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  1. They could win the super bowl this year, and the Rivers haters would still be talking about how they still think signing Rivers was bad idea.
  2. Nah, I think this guy is onto something. If we would’ve just ran the ball more during the Cincy and GB games, we probably would’ve won by 30 instead of barely mustering up a comeback.
  3. lol, famous for choking? The Chargers are who’s famous for Choking. 06 - Mcree fumbled a game ending INT by trying to run it back for yards. Kaeding missed a FG at the end to tie it(classic Kaeding) 07 - He played on a torn MCL on the road against an undefeated Patriots. Stats weren’t good, but like I said, torn MCL against a 16-0 team. 08 - Threw 3 TD, but defense couldn’t stop Steelers. 09 - this was the one time he played bad. Had a costly INT that lead to a TD, but still, Kaeding missed 3 FG and they lost the game by 3 13 -
  4. agree. After the Rivers signing I saw more 8-8/9-7/10-6 predictions for records from fans. Now here we are, 4 losses, and let’s be real if it wasn’t for COVID we likely win Jags and Titans games. If the team makes playoffs and wins one, it’s an improvement. The AFC is loaded this year. Any wild card team has the opportunity to win it all. So that means in order to make super bowl Colts would have to play lights out/no mistake football for 4 straight games. This team is capable of winning it all, but they’re going to have a tough road ahead.
  5. How is Tom Brady better? He’s playing with a loaded offense that should be similar to a 2013 Broncos and he’s underperforming because he can’t throw more than 20 yards
  6. I just don’t see it. I just think the Spanos family sucks as owners. They’ve got a team built for a super bowl right now and are struggling to win 6 games. Chargers could have a defensive line that included Buckner, Donald, and Mack and they’d still find a way to lose.
  7. He’s just a dude that doesn’t understand Rings are team accomplishments. Just like you said, Brees and Rodgers have been the top QBs of this past 14 years and only have 1 super bowl appearance to show. Doesn’t matter a QB level of play, when the team and franchise sucks, you’re not going to win it all
  8. What people don’t realize is that 10 of his 20 INT came in 3 games. And it was simply because the Oline was awful and defense was mediocre so he was just forcing % to try and win. Just look at 2020, Herbert is playing 100x better than 2019 Rivers and that team is going to finish with the same record. Just a trash franchise that had 4 HoFers on their team at one point with 0 rings to show.
  9. Chargers will win because it’s what the chargers do. They’re mathematically eliminated from playoffs, so they’ll go on some win streak getting the a higher draft pick & miss playoffs.
  10. People keep saying “we only won because of a fumble” - if Watson doesn’t fumble and then scores a TD, now we’re down 1 point with a minute left to just get into FG range. Texans scoring wasn’t an automatic loss
  11. I completely agree. Wasn’t saying it was all bad. If it was all bad we wouldn’t be 9-4. Just that there have been times offense has been moving and he switches it up with something dumb like Hines up the middle 2x. I guess I’m just saying my only worry is that come playoffs, the teams we’ll be facing will capitalize on the dumb play calling. I think we are good enough on both sides of the ball to beat anyone, just gotta make sure they’re using all the strengths.
  12. That’s honestly the only hole in this team. The playcalling. Both sides of the ball need to sync and dominate all 4 quarters. Reich’s biggest flaw this season has been changing up the play calling when something is working. Like Rivers tearing it up and then he thinks Hines up the middle 2 times is better for the next drive
  13. 3 road wins on our way to the super bowl? I’m ok with that.
  14. yeah, but the the Titans loss was the only one out of our control for the most part. All other 3 were winnable.
  15. Some of you guys crack me up. Not having any faith. This team is good. I see us winning out. Texans suck, jags suck, and Steelers lost to WFT, Barely beat Cowboys, and struggled against a practice squad Ravens. I see our team as undefeated since the Ravens loss. Yea we lost to Titans, but that was without 6 key players on both sides of the ball. Since the Ravens game we dominated a good titans team, had a great comeback against GB, and just throttled a Raiders team that beat KC. I don’t see why it’s so hard to imagine this team winning out(pending no more COVID nonsense).
  16. I’ll also add he played for Chargers, which no one except San Diego cared about. A franchise known for failure.
  17. They kicked the FG instead of going for it on 4th to end the half. What if we would’ve lost by 4? Fire Reich, fire Rivers, fire Eveyone and rebuild the team.
  18. Honestly i just hope the rest of the Colts games end with a game winning fumble so people can say we were gifted the super bowl
  19. 49-14 Rivers 5 TD, 350 pass YDS, 5 rushing yards
  20. Nothing to worry about. Rivers played on a torn ACL in 07. He would cut his foot off and use a peg leg before he misses a game. So far, he seems to be playing well with the injury. 77% completion with AC out.
  21. The week of the Steelers game we need this post: ”Rivers is washed and will never have a 5 TD game with the Colts. We should move on from him after this season”
  22. The NFL is scripted and they’re setting the colts up for a 2010 Packers run
  23. Super excited to beat KC on the road followed by Steelers on the road, then finishing it off in Buffalo for the AFCCG on route to our super bowl win
  24. I blame it on play-calling. This offense is good, but the play calling is holding it back. I feel like we’ll have a great drive and score, and then the next drive we flip it to something else. Like Rivers will go 5 for 5 with a TD & then the next drive it’ll be Hines up the middle 2x for no gain then an incompletion on 3rd and long. If play calling was better, this game was over in the 3rd quarter.
  25. He’s ranked 34th in most sacked QB this year, what are you talking about? He’s been immobile his entire career yet has put up huge numbers in every passing category, even with terrible olines. And if you think Rivers perception of bad Oline is due to his mobility issues, I advise you to buy NFL game pass and watch every 2019 game. Specifically Steelers and Vikings.
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