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  1. I don't know alot about all of their new talent on both sides of the ball. I know Kitchens coached below the coordinator position but I don't know much about his philosophy or his demeanor. I don't know if Mayfield is the real deal or not. I don't know what the win/loss record will be. I do know this however, in the 20+ years I've been following this sport I have never seen a rookie HC in his first year with a new team shock the league. I believe it would take at least 8 games before the team can develop real chemistry on the field. Until that happens Freddie can have the best game plan and still come up short. My opinion only of course, I'm no expert. He might be the chosen one finally arrived but I am skeptical. My gut feeling is there were too many personnel moves at the same time as coaching / playbook / scheme changes. That might take awhile to get clicking.
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