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  1. It's very interesting on how this was the focus of your response, a typo. Never the less, Phillip Rivers is not the answer for the Colts. Jacoby Brissett was not bad. And we did fine until injuries plagued the Colts. I know everybody is also railing on Adam Vinatieri, for the missed field goals. Maybe he's done, I don't know. What I do know is EVERYBODY has bad years. The thing about Rivers, is according to him it's everybody else on the team that is the problem and he's trying to make the team better. I predict the the Chargers will win more games now that he's gone. As you can guess I am not a fan of Rivers at all.
  2. Phillip Rivers = Missing the playoffs Phillip Rivers = Loosing a lot of your fan base Phillip Rivers = To old to be effective Phillip Rivers = Bad Fit Just look at his history, the only worse choice for a QB is Tom Brady.
  3. Ok, I'm new here to the forum. About Rivers. All I can see in my head is how his first few NFL seasons was his constant TAUNTING of the other teams bench. Or how the Chargers kept telling everybody Rivers was a much better quarterback the Brees. And we all know that was never true. While I do agree that Rivers is a better QB the Brissett - He is NOT the answer for Indy. I can't help to think that Mariota or Winston would be a much better fit. And let's not forget that in Football life Rivers is on the downside Anyway That's just my Opinion Doc
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