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  1. Brissett is very articulate. Very well spoken.
  2. You're right. Brissett is amazing and Kelly is high school.
  3. What we thought. Brag about your credentials but then if someone asks then none of our business.
  4. Like saying Brissett is any good over and over?
  5. The Colts would destroy the Pats with Kelly as QB. The Colts have a great team this year. Wasted with a talentless QB.
  6. If you spent your childhood in a locker room, then why are you so attached to Brissett? You should be able to recognize talent.
  7. yeah. The other two are way more accurate passers and better runners. Lawl
  8. If you are bringing "Game Manager" into the argument then there is no better game manager or reader of defenses than Kelly. So which do you prefer... A game manager that can't throw? Or a game manager that can throw and run?
  9. If your argument is that he was playing vs 3rd string defense, you also have to acknowledge that his offense was also 3rd string. And still again, would those passes have been any less on the money had Kelly been passing to 1st string receivers?
  10. Would Kelly's passes have been any less accurate if he were throwing to 1st string receivers? Is everyone on that field not wearing a professional football NFL uniform? Would Kelly's runs have been any slower with the 1st string line protecting him?
  11. Chad Kelly is not Satan incarnate. His teammates always like him and trust him. He has their respect. He's 25 and likes to drink when he's not playing ball. He illegally sat on someone's couch. So what? Kelly didn't illegally sell weapons to Iran to fund a secret war in Central America. He didn't murder over a million Iraqis. Jesus H. You people think a 25 year old guy sitting on a couch is somehow unforgiveable? It's quarterback of a GAME, not the fate of all our lives FFS. Just let the guy play. He will kill it. Kelly has more talent in his pinky finger than Brissett.
  12. If you're gonna gamble, though, it may as well be a gamble for a Super Bowl and not to be mere average.
  13. Never seen him play? Apparently not.
  14. https://www.1075thefan.com/blogs/kevins-corner/colts-coverage/colts-looking-further-develop-quarterback-chad-kelly "INDIANAPOLIS – This time last year, when Chad Kelly took the practice field with the Denver Broncos, he was one play away from being a starting quarterback." ------------------------------ What a waste of opportunity and talent. You have a QB that could crush the opposition, yet you have Brissett that throws for 150 yds a game.
  15. So normally if a player isn't great in college then he's not going to suddenly become a Hall of Famer by going pro. Yet he's a really good game manager and popular in the locker room.
  16. His college stats weren't very good either.
  17. I think the NFL should just take off the helmets and pads and play rugby. NFL 2020 - Millennial Edition
  18. Whoa...! I just figured it all out and it seems that, in fact, Antonio Brown is a genius merely pretending to be daft. All these semi literate tweets are going to be AB's proof to the court that the writen contract can not be enforced by the Patriots because AB is too stupid to read and be a lawful party to a contract and therefore he gets his money based solely upon the verbal agreement! Brilliant!
  19. Teams need a good game manager as QB.
  20. #3 - The fact that you found it worthy of your time to read and comment on how uncool you thought it was. Antonio Brown has been in the news a lot recently. People in the news are newsworthy or else our esteemed networks would not publish it. It is also of note because he is a college graduate millionaire that is taking 303 university English yet can not form a thought in the written word worthy of a 2nd grader.
  21. For asking for help with an English paper. Lol https://www.foxnews.com/sports/antonio-brown-mocked-english-paper-help.amp
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