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  1. I understand your point but don't phrase it like that. That makes it sound as if he's disappointed or has played very badly. He's just been injured
  2. There is no scenario in which we are eliminated from playoff contention this week.
  3. No it doesn't, it means that we didn't lose the tiebreaker, so we aren't done. Tennessee isn't a threat and won't be in the picture if we beat them next week
  4. No we didn't. Head to head we split it, meaning it goes to division games now. if Houston loses to Tennessee at least once, and we beat the Jaguars, then we'll have the tiebreaker
  5. Well Jacoby did go through his progressions, but clearly no one was open. He had all day to throw back there but no one was open
  6. ...and then it got over? That's assuming the conclusion, that the season is over which is what the post was about anyways
  7. So is Tom Brady. Checkdowns and game managing wins games, even if he's not good
  8. I saw that, but I didn't hear any "venom about the racist NFL". I mean, if one is going to accuse him with strong words like "spewing venom about the racist NFL", I hope there's at least something to back that up.
  9. Please share the video of him doing that. I have not seen that
  10. Is it reasonable that they sprang this out of nowhere, booked a workout with 5 days notice and refused to change the time? Like, I understand that Kaepernick probably should've given more notice, but that's a little minor compared to the dumpster fire of an organization of a workout this has been. And I kinda get why Kaepernick did it too. He was already fearful that the whole thing was just a rigged stunt to get the NFL out of trouble in Kaepernick's lawsuit. By demanding that Kaepernick sign a wonkish, non-standard liability waiver, by not allowing Kaepernick to film his own workout, by the weird organization of the workout (including getting Hue Jackson to conduct the workout), and by not scheduling the workout on a Tuesday (when most free agent workouts are conducted) and scheduling it on a Saturday (when most GMs and scouts are out scouting college football) and refusing to schedule it on a different date, I'd say they didn't do themselves any favors
  11. Hand injuries are probably a little worse for basketball players than RBs, I'm guessing. Other than carrying the ball, Mack doesn't really need his hands very much, he just needs a functional hand that can apply blunt force to squeeze a ball. In basketball, the hands are used with much more nuance in shooting and handling the ball. You need better motor skills and more responsive hands to do those things well.
  12. Very sad. I don't think it should be as bad as Bo's, but regardless it's not something good to hear. He was looking good, I hope he regains his form when (if? ) he plays in the NFL.
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