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  1. Correct. He doesn’t look like a backup when he plays. He’s the real deal and assuming he stays clean off the field he’s going to be a stud with some team. Just hope it’s with us.
  2. And not a bit of that had to do with lack of talent but rather his baggage.
  3. I’m pretty sure that every team is aware of a guy who put up the 3rd most total yards in a single season in SEC history and a guy who has the highest score every recorded by SportsScience, beating out scores by guys like Brees, Mahomes, Mayfield, and Goff. They know who he is.
  4. Really speaks to the talent level he has that he isn’t gearing up for the XFL right now. He just looks like an NFL starting QB. He has that, dare I say, swag about him and has that sort of quick twitch athleticism and rifle arm that you traditionally see with NFL starters. It’s a look that sets them apart from backups. An “it” factor. He has it. Watch him lead a scoring drive and it’s obvious. That’s why I’ve been intrigued by him since the first time I saw him in the first preseason game. I’d puke if he goes elsewhere and becomes a stud and we’re stuck with an average game manager.
  5. You’re acting like JB has ever actually earned a starting spot. Darnold at least earned his spot. The only thing JB has ever accomplished in the NFL is being a second string QB who has twice been in the right place at the right time.
  6. Trouble with the law going back to high school? He’s been arrested twice. Once for getting in a bar fight when he was 21 and then the walking into the wrong home crap in Denver. Neither of which were felonious such as things done by Cam Newton or Jameis Winston (*cough*FSUcoverup*cough*)
  7. And that’ll still be your take if the Colts add him to the 53?
  8. lol, as if that has anything to do with his actual talent as opposed to his off the field issues. honest to god, if you think Brissett would rack up nearly 800 yards and 91 points in two games against Nick Saban defenses*, I’ve got a bridge for you to buy. Brissett didn’t even put up 200 yards a game against teams like Old Dominion or Troy. Kelly is much, much more talented of a QB than Brissett. He was literally the most accurate QB that Sports Science ever tested. That includes Brees, Mahomes, Big Ben, Mayfield. Polian said he was the most talented QB of his entire draft class. ”Swag” is just an untrustworthy dope. That’s why no one wanted him. *the only other QB to EVER have over 750 yards in 2 games against Saban was Drew Brees
  9. Only 5 teams had fewer yards than we did. The offense would be a hell of alot better with a more effective QB. JB isn’t the answer. Great dude. Great teammate. Great leader. Average to below average QB. We aren’t winning a playoff game with JB.
  10. Probably would have kept us from having to depend on a 4th and 1 conversion to win the game. Imagine if we had a QB capable of those sort of numbers to accompany our defense.
  11. I didn't say it was dispositive of anything, just saying I don't think he has that sort of arm talent to get 300 yards in the air.
  12. Well at least Wilson did it in college routinely. JB only threw for 300 yards ONCE in college. Wilson did it 14 times. I honestly just don't think he has the arm talent to do it. Comparing college to NFL is apples to oranges mostly, but if he couldn't do it in college what makes us think he has it in him to do it at this level?
  13. Those 146 passing yards really inspired me yesterday.
  14. Well you can't make the evaluation as far as playing against NFL starters since one has and one hasn't. But if you're just looking at talent, I think that's measurable when you compare their college careers. Kelly was twice as good as JB was in college against much better competition. If we're talking about outright talent, I think Kelly wins. He put up 4,000 yards passing and 500 yards rushing in the SEC. That's obscene. If we're talking about brains and character, it's clearly JB, which is why JB is in his spot and Kelly isn't.
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