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  1. colt1 I have seen every pass that Chad Kelly has thrown in college and preseason. Gardner Minshew is from my hometown saw nearly every pass he threw in HS and his last year at WSU. I would take Gardner over JB and I would take Kelly over Gardner. Kelly and Gardner are more accurate that JB. Kelly has one of the strongest arms in the league and that is not up for debate. Can he improve of course Chad can. Kelly was not any trouble at Ole Miss despite what you hear. The coaches and CB are caught kind of like the Jags were with Foles. The paid all this money and should not have. They are so scared that Kelly will show up and show out that they will have to answer for their decisions. Management has to show some courage.
  2. They sign Hoyer for three years. Say Jacoby plays well this season he goes into the market. The Colts match the offer or let's him walk. If he walks, Kelly starts or they draft a QB. They still have the backup QB in Hoyer. They have Kelly here to make sure that Jacoby does not demand an outrageous salary. Kelly starts next season at a bargain salary. They take the extra money they don't have to spend on a QB and start getting all the pieces in place for a great franchise. Great defensive players and great offensive tools. So many teams overspend on the QB and forsake the other parts of the puzzle. Dak looked great in Dallas because of the offensive line and a very good running back. Kelly can run circles around him as far as talent goes. When Romo was injured they had extra money to spend on the rest of the team. Dak turned down $30 million. He is not worth the money. Jacoby will ask for a lot next year. He is not worth it. Colts insurance policy Kelly or a draft choice with a vet at the backup position. Just my two cents.
  3. That was debunked. The bouncer said that he told the dispatcher that to get the police there faster. Most everyone here thinks that Chad got an easier road because he was Jim Kelly's nephew. It was also a curse. Any misstep made the news. Also any accomplishment was "Oh of course he should accomplish that he's Jim Kelly's nephew. When he charged the field at his brothers game, he was joined by several others. He didn't throw any punches or anything else. Just hollered at some people to get off his brother. Nothing would have come of it but he was Jim Kelly's nephew. So it made the news. He had a positive environment at Ole Miss, he was the man, and he study game film all the time. You hardly saw him out on the town. The environment was not as positive in Denver as it was at Ole Miss or as I believe it is in Indy.
  4. I'm new to this board but I have an opinion on Chad Kelly. I have facts to back it up. Chad won the punt, pass and kick national champ four times. Sports science rated him as the most accurate passer that they had ever tested. When he was sixteen he could throw a football further than two thirds of the NFL QB's. When at Ole Miss, he lived and breathed football. He had breakfast one morning with the Mannings, Eli and Archie. As Eli was about to get up from the table to leave, he told Chad that he had a turning point his freshman year. Eli was arrested for a public intoxication. He looked at Chad and said that he had to make a decision. Do I want to be known as a partier or as a good QB and team mate. Chad was never any trouble at Ole Miss. He had a support group around him that had his best interest at heart. He went to Central America on missions to build water systems when it was not mandatory. When he got to Denver he didn't have the support that he needed. Most leaders of a team would have seen the issue at Von's party and protected not only Chad but any other members of the team. It was kind of odd that didn't happen the night, Chad got in trouble. I have seen every snap he has taken at Ole Miss, Denver and now with the Colts, he is the best QB on the team. Chad made a statement to the announcers before the Chicago game. He said his job was to help the other guys on this team put out the best tape possible. So they have a chance at having a job. Tells you how far he has come. So the Colts, can trade and bring in all these other QB's, but Chad in a fair comparison has a stronger arm, more accurate arm (sports science tested), and does not give a flip about his own safety to win a game. What else do you want. The Colts organization will support him where others have failed.
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