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  1. Article is indicative of the entire franchise and most of the fan base: we'd rather have nice guys, "locker room heros" than Ws.
  2. Well that would have been more helpful had they lost last week. No, they decided to play their most complete game of the season last week with nothing to play for, then totally % the bed this week.
  3. They regressed, but still through the last game of the year Colts had the #4 running game in the league. I'm not saying the O-line has played great, but ppl saying it's because Reich fired the guy last year and brought in his own guy is a HUGE stretch.
  4. So how would that explain the Colts #4 rushing attack and the first half of the season them being considered one of the best in the league?
  5. Ya, I know it didn't look right. I've had a few pops. Thanks for setting me straight.
  6. Oh, but I got lambasted for saying we need tougher players, players that arent all boyscouts and quior boys. That all the fan base seems to want.
  7. We believe in Jacoby. *laughing from the press*
  8. Just listened to Kevin Bowens podcast, 2nd sentence out of his mouth: This team can't close, this team has no killer instinct. Now where have I heard that before?
  9. JBs qb rating goes down as the game goes along. He's in the 100s in the 1st quarter and by the 4th he's in the 70s. It a problem. Just doesn't do enough to keep the chains moving.
  10. Some valid pts, but JB still mediocre. His accuracy is bad, he has poor clock/time management skill (tried to call 2 timeouts back to back no joke), just doesn't keep the chains moving when needed. And his 4th quarter qb rating the entire season is like 75, which is his lowest of all 4 quarters. Can't have that.
  11. This whole organization, top to bottom and including most fans, only want nice, boy scout players. Well, this is the result, soft and mediocre. No one willing to get in anyone's face, no killer instinct.
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