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  1. Sorry but he’s one of the worst O-lineman I’ve ever seen. No way he makes the team. My bet neither Teri nor Rochelle make the team
  2. Watching the Chargers I’m not sure this is a good signing. Replaceable by an udfa/later round pick and neither strong against the run nor can he get you sacks. But he’s got a little plant based diet lol
  3. I’d agree with this. I’ve not followed Wentz as much as Eagles fans but he really lost the confidence in his teammates last year. Reading about a lot of frustration from almost an entitlement attitude as opposed to the way everyone else had to compete and be held accountable. Football is a team and chemistry sport and he’s gonna have to win over his new teammates IMO. He’s got tons of talent and pulling for him but it’s always bothered me the fact Eagles teammates were so on Foles camp. Bottomline he’s expected to get to the playoffs and win.
  4. This is the interview with Rivers and sure sounds like it was his decision
  5. Living in San Diego we had a chance to play Phil’s son over a year ago when he coached his sons basketball team in the Catholic school league. I can say he really enjoys it and is obviously very competitive. It’s tough because I really wish he didn’t hang it up but I feel confident he wasn’t shown the door. He made a pretty quick decision and IMO being such a competitor he really felt compelled to get the team beyond the divisional round. He’d likely have retired if anything less than AFC championship after having been in the playoffs so many times previously. His dad being a coach I’m su
  6. Totally agree with this. Hoping Stafford gets us over the top and he’s a great qb loved him coming out of GA. He’s a little more mobile and has a good arm but chemistry takes a while. Ideally he should be the guy but call me when he gets us to 11-4 and I’ll get excited. This team still needs to improve this off-season - not just at QB
  7. Couple of things that defy logic with what you said: - Ballard telling Rivers hey we’re gonna go after Stafford and your plan B? Huh? Rivers played well, got them 11-4 and I’m sorry is realistically a better QB than Stafford ( despite Stafford being younger)but he’s never done anything in his entire career - Rivers is the type that is very, very competitive and ONLY wants super bowl or bust and would rather leave if he thinks he can’t compete, help the team and he doesn’t need the freaking money ( he’s not Brett Farve ego wise) - the foot injury obviously bothered him
  8. I couldn’t agree more here. So many assumptions here that Rivers is consistently checking out of runs, etc. Better quote, liars use statistics and statistics lie. I was originally thinking last year’s team being compared to Elways late Broncos team with Terrell Davis in trying to have Rivers do less and run the ball more. I can be critical of Rivers but he’s amazing at reading Defenses something we WILL miss next year. We had a good running game but I’m sorry we never ran the ball at will. Where Rivers can get into trouble is when he’s having to do too much and basically asked to win the
  9. I do agree with this but he got you 11-4 and he played well this year. I recall as a Chargers fan being excited about Leaf over Manning because of his arm strength so I don’t get overly enamored with arm - also see Dwayne Haskins. Mobility was more frustrating IMO and will be exciting having someone more mobile.
  10. As a Rivers fan I wondered the same but he’s been consistent about giving it thought after the season. I also think the foot had something to do with it as I understood he played through a lot of pain at the end. Teammates said this but he’s not the kind of guy that would talk about it. I’m kinda happy it was him that quickly made the decision and not team. I’m a little torn as I’d love to see him continue playing and this is a good team. They beat the Titans and should have beaten the Bills. But the Super Bowl goes through KC.
  11. I have to agree with this. Tons of Rivers haters here and I sincerely think they wanted him back. Rivers wasn’t the reason they lost and I’d say so if he was. Hoping we get a great qb but I think we’ll appreciate Rivers next year
  12. Honestly, the Packers ran at will the first half. That offensive coordinator abandoned the run second half for some reason. Twice inside the red zone he didn’t run the ball at all he should be fired. I couldn’t believe it
  13. 2006 game against the Pats they really won that game three times: Mcree interception and fumble, Parker punt return fumble inside 10 and three and out late and I think Merriman late hits Brady all of which would have sealed the game
  14. My point is I don’t think people really appreciated Rivers and we will next year. I doubt we get Stafford and I’m not convinced he’s better really. 11-5 with these receivers was pretty good. Watching Phil for a while he was always going to have you in the game. Would be nice having someone that’s more mobile and just hoping it’s not Brissett
  15. I’ll give Brady credit his arm still looks good in spite of his age compared to Brees and Rivers. But I’m sorry right now you/we wish we had Rivers. Do you really think any QB brought in honestly gets the Colts better than 11-5 next year? If so I’ve got some swamp land to sell you!
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