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    Here to get infos and spread the Colts Nation in the old continent !

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  1. I’m answering late, sorry if I don’t agree for the QB. Eason ain’t no Franchise QB material from what we’ve heard. Ballard doesn’t see him as a QB 2 yet ! Next QB draft class isn’t as talented as this year and we need to win now somehow. I would wether trade up to draft a QB if Ballard has his guy in this draft, or adress the position in FA and draft LT. If we don’t we would waste some years.
  2. Isn't he suppose to patch to wait for Eason to be ready ?
  3. What is the heck with all these flags. Never saw that my entire life !
  4. You should go for 1st down. I can’t be worth it to go for FG atm
  5. I lost attention for 2 secs celebrating JT TD, what was the flag for ?
  6. Dan’s injury is horrible and he probably have hard times recovering. Feel sorry for him :/
  7. Hi guys ! French Colts fan here ! how do u feel about Rivers, I’m super desapointed since he came (didn’t like the signing either).
  8. Hi guys, girls, As I said in my presentation, I’m a french dude from Paris. Here is half passed midnight and I’m probably the only guy watching Colts atm in the city xD so if some you are keen on talking about the game, I’ll avoid falling into sleep watching Rivers wasting our O. Edo
  9. Yes, even more impressive than the one from Hines last season. but I’m really * by Rivers. I come to miss JB actually...
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