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  1. Yeah. I hope he's able to get some action soon. I thought he'd get cut because of injury.
  2. I also said I was happy to have a pro team to root for since I have always followed college ball. In my mind, this is how things would theoretically work out... I would start watching the Colts and keep reading these forums as I did all preseason. I would eventually learn some of the other players and find ones that I like and root for them too. Before long, I would be a fan all in. What would be a way for one to become a "real" Colts fan? Do I have to move to Indiana? Can I buy a Brian Hoyer action figure or something? What if I wear one of those Colts hats with a pouch on each side to hold two beers and a straw running to my mouth?
  3. Well... This decision will ultimately answer one question: Did the Colts let Kelly play preseason merely as a favor to Jim Kelly? If the team doesn't take Kelly as 3rd QB on the roster, then the answer is seemingly yes. It was just a favor. Kelly surely hasn't done amything to lose the spot if it was a legitimate opportunity to compete for a spot on the roster.
  4. If the Colts want Hoyer as a mentor, then why pay him $4 million a year to ride the bench as a consultant? Why not make Hoyer the quarterbacks coach for $4 million and free up a roster spot for a potential future star that's not a 34 year old career backup? Honest question. I am curious as to the logic that went into this hire.
  5. Have you ever caught yourself wondering where NFL players come from?
  6. It was a fair analogy: Mediocre people with a lot of experience are still mediocre. What is this Holy Grail of NFL experience at all costs - even if the player's NFL experience was unremarkable? I will give you a football analogy instead. In 2000, I was in a bar with many others having this same discussion. Ole Miss was getting pummeled by West Virginia in their bowl game. Ole Miss' senior QB wasn't getting the job done. The Ole Miss offense was a mess. The senior QB was very much loved by the fans, but several of us had seen enough. At the half, some of us at the bar wanted to see the freshman QB get a chance. Others at the bar said, "No! You don't take out a senior QB with experience to put a freshman that hasn't played all year into a bowl game!" The game was just a complete train wreck disaster the 3rd quarter, and Coach Cutcliffe finally put in the freshman QB with no experience to start the 4th. The Ole Miss freshman threw three touchdowns that quarter. That freshman now has two Superbowl rings. Sometimes talent and raw ability is a better performer than mediocrity with more experience.
  7. a·nal·o·gy noun a comparison between two things, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification.
  8. Lindsay Lohan, Kirk Cameron, and Ralph Maccio have acting experience.
  9. Who is going to be 2nd string QB tomorrow after Walker was cut today? Any announcements?
  10. I announced in my first post here that I was going to root for the Colts because I watched Kelly for two years at Ole Miss. I also explained that I have never had a pro team since the closest pro team to my hometown was 6 hours away. I would love to finally have a pro team I enjoy watching so I can enjoy both pro and college all week. I apologize for being a newcomer here and acknowledge your invitation to leave as soon as possible. I do not know Chad Kelly. I have never seen him in person except from the stands of a SEC game. I was unaware that one had to be family or friends of someone to cheer for them and to be a fan. Kelly is a piece of trash, is he? Are we talking about Kelly peacefully sitting on someone's couch and then leaving? Or about the time he ran onto the field to check on his little brother whose head was being kicked by a mob of opposing players? Or how about the infamous AK-47 incident in which only a single bar bouncer out of a crowd of people heard Kelly say he was going to spray the place with his rifle? If other players can get a chance at redemption, then surely we can let #6 Piece-of-Trash Kelly have a go.
  11. While being defended by a nobody line corps and throwing completions to nobody receivers? I can't wait to see Kelly play with the somebodies where he belongs.
  12. I am on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico. 212-1 is blacked out for my area. I woke up excited and waited all day to watch this game. Why do they black out the game in the Gulf of Mexico? Is it to encourage the Colts/Bengals fans to come ashore and then catch a flight to the stadium?
  13. The police said his toxicology came back clean. He must have taken something that doesn't show up on a drug screen. He needs a minder. Can they assign the water boy or Phillip Walker to babysit him?
  14. It's petty and dumb that Kelly is benched for two games. For what? He sat on someone's couch for a couple minutes until getting hit with a vacuum cleaner hose and then he left. If he came and sat on my couch, I'd offer him a beer and snacks.
  15. Thanks for the nice welcome! I have been lurking here a bit during preseason and the fans here seem like a good community. I grew up in a place where the nearest pro team was 6 hours away, so I need a team to root for.
  16. I am a brand new Colts fan because of Chad Kelly. I watched him for two years at Ole Miss. I watched him put up Playstation numbers against Alabama two seasons in a row. He is fearless and fun to watch. One of his best QB traits is keeping his cool after a bad play. Also, I love how he stands his ground and makes a beautiful throw a split secong before getting smashed by a linebacker. He has guts and determination. This guy sums Kelly up really well. https://amp.indystar.com/amp/2114372001 Doyel: With Andrew Luck gone, bad-boy QB Chad Kelly is more than Colts reclamation project "Maybe the Colts were doing someone a favor when they signed this kid. Themselves."
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