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  1. Yeah, this team is going to be trash for a few years at least. Losing that first round pick is going to set the team back. Oh well, glad I cancelled my Sunday Ticket and won't have to pay for it the next couple years. Got to see the positives.
  2. Overall it sucks to lose but I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it would be a blowout. Everyone already knew this team was a pathetic embarrassment. They actually played good ball for half a game and the offense and Wentz were not bad. Now we can just take the rest of the season off and probably next couple years too. Maybe the team will at some point not be complete garbage but that isn't this year.
  3. The defense did well in the beginning of the game. It just didn't last. Yeah I know this is a pathetic team but we already knew that. I was actually surprised they even had a good half.
  4. My head says the Colts get blown out and are an embarrassment on prime time TV, once again revealing they are one of the worst teams in the NFL. My heart says Colts look respectable and show that they are still a team that belongs in the league.
  5. I don't think that's this game.
  6. Anyone want to take a bet on whether the Bills go down and score another touchdown on the opening drive of the second half?
  7. So this is what it looks like to have a great quarterback. I would say the Colts are better than the Bills in every facet of the game besides for the QB position but it simply doesn't matter. Can you imagine how great this team would be with a Manning or Luck. Unfortunately we won't have one of those for another couple decades if we ever do so welcome to mediocrity boys.
  8. I agree with the people that are upset at Ballard, I agree with the people that are upset with Brissett and I even agree with the people that are upset with Reich. I think this whole organization is kind of pathetic. I guess the only people I disagree with are the one's that are claiming everything is fine and that all of this is great and wonderful.
  9. Does anyone even think the Texans game would be close or that we would even have half the losses we have if Andrew Luck was our quarterback?
  10. Does anyone else think this wouldn't even be close if Andrew Luck was playing?
  11. New here and just wanted to get everyone's opinion on the second part of the OP's question which was how long until the team becomes elite again. I think as fans we at least give Ballard this season, doesn't matter if they lose every game left on the season which they won't. If your franchise quarterback drops out two weeks before the season starts you probably aren't going to do well which is why I haven't been following them this year. But how many future seasons do we give the organization? Is there a maximum amount of time or does it really depend on the season, does your opinion change if the Colts finish 10-6 or 6-10? I've been very lucky to be a Colts fan only through the last twenty years and having Manning then Luck I always felt the Colts were contenders except for a couple seasons when they were injured. I don't feel this way about this team and I don't even know how the team gets back there. I was just curious how many years you give the organization so I can set my own expectations. I'm mainly asking because I guess I'm what you'd consider a fair weather fan. The only team I really care about in the league is the Colts and so I haven't even seen an NFL game this year. I enjoy following the Colts and the NFL when I think they are elite, I loved seeing Manning and then Luck and it didn't even matter if they won the super bowl or not just that they were fun to see and that I felt the team had a chance. Anyway, I hope the rest of the season goes well.
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