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  1. Last year’s O-line was ranked 20th according to Football Outsiders. Perhaps Philip Rivers’ quick release masked their issues.
  2. That schedule actually sounds a lot more reasonable than what he did when Chargers moved to LA. He stayed in SD and commuted 2 hours each way to practice. And he watched film in the van.
  3. Ballard publicly disclosed that he needed to explore other options before making a decision on Rivers. I wonder if Rivers was surprised by that, since Ballard and his staff would have had all season to do due diligence on the other options. Teams make calls to other teams about players all the time. I wonder if Stafford’s sudden availability (he asked for a trade in January) forced Ballard to hit the pause button and made him lukewarm on Rivers. Maybe Ballard was honest that they were pursuing Stafford so Rivers wouldn’t find out about it on Twitter. Can you imagine if Rivers was still with the team and the world knew that Indy was pursuing Stafford? It would be kind of humiliating. Ballard absolutely had to throw his hat in the ring for Stafford. I don’t think Rivers was pushed out, he just wasn’t their first choice this year and perhaps he didn’t want to be the fallback option.
  4. Definitely my favorite game of the season. Loved that Rivers came back twice from 14-pt deficits. That’s rare vs Green Bay. Felt bad for MVS for fumbling in OT. Glad it didn’t mess up your #1 seed.
  5. Agree. I think Rivers realized they’re not winning a SB in 2021 with him at QB. Maybe if the defense was as good as 2019 49ers. Only reason he would come back is for a shot to win a ring finally. Also he worried about hanging on and being embarrassed in his final season. His friends like Nick Hardwick may have convinced him it was time.
  6. Rivers has made over $250M in his career. Last I heard, he was driving a pickup truck and his wife a minivan. I doubt money is what motivates him, but if he was interested in a broadcasting career, could easily make $17M like Tony Romo.
  7. Only way Bowen’s speculation makes sense is if Ballard has a clear upgrade locked up. Otherwise, what is the point in getting rid of your fallback option, who has already said he won’t play for another team? It’s more plausible that this was Rivers’ decision after talking to his family and friends, and realizing Colts were lukewarm about him.
  8. Hopefully it doesn’t force Colts to sign someone like Marcus Mariota and over-reach in the draft while mortgaging the future. Zach Hicks predicts the Colts will sign Andy Dalton and trade up for QB. I think it really puts the Colts in a bind and reduces their leverage in negotiations. They will be perceived as desperate especially knowing Eason might not be ready to be a back-up. And if Eason isn’t the future QB1, Colts wasted that opportunity to learn behind Rivers on him rather than the future QB1. I’m kind of in shock that Rivers retired. Around week 13 he seemed really confident that he would want to play again. Didn’t hesitate when asking the question. Then after the playoffs he said he would either retire or return to Colts and that it was in Gods hands. Then he suddenly retired a week later. I wonder what transpired. I wonder if it was the Colts being non-committal about re-signing him. Just as Ballard wanted Rivers to be 100% sure, maybe Rivers only wanted to go back if Colts were 100% sure they wanted him.
  9. In his statement, Rivers only specifically thanked San Diego fans. And he took his retirement story to a San Diego reporter. I think he was aware of all the criticism of him in Indy, and Ballard was aware of it as well and wished Rivers could have experienced cheering fans in the stands.
  10. Rivers gets the blame when he doesn’t complete a comeback with zero timeouts, but he never gets credit for keeping the team in the game to begin with. It’s because of him that we even had a chance at a comeback. Yet when it fails he is blamed. Compared to Tua and Lamar, Rivers was dynamite against that Bills defense. Even their safety said he was glad they didn’t have to face Rivers again. I wish fans would say, I give Rivers 90% credit that Colts were even in that game, which btw Ian Rappoport predicted Bills would win “by a million.” But I know it’s wishful thinking.
  11. Yeah it’s amazing how the statue drove the offense up and down the field on Bills defense. I thought mobile QBs were so much more effective because they can extend plays.
  12. I think this also means that Chargers have made their decision but can’t announce until Daboll’s season is over.
  13. Shoot. I had hoped he’d turned it down initially out of respect to the Colts and not wanting to coach in the division.
  14. From a new Colts fan’s perspective, what is actually more nauseating is how often fans bring up Andrew Luck and how much they miss him. Living in the past and wishing for a different present is a great way to be miserable. I don’t see how it benefits anyone. It’s like when your friend gets dumped and 18 months later still hasn’t moved on, and brings up their ex constantly. You try to be patient but at some point you just wish they would let it go and focus on enjoying the present and what they’d like to create for themselves in the future.
  15. He’s really impressive and likable. Colts are so lucky to have him as a GM. And yes, given that we all interpreted the same comments completely differently, he did a good job at being ambiguous.
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