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  1. I don't know whether my pocketbook is deep enough to wait the (how many? Insert the number of seasons here: ----- ) years to see Luck become a serious NFL QB contender. I didn't expect a playoff year, but performances like this suck the life out of me and out of my bank account.
  2. I have a heck of a lot of money newly invested in the Indy Colts with two seats, season tickets in a high-priced area. Bought into the Colts this year for the first time. Have I made a mistake? After three interceptions, should I be losing faith in Luck? I admit, I am starting to. Why am I wrong? All comments and personal attacks are entirely welcome.
  3. No. Of course not. Be serious. I'm trying to be as a season ticket holder. But don't coddle them. Their performance today is amateurish, and totally unacceptable. Lose, fine. Play like garbage. Not. Coaches included. Tell it like it is. The Jets are utterly awful. What does that say about our team? Bums.
  4. Holy smokes. If I can dump my tickets 2/3 to 1/2 price, I'll be happy. What a horrid showing. Something is seriously wrong here. Rookie or not. This performance is totally unacceptable from where I come from. Hope the city dumps on these guys big time. IMO, they need a wake-up call.
  5. Right. This is atrocious. I don't ever remember owning season tickets to an outfit like this in any sport in all my life. Gosh. It's depressing.
  6. Yikes. This is embarrassing to me. I can't believe I bought season tickets. Didn't expect necessarily to have a winning season. But this is performance is garbage. Where I come from the newspapers would be all over the team and the coaching staff, and with good reason. I expect the Indy Star to make excuses. No way. This is rubbish. Wish I could get my STH money back. Oh well.
  7. Wow. I'm a necomer to Indy from the East Coast and I just cannot explain why we are losing to this crap team the Jets. Something is seriously wrong with our staff. We should be way much more prepared to compete than we are today. Probably, I am not "Midwestern" tolerant enough. I'm used to winning.
  8. I am a brand new season ticket holder. Yikes! Did I make a mistake with my hard-earned money? We can't beat the Jaguars with the number-one draft pick at QB? (Also, I couldn't sell my wonderful 1st row club tickets for the home opener vs. the Vikings for face value (couldn't make the game). That would be absolutely impossible to imagine in the three NFL cities I came from! Face value tickets would have gone in seconds. I'm new around here and this situation is totally inexplicable to me. I am going to keep reading this site to find out what the experts say about what's wrong at Lucas Oil
  9. Family moved to Indianapolis. Considering the Transfer Exchange. But after asking, I cannot get in to view the seats that I am considering purchasing. Can fans help me? A) Should I wait until the season starts, buy a ticket and walk around; or am I "safe" just purchasing them based only on the limited view available on the Lucas Oil stadium site? B) How are the seats in the 420 sections behind the end zone? C) Is there anything for me to be aware of regarding walkway obstructions (i.e., fans moving up and down the aisles or in and out of the tunnels? D) What about other obstructions, i.e.,
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