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  1. If college football and preseason football don't account for anything, then the NFL should just recruit out of high school like basketball.
  2. Yeah the Bears fans were not happy about their QB situation. When Kelly was playing, one Bears fan posted, "Man, the Colts 4th string QB looks better than our starter!"
  3. Depends on how Jacoby looks. An 0-2 start isn't necessarily the QB's fault. I wouldn't expect anything to happen so fast unless Jacoby was a complete disaster on the field. I think JB gets a few games as starter regardless. I am ready for this game to see how the Colts look.
  4. When the Colts were playing the Bears couple weeks back, I went over to their open gameday thread and the Bears fans were discussing how to get Chad Kelly to Chicago.
  5. But at least college is why all the NFL players are so scholarly.
  6. WTH? Chocolate pecan pie? Are y'all sure you're not from Texas? Wait... If you were from TX it would be deep fried chocolate pecan pie.
  7. Yeah. It's a shame to watch great people devolve instead of quiting while ahead. Ali, Tyson, Tiger, Serena, Ringo. A damn shame.
  8. If they play that song when Kelly takes the field I will lose my s***
  9. It really doesn't have mud in it. They just call it that. It's really made with soybeans, mosquitos, and broken dreams.
  10. There was another guy once with behavioral issues. He led his team from the cellar to championships and glory. Fact.
  11. That's a very wild stab, indeed. Anyone that makes fun of Kaepfronick = Trump base. Do you also have an opinion as to my likely favorite kind of pie?
  12. And yet they won't even give Krapernick a measly $80 million a year.
  13. Where did that list come from? Somebody's buttcrack? Jacksonville, Charlotte, and El Paso are larger than Boston? Atlanta? Miami? I think that list is only counting population within the city limits proper. The satellite metro areas and suburbs make up a significant population.
  14. The radio here is saying the Colts are moving to New Jersey.
  15. He is a defense atty and Chad Kelly is a reprehensible career criminal of the worst kind (lol). So, I think it's completely germane to the thread topic.
  16. It's very telling that you don't want Kelly on the team rather than have to see differing opinions. Why are you in this thread if you dislike him so much?
  17. This is the actual video from the bar incident. images (1).mp4
  18. I think second chances are fine, too. Boys will be boys. Is the NFL supposed to be full of saints? You take a bunch of large young men injecting testosterone and reward them for pummelling each other on Sundays, yet expect them to be boy scouts? They're football players, not heart surgeons. It's like I always laugh when people get upset about Marines drinking and fighting. Well what do they expect by taking 18 year olds and training them to be aggressive? A bunch of nancies that go to church suppers and play Bingo tournaments?
  19. What an extremely dangerous man. How can anyone ever trust him after such a vile and malicious act? Kelly walked into a home and sat on their sofa for a couple of tense minutes until leaving the house. The homeowners were obviously terrified as evidenced by the fact that they hit Kelly several times with a vacuum cleaner hose. If not for being Jim Kelly's nephew, Chad would surely be serving life in Federal Supermax for this heinous act of moral turpitude. https://www.usatoday.com/sports/nfl/arrests/ What about these guys? How many pages upon pages of NFL arrests do you count? Aggravated Assault, murder, rape, domestic violence... Yet we can all agree that Unlawful Intent to Sit on a Couch must be the most egregious offense imaginable.
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