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  1. Forgot about Muhammed I like him better as a pass rusher than Autry and Lewis but ideally as depth piece not developmental he's maxed out what God gave him
  2. Both of those players are middling at best,autry was aight his first year here but play dropped off last year id rather have clowney on opposite side Houston with turay and bangou rotating to keep them fresh and turay would make a good spot starter if either Clowney or Houston went down.Sign Clowney to an incentive based contract with nothing guaranteed after this year 2/25mill with another 10 mill in performance based pay
  3. I'm talking about this season not last season if Houston misses anytime at all I don't trust turay to stay healthy and bangou needs to make a huge leap to be decent.The defense needs another proven defensive end.:)
  4. Colts defense needs javedeon clowney if Justin Houston misses any time all we got is kemko turay who has been very injury prone and still relatively unproven and liability against the run and Ben bangou who did flash but unproven.I know it's huge mistake by front office not addressing this need.
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