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  1. Ok, I guess sorry? Didn’t realize you can’t have a conversation about a game during the game. #iheartcensorship
  2. Doesn’t matter when your $25,000,000 QB can’t throw the ball.
  3. Posted a topic in our head coach and don’t see it.
  4. Limp arm can’t complete passes,,,,,again when it matters. How long do we as fans have to put up with sub par play and coaching??? It’s heartbreaking all the time, we have talent (except for QB) but why is “smart coaching” always losing football games ???
  5. Hoping other teams lose to get in the playoffs is terrible. This game sums up our team. Yeah we’re winning!!!! Oh we lost.
  6. Tired of these types if losses. We forgot how to run the ball?? How can you look so good and lose so bad????
  7. Rivers is awful!! Our play calling in the second half was awful. Get the limp arm QB out of there.
  8. If we could score 30+ consistently giving up 28 on avg would not be a problem. but................. we cant, or we don't, which one is worse?
  9. Giving up an avg of 28 points over the last 5 games. Will that get it done in the playoffs? not complaining but get real, we need to expect more from the players and organization. Winning is what we cheer for and expect. This,....well were doing ok due to the circumstances is crap. Get the players, get the coaches, get the wins, lift up the Lombardy trophy. Really shouldn't be any discussion about it. it's pretty simple. I'm ready, bring on all your logic
  10. Having one QB on our roster would be a change. If nothing changes to our roster than it means we resigned PR & JB. Our roster changing would be not signing them and only having JE. no changes = same roster, QB's PR,JB,JE changes = different roster , QB's JE & ?? maybe resigning PR or JB
  11. We have too much money tied up in QB's. If nothing changes to our roster for next year we'll be paying more for QB's than the Chiefs, Think about that.
  12. Run, screen or a 7 yd out. Not hard to defend.
  13. Trade Rivers???? Who would want him? Why can’t we throw a pass farther than 10 yards ? ???
  14. This guy is just bad. We have almost 50 million dollars wrapped in QB’s and we don’t have a QB. There’s no reasoning behind it. No justification. No let’s wait and see. He’s awful. Another bad season that leads to a mid first round pick, assuming we don’t trade it for 2 other mediocre picks.
  15. $21,000,000 to play like a 4th string QB. This team is years away from being considered good again. Just terrible.
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