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  1. CK is going to surprise you if Ballard has the balls to actually play him the final two weeks.
  2. Nah, I'm over it. Not much point in pumping up a PS quarterback is there. It's out of my system...unless he's ever put on the 53. Then i'll be back to being as insufferable as I've been the past few weeks. We might can still win the division with JB and then we'll see what happens in the playoffs.
  3. Enjoy being complacent and continue making excuses for our boring, mediocre QB's subpar performances as the season moves on. This forum is clearly an echo chamber.
  4. My son isn't a dips*it like Chad. Don't insult me like that.
  5. "so you think you know more than" is 100% a fallacy.
  6. Keep rocking that concensus gentium fallacy bro.
  7. I guess I should go talk about our linebackers or something. QB is what matters, especially now that No. 12 is gone.
  8. He has a better chance of winning games as a starter than JB does. He's the better quarterback on the field. Kelly has beaten the absolute hell out of people everywhere he's gotten on the field as the starter. Led his team to the JUCO National Championship, led crappy Ole Miss to a Sugar Bowl win and twice beat the No.1 ranked team in the country. JB hasn't done anything except be at the right place at the right time twice in the NFL and be a mediocre college QB. But ya, there's no way Chad Kelly, the guy who has the highest score EVER recorded by SportsScience, beating out guys li
  9. How do you know that? The FO set it up so that teams were already set before Kelly hit the wire. You think the Steelers would have still chosen Lynch if Kelly were available on the waiver wire? hahahahah no freaking way. Lynch is an aggressively awful QB.
  10. For the record, I'm not bad mouthing JB as a human being. He's obviously a great leader and teammate and is a good citizen and I'm the one who said that he's smart, which started all this. I just think he has no business being the starting QB of a playoff contender.
  11. Pretend Colts fan? Because I have an extremely strong opinion that Kelly is a better QB than JB? Dude I'm from Zionsville. Get over yourself.
  12. Nope. Settling for mediocrity doesn’t appeal to me. We’re an 8-8 team with Captain Game Manager out there.
  13. Joe Montana? I’ve said I think he’s a better quarterback than JB, not better than any other starting QB in the league. I will still maintain that opinion. JB has never kicked anyone’s butt by himself at any level except high school probably. Kelly has the more elite skill set and the higher ceiling. I’m still unclear how some of you fail to see that. JB is a better leader, better person, and is seemingly much smarter, which is why he and Kelly are sitting where they are right now. JB isn’t the answer. By god I wish he was because that means we’d be domina
  14. Or perhaps the NFL teams who needed QB’s on the waiver wire already got theirs before Wednesday afternoon when Kelly was put on the wire? And thank god they did.
  15. Why would I be upset? I want him on the Colts. I’m not a Giants or a Jets fan.
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