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  1. Hey Guys, If you remember I'm from France, Currently watching the draft on a cruddy stream as I'm confined in the countryside. It is almost 2am here! Quick question, I see all of you being thrilled about the pick, but I never heard about Pittman. We heard in the community of French football fans about Shenault or Mims (outside of the already picked ones). What make you feel that he is better than Shenault or Mims. And according to the fact that every mock draft I've seen Shenault or Mims were higher ranked prospect, wouldn't have he been available at 44? Thanks!
  2. Don't you think we shall go for WR more than OL ? Ok Castonzo is a year to year deal, but we lack good WR's and TY isn't eternal. Ok Jacoby is better than we is said about him, but NFL is all about stats and JB is far from the tops QBs of the league. I wouldn't mind to draft a young QB.
  3. Hi guys, It has been a while since I came here. I've got a question for u, how do you feel about Rivers coming to the horseshoe ? I feel like we should go for a young QB instead of a vet one.
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