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  1. Thank you for this straight forward, enlightened post. Ballard wasn't giving GM Speak when he pointed out that in his learned opinion we were missing something in the lockerroom. We were missing some leadership and attitude. OK. He and his leadership team likely have been talking and agreeing about seeing this as the season went on. And how ridiculous that a player instantly loses those abilities when he isn't on the field. JERK wasn't the right word, but the point was correct according to our GM. A Reggie White could come in as a FA and make an immediate impact on the cu
  2. Reader, Armistead, or Byron Jones might make sense. Getting two of them could be a coup for our defense. Them wanting to play here is the concern though.
  3. I see decent ability in this "lowlight" piece. He wasn't particulary accurate or special when throwing on the move was he? Just going by this, i didn't see enough here to push him up the draft board. Ability wise he is no Marcus Mariotta. Or is he?
  4. Your 7th may be someone else's 4th best QB that could turn out to be as good as anyone other than Burrow. It shouldn't be hard to understand. Ballard explained his idea about grading players and to not over draft because of need. Your favorite QB, that by my readings he is a 2nd rd, even for some a 3rd guy, isn't someone to get excited about just yet. And speculating on a message board pre-Senior Bowl, pre-combine, pre-individual workouts is really just for fun. What i find weird is posters here that know best with so little information.
  5. Would Nelson trade giving up a sack for not ruining the 2nd half of his teams season? Don't know, but watching someone have a meltdown over this is ugly.
  6. Retires at 28 and i think he is a Hall of Famer.
  7. You will have the opportunity to copy and paste this terrific dose of reality many many times between now and draft day. Please, please do. Our Colts need a QB with much better throwing ability.
  8. I thought he proved he couldn't make the throws this season. Long ones, short ones, timing ones, with touch, accuracy issues galore. He is what he is.
  9. Yawn. Better info will be available just before the draft after professionals scrutinize the subjects.
  10. Mock's are a good way to get your research in. We have a number of important holes to fill and you did a creditable job doing that. Ballard may pay up for Sheard for another season, even though his play on the field wasn't to the level a good D needs.
  11. His Cowboys teams had Greatness. Well coached, you bet. How bout that Jimmy Johnson!! He didn't do it for as long as most of the Greats, but he stood out in his time.
  12. Ballard will pay up this off season for a DT and draft one in the 1st 3 picks.
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