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  1. Oh goodness. I think I remember one article Hanzus wrote last year or 2 years ago gushing about Tom Brady. Not saying he doesn't deserve praise, but it was so sappy it made me gag
  2. I'd do a 2nd and 4th for sure, if that's all it takes. But I don't think that will be all it takes. If an opportunity is that good I would take it, but otherwise no, especially cause I don't think we really have a big weakness at RB like many people in the forum have said
  3. I would say it's 50/50. I honestly can't decide at all. The latest report has said the Colts have quiet optimism, but the nature of the injury seems to be unclear even to the doctors, and that's never good. I think it's honestly just anyone's guess
  4. I hope you realize that this is a very ignorant comment. Luck lacerated his kidney, broke his ribs, and partially tore his abdomen against the Broncos a few years back. He still finished the game. He has played with a torn labrum since I believe week 9 of 2015 if my memory serves me correctly. And mind you, that was way before we fixed our o line. It is downright laughable to even suggest that Luck isn't a tough guy. The shoulder injury took long to come back from for 2 reasons. One was that he played with it for so long, it made it so much worse. If you play with an injury for that long, it can severely change how your muscle works. When you play injured, you have to change the way you use that muscle. For example, recently I hurt my shoulder playing basketball. I couldn't shoot without pain, so to compensate my body changed how I shoot to put less stress on the injured part of my shoulder. My body changed my form so I could keep playing. That doesn't lead to high performance. Eventually I just stopped playing basketball for a week so it could get back to normal. So when you play injured, the injured part doesn't get developed since it doesn't get used, since the player has to compensate for the injury by throwing differently and using the shoulder differently. The second reason is that the Colts wanted to fix it for good. I'm sure Luck could've played again. But they wanted to make sure he played with 0 pain, so that he can throw naturally, and not with a changed form like how I previously explained. They valued his long term health over throwing him back in a 2017 campaign that was already lost to start with. Ultimately, you can see Luck is a competitor. You can see how not playing really wore on him, and you can see how happy he was when he got back on the field. Luck loves to play, and he loves to win. So it is just asinine to suggest that Luck doesn't have a desire to play. But he must use his head and realize that it's not the best thing for him to go out there and rush the recovery.
  5. Ohhhh, oh right I forgot about that
  6. Surprised he got attention from Odell. He's a fifth rounder from last year, I didn't think anyone but Colts fans knew about him, unless they've really been paying attention to the hype he's been having. I think with Fountain injured we may just stick with 5 WRs
  7. "The rivalry is back on" was one of the most boss moves!
  8. I'm always in favor of paying your guys. That said, I think Michael Thomas is overrated, but whatever
  9. Your idea of fun and my idea of fun are 2 very different ideas...... for example, thinking about another season without Andrew Luck.........
  10. If you're specifically trying to target an area, usually that comes at the expense of getting the best angle for a regular tackle. So there's that. But the other thing is that that would literally apply to any injury to a high profile person in the league.
  11. The fact that there's that much concern that people are talking about drafting a QB in high rounds next year tells more about the people than the actual injury. So don't base your concern levels on reactions from the fans.
  12. K fine: "Anytime Andrew Luck has an injury, I'm gonna speculate that we're all being lied to and it's secretly some big injury... because reasons"
  13. That's not "all a team needs", but it's not nothing. You're also leaving out the factor that we started slow because Luck had never played a game in 1 and a half years. The reps were important cause they got him back to speed. Plus, new head coach. But the main point is in the past when he was playing with the shoulder injury, he barely practiced and still played like a Pro Bowler. So it's not completely unfounded or wishful thinking that Luck "is so awesome that him missing a few practices here and there" won't have a disastrous effect on his play
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