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  1. I think Eason will look back at college as the best times of his life. Unless, we put together a team so good that his lack of effort does not matter. He will never be great. I think he could become VERY above average if he put all his effort into it. I just don't see him doing that. But, with a great team it might not matter.
  2. I like Mack. Saying that, Taylor is going to be better at all aspects of the game for the next 5 years without injury. Just different levels of skill and strength and athleticism. I hope Mack balls out this year for a good contract tho.
  3. um. Ebron was good with AL throwing to him...A lot of players could be good with AL throwing to them. Without AL, Ebron is an average TE. I'd rather have Doyle. Not as much fall off. And the dude can catch AND take a hit.
  4. And both Suh and Buckner usually demand a double team. Tough choices for other teams line.
  5. I agree. Look at the year AD had with the rams when Suh was there. TB was a top Rush D with Suh. Nice short term move. We could get him with the money we save by cutting JB maybe.
  6. I'm thinking a 33 year old beast of a man. Plays a ton of snaps and can play all along the Dline. A player others dont want to go against and has a ton of stats to back him up. Someone that can help the attitude of our Defense. and will only cost maybe 7-8 mil a year. Ndomukong Suh. him and add in the draft...we there.
  7. I'll say Tua. I think in 4-5 years he will be out or have backup level stats.
  8. Is anyone interested in Ndomukong Suh? He will cost less this year (maybe 7-8mill), plays a ton of snaps, fills a need and is a team player now. He can even play most spots on the line. I know hes like 32 but, this dude can play and was great at stopping the run. He helps others around him and can rush the QB. Just saying.
  9. Don't trade up if we keep JB. If not then maybe Love. I'd rather get a FA QB tho. I think the Colts are in a great spot to get talent with the picks Ballard has picked up. Saying all that tho if they love Judy I wouldn't hate it. But, there are so many WR's this draft. Just target Mims in the second round maybe.
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