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  1. I don’t disagree about Rodgers but don’t see it happening. Reich has been very focused on completion percentage and YPA when he evaluates QBs. Rivers has higher completion percentage and YPA than Rodgers both this year and over his career. So why would Reich trade a 1 and 2 for lower production in his favorite stats?
  2. Through six games, Rivers leads the league in big-time throws in the first half (per PFF) and is top 5 in deep throw accuracy. Why do you guys have to blame Rivers for everything.
  3. On twitter I like Zach Hicks and Kennan. The latter does a really impressive film breakdown each week.
  4. I also find it ironic that Colts fans argue about Rivers lack of playoff success when he knocked them out twice. And those Colts teams were loaded. Rivers was undefeated against Colts in playoffs, so they should be the last people making this point.
  5. I still vividly remember when Rivers led a 21-pt comeback vs Bengals in his first year as a starter. Something about the team changed after that. They believed in each other and always knew they could win even if they fell into a big hole. They finished 14-2. Maybe we’ll see the same thing in his last season.
  6. What happened to all the posters saying we shoulda signed Dalton? Announcers were like “Dalton was down 21-0, there wasn’t much he could do.” Rivers found a way BABY!!
  7. Wait so in 2018 Luck didn’t complete a pass longer than 45 yards? I thought he and TY were connecting for deep gains every week? That doesn’t sound right.
  8. Yes but the D had same issues vs Browns. Couldn’t make a single stop on first four drives despite offense scoring on its first two drives. This suggests the defense has major issues to fix and it’s not “ThE OfFeNSE DidNT GiVe THem tIMe to REgrOuP!!”
  9. Rivers has 9 kids. Would be easy for any one of them to contract it at school and bring it home. In San Diego they home-schooled but his kids are attending school in Indiana.
  10. Are there other examples of QBs moving to a new team at this stage of career and doing dramatically better? Everyone talks about Tannehill but how common is that?
  11. In a one-year deal, why do you need it? It’s not like you’re wedded to him for 5 years. No one else is going to trade for Rivers and play him mid-season, it would be stupid. He’s not a plug and play QB. So any interested team would simply wait to acquire him in January and not have to give up anything in a trade.
  12. I saw the play where he got injured and it looked pretty bad. I couldn’t believe they shot him up with painkillers and sent him back out to play. I hope he didn’t do any long term damage.
  13. And how often has Rivers been blown out? It’s extremely rare unlike Colts last year. What would be a blowout for another QB is a one-score loss for him. As far as Darnold, I worry the Colts would be falling into the same trap of thinking a QB in a shoddy organization will somehow become something different with the Colts. Look at Herbert. The Chargers Oline is a complete and utter joke right now, along with their running game and coaching, and he is somehow doing well. Why hasn’t Darnold flashed like Herbert if he’s so great?
  14. Yes. Yet Rivers was pressured on 15 of 18 drop backs before safety. Is that all because AC was out?
  15. We somehow only got pressure one time in 30 drop backs in first half. Can’t wait for Turay to return.
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