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  1. I think RG3 is the new object lesson for future high draft rookies. Ryan Leaf, Vince Young, and Jamarcus Russell were the object lessons for their respective eras.
  2. I hope for a 3 to 1 ratio for TDs to INTs. Last year he was 2.5 to 1 (40:16) I hope he will be around 35: 12 this year.
  3. I project TY Hilton on a long TD because of busted coverage.
  4. 11-5, with most of the wins upfront, and resting the starters towards the back end of the season to prepare for the playoffs.
  5. Yes, I think it would be a good idea to wait until the Redskins share their playbook with Luck too, so that he can memorize that before becoming a Colt. http://washington.cbslocal.com/2012/04/06/report-redskins-meeting-with-robert-griffin-iii-and-andrew-luck-before-draft/
  6. I hope the Colts have more than intimated to Luck that he will be their choice. I hope that Mr. Irsay has called Mr, Luck to tell him that the Colts intend to call his name as their #1 overall draft pick. If the Colts have not already done this, I am not saying that Luck will go right ahead and do an Eli or Elway. I am saying that the chances (however incrementally small it may be) will be better that such an unlikely occurrence may happen. I would not want to increase (by any amount) those chances. Consider the following: 1) The Colts have requested a private workout with Luck, which he has obliged. 2) The Colts have requested a private workout with RG3, which he has denied 3) The Redskins have their OC visiting RG3 multiple times between now and the draft. 4) and the Colts continue to say publicly that their decision is still up in the air. I don't think Luck will do an Eli (no matter what happens or does not happen). However, I can only imagine what Luck may think of the Colts (or even the Redskins) organization given the above facts, if the Colts have not communicated to him already that he will be their pick.
  7. I also think there's less than a 0 percent chance that Luck will ask for #18.
  8. I'm excited as well to see the team succeed. It may be a long road, but the journey always starts with the first step. Go Colts!
  9. You are mistaken. There is, in fact, very little cap space for the team. My estimate of the remaining cap currently is $11.13MM, which is actually about $1MM more than what was reported by nfl.com. Cap space calculation method 1: From beginning of LY to first day of regular season: top 51 contracts Available Cap Space w/o budget for draft picks = $11.13 Available Cap Space w/budget for draft picks = $1.92 Cap space calculation method 2: From first day of regular season to end of LY: All contracts Available Cap Space w/o budget for draft picks = $6.84 Available Cap Space w/budget for draft picks =($2.37) Currently, at this time of the off-season, the team is using method 1 to calculate team cap according to CBA. Eventually, the team will have to use method 2 when the first day of the regular season begins, according to the CBA. We have 10 draft picks (including compensatory picks). 1) Luck/RG3 will command the overall #1 pick compensation which will hit the cap at about $4.2MM for this year. 2) Picks #34 and #64 will also command slight premiums above rookie minimum totaling an aggregate of $1.5MM. 3) The remaining 9 picks will command rookie minimums at $390K each. 4) The budget for draftees is therefore $9.21M So you can see that there is very little money to sign any expensive FA, unless you want to consider not signing some of your draft picks.
  10. Based on the roster moves the current regime has undertaken thus far, I am impressed. IMO, they have demonstrated a remarkable ability to squeeze value for the team with limited resources. I look forward to their continued good decisions in the upcoming draft.
  11. I hope you are right. I hope that the contingency of coaches and FO personnel communicated to Luck that he will be their choice, even if they did not sign him. I can only imagine what might be going on inside Luck's head if they did not communicate this, and still stuck with the mantra that they are still deciding when RG3 has refused to privately workout for the Colts (while agreeing to meet with Redskins' officials).
  12. Of course not. However, there is a strong positive correlation between age and missed games due to injury.
  13. Please don't misunderstand me. I am not arguing signing him early or not. I am arguing that the Colts, even if they do not sign him early, should at the very least tell Luck that he will be their choice privately. All it would take is a phone call from Mr, Irsay to Luck. I don't know if this has or has not already happened, obviously. This will prevent the 0.1% from becoming anything more, and would show some consideration for the uncertainty and anxiety associated with a high draft prospect's feelings.
  14. I think it is unlikely as well. However, if the Colts have not yet privately communicated that they will pick him to Luck, the probability increases, even if that increment is ever so small.
  15. I think it could be one of these 2 possibilities: 1) The Colts really have not decided that Luck should be their pick. 2) The Colts have already decided that Luck will be their pick, but are holding off signing because of any one or combination of the following: 2a) They perceive that the risk of injury to Luck between now and draft day outweighs the benefit of ramping him up on the offense. 2b) They like to preserve the media attention on the owner of the team until the very last second From my understanding of Luck's character, he would not consent to begin learning anything proprietary to any team, if they have not signed him. I may be wrong in this, but I hope I'm not.
  16. "'Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!'" - William Golding, Lord of the Flies, Ch. 7

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      I've honestly never read the LOTF. But I did have to read Great Expectations in high school...I hated that book...until the last 2 or 3 chapters. Then when I was done reading it, it ranked as one of my favorites...funny how that happens isn't it?

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      And just an observers point of view btwn SW and UF...neither one of you seems to be trying to say the other is wrong, you just seem to have differing opinions on many subjects. It's ok to disagree. You are both opinionated ppl, and that is fine...I really don't think either is trying to start arguments...just my 2 cents.

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      Why has UF been banned?!

  17. I think regardless of who the Colts pick, an investigation should be conducted by the NFL to see if there were any improper communications, payments or other incentives with draft prospects or their agents.
  18. That's correct. The draft may or may not bring the average weight up or down, depending on who we draft. Luck is 247 lbs. NTs, and OL tend to be heavier, DBs and WRs tend to be lighter.
  19. You kno them haterz gonna like that

  20. The team has also gained an average of 8 lbs per player. 2011 official 53-player roster average weight = 240.8 lbs 2012 unofficial 63-player roster average weight = 248.6 lbs.
  21. Yes, this is a pretty significant change. It seems the FO is rebuilding the team not only larger, but younger as well.
  22. Another way to look at it is to compare the number of players 30 years of age and older from each roster: 2011 official 53-player roster: 30 years and older players: Adam Vinatieri 38 Kerry Collins 38 Peyton Manning 35 Justin Snow 34 Jeff Saturday 34 Reggie Wayne 32 Ryan Diem 31 Dallas Clark 31 Tyler Brayton 31 Dwight Freeney 31 Robert Mathis 30 Gary Brackett 30 2012 unofficial 63-player roster: 30 years and older players: Adam Vinatieri 39 Justin Snow 35 Reggie Wayne 33 Dwight Freeney 32 Robert Mathis 31 Cory Redding 31
  23. Given the many changes to the team roster in this off season, I have done a calculation to compare the average age of the official 2011 53-player roster against the current 63-player 2012 roster (as of today). 2011 official 53-player roster average age = 26.02 years 2012 unofficial 63-player roster average age = 25.17 years. It seems we have gotten one year younger, approximately one year later.
  24. From some of the reports I have seen, Luck isn't into technology as much as others. The reports claims that his cell phone only costs $10, which leads me to believe it is on the low end of technology.
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