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  1. $21,000,000 to play like a 4th string QB. This team is years away from being considered good again. Just terrible.
  2. QB. it is the most important position in sports and we don't have one. Without top QB play we'll just win enough to get a #15 to 25 draft pick every year to trade away for multiple 2nd & 3rd round picks. A good team with no real shot at a super bowl is what we are and will continue to be. We have 2 average QBS making $40,000,000 combined, that's horrible and will haunt the future of this team. Plus what ever we sign that head case Eason to. So $45,000,000 +/- tied up in QB's who have no history of winning. Its a horrible cycle we've been on. Our good e
  3. Anyone offering an opinion to this thread could of racked up 800 yds behind that line Dallas had when Smith was there. Here's the ball, now run through that hole that you could drive a truck through. Pretty easy. Barry is the greatest. Watching documentaries on him I'm convinced he didn't feel he was worthy of breaking W. Payton's record. That along with being on the Lions are good enough reasons to walk away from football. At least he respected the game. Also, his father never thought he was good enough. I think he said at his hall of fame speech let me introduce you t
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