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  1. I don’t look for sexism. I was mocked for mentioning that Kay Adams was hyped about the Colts. If I’d said Peter Schrager was hyped about the Colts, would people have laughed at that? Probably not, yet he didn’t play college or pro football either. Anyhow back to the Colts....
  2. I remember being very nervous about Freeney and Mathis as a Chargers fan. I wonder if Rivers looks forward to seeing him in November.
  3. Good point Chad72 and thanks for correcting my memory on Peyton. Rivers could be different though because he already knows Colts offense like the back of his hand. And as Reich said, he is a savant when it comes to football. Only thing that could hold him back is limited time with receivers due to COVID.
  4. Peyton opened his first Broncos season with 462 yards and 7 TDS against the defending champs Baltimore. 46 fantasy points in regular scoring. He went on to win the fantasy crown. I remember kicking myself for not drafting him. Maybe Rivers will do something similar. He certainly seems reinvigorated in his interviews.
  5. Yes, I was referring to the Chargers' receivers in general, not that particular game. But good point that Rivers can have a phenomenal game even without a WR like Keenan Allen.
  6. Here is the QB School's analysis of a couple of Rivers' throws in that KC game. He calls him the best in the business at throwing with anticipation.
  7. Thank you so much for the comparison stats and insights. What do you say to the haters who argue that Rivers is washed and his arm is gone, even though Mike Williams led the league in YPC while being #50 in YAC? Rivers threw some real stinkers in primetime. He's never had anything close to an elite offensive line combined with a rushing attack that could be one of the best in the league. That's one reason I think his total yards will be closer to Martyball days (~3400).
  8. Perhaps, but the Chargers also had no depth at wide receiver. It was Keenan and Mike Williams and that was it. The Colts have much more depth and hopefully that will benefit Rivers. And TY Hilton is a total stud when healthy.
  9. This includes two clips from Kay Adams. I pointed out in another thread that she is hyped about the Colts and y’all made fun of me. Do you only take hype seriously when it is corroborated by male experts.... In any case, I’ve never been this excited about a team surrounding my beloved Rivers. Go Colts!!
  10. Sorry, my post wasn’t very clearly written. We completely agree. I see no way that Reich praises CK like that if he may want to stash him on the practice squad, because it increases the odds that he is snatched up by another team. To me, his words show that Reich sees no future on the Colts for CK.
  11. Perhaps. But Reich’s comments were widely publicized. He called him a 10 out of 10 on and off the field. Reich is very smart and I believe he carefully considers his words. If we want to stash Kelly on PS, I cannot fathom why Reich would say these things.
  12. Why would Reich praise Kelly so effusively if he might want to stash him away on the practice squad? Wouldn’t this seem more likely to lead to losing him, especially if we cannot pay extra money to our favorite PS players? Perhaps he’s not worried about losing him, but last year he specifically stated that he wanted to keep him on active roster after promoting him from PS to avoid that risk. Reading between the tea leaves, I think the Colts no longer see a future with Kelly. His current purpose is to serve as “competition” for Eason to bring out the best in that kid.
  13. USA Today predicts 11-5 and division winners. That could be considered overhyped based on last year’s record. Kay Adams sounded very hyped about the Colts on GMFB. Doc Rivers exhorted the team to seize their chance this year because they are expected to be contenders. Just a few examples. LT may be underestimating Rivers’ ability to make ANY receiver better than he really is, in part due to his superb ability to throw with anticipation. He is the best in the business at that skill.
  14. I agree it’s Colts or bust. I am already getting attached to the Colts and their kind midwestern fans. Already bought my Colts gear and tickets to Raiders game. No more moves please.
  15. Source? Before signing, he said it would be two years maximum. He wants to coach his kid in high school.
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