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  1. You will have the opportunity to copy and paste this terrific dose of reality many many times between now and draft day. Please, please do. Our Colts need a QB with much better throwing ability.
  2. I thought he proved he couldn't make the throws this season. Long ones, short ones, timing ones, with touch, accuracy issues galore. He is what he is.
  3. The need for accuracy has to come with the right touch. Joe Flacco had a playoff run for the ages in all facets of throwing. It was fun to watch. And we have a QB with chilling red flags.
  4. If the jury is still out then he hasn't earned the right to start. Based on his performance and compared to the better QB's in the league, his teammates can't be as behind him as they were to start the season. I predict he will have a hard time holding his job through all of next season.
  5. There was no mention of losing his job. It is more to do with if he has jb as his QB the next 5... years what might his won loss and playoff record look like. Going by the overwhelming majority here, Frank, who put a big enough stamp of approval of his guy to garner him 30M, isn't looking so wise now. This subject is going to be extremely tiresome that is for sure. We all want to be contenders for the SB is the bottom line.
  6. Noone said it. Reich did say he was top twenty. If he was/is, then that should be good enough for Frank to win with. Frank is still touting him, offering reasons why we he fell off. So if he remains the guy he has shown to be, it seems he would still be good enough for Frank. And that would be the guy Frank rides to however much glory. So today, i wonder just how much Frank REALLY does believe in him. kapesh? And of course i have my own thoughts on that. And post draft i will have more thoughts.
  7. Maybe we were waiting to see if he was Reich's top 20 "Franchise" QB. How does Frank feel about hanging his head coaching career on that thought now?
  8. The look and outcome of this game was in our best longterm interest. FA should be exciting.
  9. He has brought our offensive staffs coaching abilities in question.
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