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    I am a San Diego Native now living in Los Angeles.  I am a lifelong charger fan, but not am also a Colts fan because of Rivers.

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  1. Don Coryell chargers coach when asked if Lionel "Train" James could repeat his 345 total yards in a game vs. the Raiders. "What a man does once, he can do again..." So it depends if Reich can get him back to form. Is his arm noodleish?
  2. Drafting a QB, especially a high draft choice seems to be the way to go these days. That said Colts are in a special situation. Meaning..they have a small window to make it to the Superbowl. Similar for example to Tampa Bay, who was missing a QB. Now whether or not another QB(like Rivers) is out there is entirely based on luck. If some quality veteran is out there(similar to the Rams Stafford deal) then that is the obvious way to go, otherwise, just have to draft.
  3. First of all...I never liked Green Bay so I am glad they lost. But that last 3rd down and possible 4th down series when GB could take the lead. 1. Rodgers could have run it in on 3rd, or at least got close for the 4th down. We probably all agree. They HAD to go for it on 4th down regardless. Whimpy coaching decision.
  4. I was hoping for one more year. Not to be. To the Rivers "noodle arm" crowd...next year when you are 4-6....maybe eat some crow.
  5. WEIRD football experience yesterday. I check the times for the Bills/Ravens..it says starting 1:30...I thought it was at 5ish? Dang...I put it on, and the Ravens kind of dominate. I keep thinking where's Diggs...must be hurt. anyway...Bills lose and I fall asleep. I wake up late and the game is on again, but the Bills have the blue uni's instead of red..hmm...turns out I watched a REPLAY...danit. So the Bills won the second game, which I wanted :>) I wish that would have happened with the Chargers in days past.
  6. I think the Browns have a chance if they can run the ball, and lots of short passes. But the chiefs had the extra rest so it will be tough.
  7. In order...Polamalu, Steve Atwater, Rodney Harrison. Ronnie Lott set the standard.
  8. As we all know QB's go thru phases in their careers if they are good enough to last. In the beginning, they can carry the team and the passing game is built around them (Brady/Brews for example) but as they get near retirement age, they need a team with a good defense, and a solid running game. They may be less mobile, or their arm may not be as live anymore. Brady went for that. Big Ben still looks great. So the Colts are a good match for Rivers in terms of the OL and running game. The defense to me just looks average at times, not sure why. So thats why I say a team like the Titans. Solid running game and championship window. Addendum: I am NOT a fan of running QB's. For example Lamar Jackson. He won the game yesterday. But when he gets shut down, or hurt(which eventually always happens) then the game or season is over. Sure a little mobility is a good thing, but not critical to winning IMO
  9. Once or twice a game? Maybe once or twice a season :>)
  10. I know Rivers probably will retire if he does not return to the Colts, but I saw a team yesterday that could use him. They are called the Tennessee titans.
  11. If all you want is a strong arm...maybe get some gold medal javlin thrower from the olmpics or something...I am sure that person can wing that ball pretty far. Then you can win the superbowl.
  12. I am a charger fan born and raised going back to the early 60's in San Diego. But like most fans, I have other favorite teams. The Joe Namath jets, and the Don Shula Colts. I never liked it when the Colts move to Indy. Sorry but thats the truth. But I don't like ANY teams moving. Teams I hate: Patriots, Eagles, Chiefs(just their fans ;>)., Steelers....actually.....its always the fans of the teams that turn me off :>) Anyway..it was easy for me to root for the Colts. I especially love the uniforms and how they have not changed that much. I am in LA now. So I have both the Chargers and the Rams to root for. As soon as this Covid gets over, I cannot wait to go to that new stadium.
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