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  1. Being a Pro Bowler is a sign of being dominant isn't it ? On top of that he has good hands (75 REC / 787Yds / 6TDs)
  2. Hey guys I don't know if it has be brought to you attention yet, but if we need a dominant TE, we could find it at the FA. Austin Hooper, who made it to the Pro Bowl this year is FA at the end of the season. It could be a really good fit for us. What do you guyw think about it !?
  3. Hey guys, I've just seen that Jadeveon Clowney is FA at the end of the year. He just said that he wanted to win titles and it would be a huge component of his future decision. Do you reckon: 1- He could be a very good pick for us despite his low season? 2- He could be convinced by Colts' project ? 3- Ballard would like him ? 4- The QB situation need to be resolved by the FA ? 5- He's the guy our Dline is lacking ? Thank you !
  4. We still have one of the strongest OL in the League. Quenton is a beast, already x2 Pro Bowler top 3 of the league at least if not n#1, Ryan Kelly is one of the best C IMO (probably Tier 1). Only Glowinski and Smith could be better for our team. It's my opinion from overseas (France) where I managed to see at least 10 games this season
  5. Thank you very much for this work. This data analysis is very interesting and informative. Although may be Chris Ballard sees a future Elite QB's in JB despite the strong reserves the fans may have. May I show your analysis to a French Football website made by fans?
  6. Do you guys really think that Luck could get out of retirement ?
  7. From what I've understood from Ballard's conference (I'm french thus I might understood wrong), he relies on draft, not FA in order to change the roster. He probably spotted our flaws and spotted some FA for next year but for the most part it will be at the draft. We have a young roster, we have to give them time. I just hope we won't tank next year to get Lawrence.
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