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  1. if Rivers is still here in 2022 it’s because he’s taking the team deep into the playoffs. Colts are win now Phillip wants a ring and I don’t want to jinx things but this is a good situation. Soon everyone here will be a fan and hoping he’s not retiring. is Kelly related to Jim Kelly?
  2. I know everyone on this board is tired of hearing from Rivers fans already. He had a recent year where we lost Allen and Mike Williams and Travis Benjamin of course was hurt. The receiving corp were all UDFA’s and he had a great year with Reich and Tyrell Williams. He does better with taller receivers like Vincent Jackson but he’ll make average receivers look pretty good. I’d been a Bolts fan since 1980 and remember not being sure about Rivers when he was drafted. Hearing from all these Rivers fans on our board then and I’m sure converted!
  3. Rivers behind your offensive line he’s gonna kill it! Dude is so smart and has the arm strength. I’d rather have him over Brady. But bet the ranch/ farm no QB could play behind the poss poor Bolts lines the last few years. No elite QB would. Whatever you might think Rivers specifically wanted to go to the Colts. This is a win now deal for your GM and it’ll pay dividends
  4. Fellas, I’ve been a Chargers fan forever and now officially a Colts fan. Trust me, you’ll love Rivers and yes you guys are a great team - but he gets you further. The guy will earn it believe me and despite our * line he’s always had us in games. Puts team over stats. I’m just happy he gets a home crowd he deserves. I was a season ticket holder in San Diego and the move has been very frustrating. I’ve liked watching the Colts before and looking forward to going to some games!
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