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  1. No chance. We already got Marcus Johnson, now let's get a WR in the draft and we'll be ok. No need for Percy Harvin
  2. It wouldn't be silly to trade up to get a top talent at our biggest position of need. So no.
  3. I wouldn't really want to get him. His skills are replicated in many of our receivers. I would rather focus on getting 2 or so receivers from the draft. If the draft is over and we don't get 2 receivers, then I would want to get him if he is cut by then
  4. I would absolutely do it for a 4th, or a 4th and a 6th, or a 3rd.
  5. This shouldn't have been unpredictable. Anyone who understands how Ballard thinks shouldn't be too surprised.
  6. So you'd rather have Kinlaw and some money than Buckner? And remember, it's not Kinlaw or Buckner, it's a chance at Kinlaw or Buckner for sure
  7. Big, big win for the Colts here. Not only did the Texans almost give one of the best WRs in the game away, but this also gives us more leverage draft wise because now the Cardinals may not pick a WR in the draft anymore.
  8. It's intellectually lazy to just look at the results and then, if it's bad, demand that the team fires everyone. The process is working. The reason the results haven't happened other than 2 years ago is obviously because we haven't recovered from one of the best QBs in the league retiring in his prime. Anyone who looks at the how and why instead of just the what can see that
  9. None of these guys are as good as Deshaun Watson though, so that's a moot point
  10. I understand your point but don't phrase it like that. That makes it sound as if he's disappointed or has played very badly. He's just been injured
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