championship. A team that has been hailed as one of the greatest teams in history for years, but also a team that lost to the Joe Namath led New York Jets in Super Bowl III. Throughout the regular season the Colts were beyond good and outscored opponents 28-10 on average. Having the second-best offense and the best defense in the league meant the Colts cruised into the postseason. Their avenged their sole loss of the season with their NFL Championship game when they defeated the Cleveland Browns
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww3MF7kYx0w&ab_channel=BrodSquadSports u guys are so lucky.
  6. As a long time Chargers fan, I never thought that Rivers threw a good long ball because of his throwing motion. It just doesn't seem to "drop down" so to speak on those type plays where the db cannot touch it. But that is just a hunch. The number of times that type of throw is necessary is not that often, and I have seen some good deep throws this year anyway. As far as arm strength, I think its good enough. His accuracy and leadership are way more important. He's definitely better than your backup right? You guys handled the Titans last nite. That is impressive b
  7. just an addendum to my previous post about the long ball. He just does not throw a "Brady type" long ball. But he is deadly accurate and has a quick release, made quicker by his football acumen. He just is a great QB. With good pass blocking...he could be the MVP this year.
  8. Hello Indy fans. I am born and raised in SD. I now live in LA. I am a lifelong Chargers fan. I was in attendance at Qualcomm for the epic Bolts/Colts playoff games years ago. Now that Rivers is a Colt, I am now also a Colt fan. But it's not hard. See, ever since I was a kid, the Colts just have one of my favorite uniforms. I have always loved it, the simple All white with the horseshoe on the helmet. Years ago playing madden, they were one of my favorite teams to use. I can't wait to see Rivers in his uni. I was so shocked when the Chargers just let him go last
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