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  1. Honestly, the Packers ran at will the first half. That offensive coordinator abandoned the run second half for some reason. Twice inside the red zone he didn’t run the ball at all he should be fired. I couldn’t believe it
  2. 2006 game against the Pats they really won that game three times: Mcree interception and fumble, Parker punt return fumble inside 10 and three and out late and I think Merriman late hits Brady all of which would have sealed the game
  3. My point is I don’t think people really appreciated Rivers and we will next year. I doubt we get Stafford and I’m not convinced he’s better really. 11-5 with these receivers was pretty good. Watching Phil for a while he was always going to have you in the game. Would be nice having someone that’s more mobile and just hoping it’s not Brissett
  4. I’ll give Brady credit his arm still looks good in spite of his age compared to Brees and Rivers. But I’m sorry right now you/we wish we had Rivers. Do you really think any QB brought in honestly gets the Colts better than 11-5 next year? If so I’ve got some swamp land to sell you!
  5. I’m talking about his entire career. Agreed he didn’t have much talent recently but he’s been in the league a while. His arm strength is decent but so is Brisette’s. Phil while not perfect helped this team last year and played well. If we had Stafford we’d appreciate Rivers IMHO. Being a former Chargers fan I loved Rivers and was wrong about drafting Herbert as he’s a stud. We’re in a tough division with Titans and Texans and need a good QB
  6. Stafford’s a good QB but I how many playoff wins does he have? Exactly. Most here have under estimated Rivers and what he brought. I do think right now the trend is younger. Hopefully the Colts get someone and rebound but don’t think it’s so easy
  7. Love the Colts but they will not be in the playoffs next year! For all the Rivers sucks crowd, neither Wenz, Stafford, Darnold or Brissett take this team to the playoffs
  8. I’m loving Mo right now and definitely for fantasy! Doesn’t matter what happened last year or year before. See the Chargers with a new QB and Keenan Allen this year- its not working. Guys I’ve not heard of this past weekend getting TD’s. I remember watching an undrafted FA Gates first year- it all comes down to trust with the QB. Not sure if Mo has previous basketball experience but give him credit he’s a stud!
  9. Couple things here and I’m pretty new here but Rivers has never in his career had a good line. And while Luck is a better athlete and I’m sure his line your talking about was atrocious - take a look at the 2019 Chargers line. He literally didn’t have a left or right tackle and the rest were horrible not to mention 3rd center. Rivers has a very quick release and the only reason he’s alive and playing. On the Chargers forum people openly agree Rivers left because of the talent on the o-line. People are * because the staff never was able to adequately evaluate o-lineman. And after 16 season
  10. Having watched every snap of Rivers NFL career he’s better than Carr. Rivers is older granted but he’s basically like having a coach at QB. Similar to Manning in that way. I think Gruden also would rather have Rivers over Carr. Luck was such a stud and incredible athlete - very different player than Rivers. But I think Rivers has a lot left in the tank and he’s never, ever had a good O- line.
  11. What everyone is forgetting folks like Warren Moon ran a special offense with Houston. It shouldn’t just be judged on SB’s or as someone said Brad Johnson would be in. If you’ve been a prolific player or really stood out guys like a Junior Seau. Being tops in the league is more important than SB’s. Folks like Marc Levy getting to four SB’s despite losing them all.
  12. No offense but absolutely ceiling being backup. Tyrod Taylor is very, very lucky to be starting but I think he’s better than JB
  13. I love this pick and him and Mack. You take RB’s from Wisconsin you don’t draft QB’s from Oregon
  14. Every 9ers fan would rather have Buckner over Kinlaw everyday. I’m a former Chargers fan and consensus everyone is pretty bummed with Herbert pick. They’d rather have Rivers any day over Herbert (Oregon #6 pick who could blossom) or Tyrod Taylor. I think so far this offseason is an A+. I think Ballard seems like a good GM and excited about the rest of this draft!
  15. Folks, back in 2004 and 2005 the Chargers had Brees and Rivers. Most know what happened with Brees injury and ending up in New Orleans. Brees is a great QB, won a SB, found the right coach-system-team,etc. And everyone here should understand not one Charger fan ever wished they’d kept Brees over Rivers. I’ve never talked with one Bolts fan that said that. Brees behind all the Bolts o-lines was not great and would have fared far worse than Rivers and his quick release. Most on this forum would love Brees and I can tell you Rivers will make this team competitive. He’s got his faults, but h
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