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  1. .......@ Mr Football. If your post was the funniest post some poor excuse has ever read, what does that say about that unfortunate soul.....other than he/she doesn't read too often. I don't blame you for getting upset at that particular article. Your mistake was believing that you could share your thoughts without getting blindsided by someone in a desperate search for a life. You probably thought that surely a true Colts fan would understand where you were coming from. A lot of us did, and while people might disagree with your degree of displeasure, it's no cause to be ridiculed for saying ho
  2. Definitely Tebow. I would keep Painter and use him to return kickoffs. He'd be instructed not to take a knee, run straight up the middle, and take it to the house. Of course, he might get blasted a time or 2, but I'm willing to take that chance.
  3. Be prepared to fork over a "financial apology" once you've "disrespected" him.
  4. A lot of people feel that Dungy was overrated, and he may well have been. Peyton covered up so much, it's kind of hard to gauge. Without him, Caldwell has been completely exposed.
  5. LOL @ LUVTHESHOE...............although I disagree. I think his parents allow him to have an opinion at home. He's just not allowed to express it.............
  6. I HATE what Jim Caldwell has done to the Colts. The man is a "stepford" coach doing the bidding of a man in desperate need of a 12 step program. What I really hate is a person who continually posts defending this indefensible clown of a coach. He says things like, "Did Caldwell miss that tackle?, or, "Did Caldwell throw that interception?" I guess it never dawned on him that under his defense, NO coach should be fired because there are no coaches actually making the mistakes on the field, just the players. When he constantly tells us how Caldwell got us to the Superbowl, or "coached" us to the
  7. I heard the Caldwell to Penn State rumor differently. Apparently, the NCAA is FORCING Penn State to hire him. It's a new version of the death penalty, only harsher. This man would call a timeout to freeze his own kicker.
  8. @LUVTHESHOE..........Since these are the same group of bozos that paid $4 million to Kerry Collins to come visit us this season, I can assure you that no one on the coaching staff will be fired tomorrow. I wouldn't be shocked to see someone like the assistant equipment manager get the hook, just to make it look like they're capable of making changes. Unfortunately, it appears that Caldwell and Polian (and the fruit of his loins) are joined at the hip and won't be leaving until at least this season is painfully over. I'm asking you as a fellow suffering Colts' fan to please reconsider your deci
  9. If Jim Caldwell gets fired (or resigns) at the end of the year, does anyone honestly believe that another NFL team would hire him as their head coach?
  10. I don't blame bill polian for this, I blame Jack Daniels
  11. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, then what's the definition of rehearsing?
  12. The thing about coach Caldwell is that you either really like him, or, you really dislike him. There's not much middle ground with him..............I'm really not a fan of his, but I'm more than willing to lay a lot of the blame for this season on polian. His (and son's) drafting ability as of late has been sub-par to be generous. Also, bringing in Kerry Collins proves to me that he's lost it............
  13. Kerry Collins is getting paid millions to do nothing. I'd put him back there with instructions not to fair catch, run straight up the middle, and take it to the house..........
  14. @Jaric............My post wasn't directed at you. I apologize for the confusion...............
  15. I agree with Cain Marko about not being surprised at all about our record. Once I knew Peyton was out, I knew it was lights out. Polian has been exposed. In utter desperation, he signs Kerry Collins. This is not the work of a genius. It's a good thing JaMarcus isn't answering his phone, or we might have had him....and I'm only half-joking about that. Peyton has carried this team for a decade. They literally should name the MVP trophy.....the Manning trophy, for the MVP of the league........
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