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  1. 1. DeForest Buckner is a huge addition that DT spot who can get after the QB and that 3-TECH piece we've been searching for is finally set for years to come. 2. Micheal Pittman JR, - Huge upset and another job ball WR that runs in that 4.5 range who can extend the field and will be huge in the redzone, especially for Phillip Rivers getting his Mike Williams. 3. Johnathan Taylor was a pick I was against at first who will run wild behind our solid offensive line with BIG Q leading the way. 4. Julian Blackmon will come in and potentially be used at one of the CB spots which is ext
  2. 34. Michael Pittman, Denzel Mims, Ezra Cleveland, or Tee Higgins 44. Gross-Matos, Grant Delpit, (hopefully Jeremy Chinn), Josh Jones, I hope we go this route. I like Cameron Danztler also as well as Jaylon Johnson for sneaky CB picks since Quincy is probably gone. 3 names to look out for that we may not expect are Neville Gallimore, Xavier McKinney (if he keeps falling) but I don't like his fit or Robert Hunt, can play G or OT and is solid. No particular order for how I arranged the players, just basing it off of who may fall.
  3. With the signing of Burton and the pieces of Jack and Cox already in place I can't decide if they will still take a chance at the position or stay pat with who we currently have. Thoughts?
  4. With the signing of Burton and the pieces of Jack and Cox already in place I can't decide if they will still take a chance at the position or stay pat with who we currently have. Thoughts?
  5. Joe Burrow, Tua, Justin Herbert and Jordan Love are all going to go in the first round. I also think a team could potentially reach on Eason. Not saying that's for sure going to happen. I definitely don't think we take a QB though.
  6. I definitely tossed around that idea. I think we could go that way with one of our second round picks or definitely the 3rd round.
  7. 34. Jalen Reagor WR, TCU - 5'11 but runs a 4.47 40 yard dash. Would be a great addition to bring in with TY and Parris already in the fold. 44. Chase Claypool WR, Notre Dame - Massive frame and replaces Funchess as someone that can go up and get it in the redzone. At this point Hilton, Campbell, Pascal, Reagor and Claypool is a solid WR core with some other nice targets at TE. 75. Johnathan Greenard EDGE, Florida - Really disrupting pass rusher that can replace the loss of Jabaal since it doesn't seem he's coming back. Add this to the group of young guys we already have
  8. 34. Cole Kmet TE, Notre Dame - I think we desperately need another tight end to eventually take over for Doyle and compliment him now. 44. Chase Claypool - Big body for redzone situations and a extremely athletic guy. WR, Notre Dame 75. Jalen Hurts QB, Oklahoma - Proven winner that can be coached up by Frank Reich. Also wouldn't mind Jacob Eason at this spot either, just like Hurts more. 122. Jason Strowbridge - Some more depth here with a solid interior presence. IDL, North Carolina 160. Calvin Throckmorton - Solid player here that was at one time consider
  9. I love Mims but I don't feel like he'll be there at 34 anymore. Take Higgins at 34 or Cole Kmet and then use the 44th pick on Chase Claypool. I could see us using 34 on someone that slides that we really like though.
  10. Huge fan of this draft but I would take Kmet or another WR at 34 and then Hurts or Eason in the 3rd round. I think we definitely take a QB but we won't get one to mold after the 3rd round into what we want.
  11. I'm a huge fan of this mock. I'm a huge Jalen Hurts fan and I think he would be a great fit in the offense, the only thing I disagree with you on is two WR's back to back. I think one of those picks is Cole Kmet or an OT.
  12. I love the B version but I don't think Mims will last until even the 30th pick. I also don't think Niang will last until the 5th round, if so that would be a steal. Love the Gordon pick though. If Love isn't available I'm really high on him and Jacob Eason.
  13. I truly hope we do make a trade at some point for more picks but Mims will be gone in the first round. Had an unreal combine and has all the traits teams are looking for with a need at WR. I think the Terrell pick is very possible but I do see us going offense with our first three picks at least and signing one more defensive player in free agency.
  14. I think that the Saints will ultimately end up taking Love in the first round. I love the Higgins pick and I would actually move that up to the 34 spot or slot Cole Kmet there. Love the rest of the picks though.
  15. I think that we'll stay put at the corner spot until maybe the 5th round. Offense has to be considered first before anything else.
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