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  1. Should be fun, it'll be good for our line to go up against Garrett and our secondary get reps in against some really good receivers.
  2. I haven't turned on ESPN in years, and this is why. Shock jocks for ratings, nothing more. NFLN is my go to for football news. Embarassing.
  3. In the Cover-2 you don't need a lockdown all world corner. You just need a guy who doesn't beat. Which is why I can't see them taking a guy with the first or second pick.
  4. They're an edge rusher opposite Houston to be Top 5 in the league un my opinion. Year two should see a big jump.
  5. I'd rather have a cobra in my bed at night than go up against Houston twice a year.
  6. With where the division is now(Patriots depleted, Chargers lines a mess, Steelers in freefall, Chiefs with no defense, most other teams building up) there really isn't any excuse as to why this team can't make the AFCCG at minimum. Things have lined up quite nicely.
  7. I imagine he's put some feelers to Ebron's agent about numbers for the next contract, and with the way free agency has gone, it makes no sense to spend that kind of money on a TE when we have a plethora of young guys about to come up for new deals. So I can see why you would think TE may just end up being the pick.
  8. And Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu and Rodney Harrison and Ronnie Lott and Darren Woodson....I think everyone gets the point by now. Perennial winning seasons and elite defenses. It was suicide going over the middle against those secondaries.
  9. Touchdown wise I'm sure they'll go down but I feel like his targets and yards will be similar, you still utilize a TE of his set, regardless of the other players you bring in.
  10. I can't see them going offense unless they have a extremely high graded receiver still on board. I'm convinced it'll be a d-lineman.
  11. I think the holes are exposed more so due to lack of experience and coaching then actual talent level. Pagano was always in over his head against the top teams I felt and Reich is just getting into the grove of things with this being his first year as a coach in the league going up against the Belichick's and Reid's of the world who have been doing this for a long time as the chief decision maker.
  12. Ballard wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't inquire, I think he made the right decision given the overall body of work and cost between Ford and Houston.
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