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  1. Give the kid a chance. Although it was an awkward interview, he did very well in face to face interviews and press conferences at USC. The university does not shield them from the L.A. fishbowl media market. They’re groomed for it from their sophomore year on. It says a lot about Mike, and overcoming a speech impediment, that he chose USC knowing the requirement is also to be active And participate in interviews and social media. Don’t let his quiet demeanor off the field fool you, watch his tape. Mike was a 5* recruit, on both sides of the ball. We had another very shy and soft spoken player off the field, that was a terror on it....Troy Polamalu. *Mike was also a good student, could have been accepted to USC on his own academic merit, without the lower athletic academic acceptance requirement.
  2. This is pretty much true. I loved the way he handled his father’s comments, he was respectful of his father’s opinion, while being firm in his response that it was up to him to earn more playing time, and mentioning his injury. It was a mans response, and showed maturity and the ease he had in smoothing the waters. His dad was simply being a good dad, but he did go off Twitter after that comment. Mike will never embarrass the franchise or Colts fans with inappropriate comments or behavior.
  3. Greetings Colt fans! Just dropped by to tell you that the majority of USC fans (we love Pitt), are happy the Colts drafted Mike. Seems like a great fit, so happy for him. No one knows how successful an NFL career will turn out, but I do know, and can say, you chose a hell of a hard worker, high character young man who is very tough and physical. Michael Pittman is no WR diva, he’s a team player, and very focused. I hope he becomes the pro WR on the field, as he is off the field as a person and leader. why does your color have to be blue? Lol.
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