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  1. Rivers is playing with A lot of Rookies in key positions. TY is not Rivers type of #1 WR. TE is also a concern for Rivers style. They had no Pre-Season which is vital for a new QB. To make the PO and almost beat one of the hottest Teams is a true test Rivers was a great pickup for Colts Future looks great if Rivers comes back.
  2. Inman has played with Rivers. I think a better TE is needed, ok with WRs.
  3. was a starter next to Buckner, good pickup.
  4. I like to see a WR who drops. k. allen was a great route runner who dropped to 3rd rd for Chargers. This could help free TY for deep balls.
  5. First time poster from Chargersland. I’ve been a fan of Rivers since he was Drafted. I’m really excited to see what he can do behind your great OL and @ real RB. Not to mention a defense that can tackle. last year Rivers had 2nd to last OL and his WR were 2nd to last in separation. Yes Allen and Williams can be great but Rivers has done more with a great TE and Average WR. Gordon held out and came back out of shape and disrupted the flow they had with Ekeler and Hunter Henry did was not healthy. add to that they Fired his long time OC (Ken Whizenhunt) in week 5. It
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