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    So Cal. Native following my man Philip Rivers. You guys picked up a GEM...

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  1. You'll get great Rivers if the O line keeps him upright he will burn any defense, Talking Smack all day long.
  2. Believe me Guys Philip is the real deal. Obviously(No Offense)Y'all haven't watched his career like I have. We literally gave Brees away. No money and No picks because the Spanos are dummies and should not be allowed to be owners in the NFL...Rivers will blow you away with his heart and love for the game.You'll see it within the first game and you will love him as much as we do in San Diego. He luvs the game and he luvs to WIN!!! You'll see it first game when he starts talking trash. I predict a Super Bowl for the Colts this year with the defense and the O line ya got. Give Phillip 5-6 second
  3. Another SD Charger X-FAN Here. You guys are getting a great competitor with the heart of a lion. He is a pure Pocket guy and a shabby O-Line is not good. You guys keep him upright and he will burn ANY defense in the League. Give him a chance. Spanos are the worst owners in the League. Always been a big fan of your ownership. You guys are going to get a few more Fans this season I predict. PS...What Spanos did to Brees was a disgrace and Chargers got ZIP for him. Biggest dummies in the League
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