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  1. Then why are they sending their top scouts to watch QBs? Literally all year they've done this.
  2. Did you actually watch the video from The Herd? Because it basically proves my point, every division leader in football has a franchise QB. That's not a coincidence. We have a backup, and it shows, we will never win this division, or a playoff game, with JB playing quarterback. I see that, and Chris Ballard saw it before any of us did, probably before the year started because he's had his scouts watching guy like Burrow, Love, Herbert, and Eason ALL YEAR LONG. There's no doubt he's gonna take the QB of the future, the real question is who, and are they gonna move up to do it.
  3. No amount of skill players will make Jacoby Brissett a better quarterback, unfortunately that's not how it works. He still has to be able to diagnose and read a defense, lead receivers, throw guys open, put the ball in places where only his man can get it, no matter how good a receiver isn't open every play, in fact that's what makes some receivers great, their ability to win in contested catch situations. That is all null and void if your QB never makes the throw, or makes the throw seconds too late, in the NFL seconds matter and JB is just too slow in recognition and decisiveness.
  4. So you think Jacoby Brissett is gonna win a SB? That's what you're saying if you don't think we should go another direction, attempt to draft and develop a guy with the eventual potential to win a SB.
  5. They don't have to be Luck, they just have to better than Jacoby Brissett, with the potential to lead the team to a SB. There are several guys in the 2020 draft that fit that description.
  6. This. Whoever they draft in 2020, and they are most definitely taking someone, will be in a position to succeed out of the gate. JB just isn't that dude.
  7. Is one more WR gonna help JB read defenses? Is it gonna allow him to average more than 168 yards a game and less than ONE touchdown? C'mon, I get that you've planted your flag with JB, but it's abundantly clear he isn't the future, he's been a career backup for a reason. He's a Grade A Backup QB in the NFL, nothing more. Yes, I fully believe that a guy like Justin Herbert or Jalen Hurts would come in and do much better than JB has with this set of weapons.
  8. Who did he have? Dontrelle Inman? Lol the same caliber of guys is what I'm getting at, it's not like he had AB or OBJ and they're no longer on the roster, so JB is at some kind of inherent disadvantage. It's a level playing field, actually JB has had the starting oline intact all year, Luck didn't til the 2nd half of the season.
  9. He's behind Jacoby Brissett and Brian Hoyer man, that's all you need to know. Frank Reich and Chris Ballard have been doing this their entire adult lives, and doing it well, you don't think they have the recognition to see if we have a starting QB already on the roster, on the practice squad? Seriously? Man, you guys are unreal. Same people that keep buying $30 worth of Powerball tickets every week, because "Somebody has to win".
  10. You don't think Reich is calling pass plays wih deeper routes in them? He most definitely is, I can see them clear as day. Brissett identifying and making the throws is another thing altogether. We have a large sample size, between 2017 and this year, and it's apparent that Jacoby Brissett isn't a quarterback that's going to go out and win you games. I saw at least 4-5 plays last night where an open guy either A) The read was missed altogether or B) The read was made way too late. That's not on playcalling. JB has to be able to make throws at times when his guys don't have complete separation,
  11. I agree 100%. That's gotta be the number 1 priority. There's really nobody out there that would be an obvious upgrade on the FA market, unless they wanted to take a shot on a guy like Josh Rosen after Miami drafts their guy. The 2020 draft is about 6-7 guys deep tho imo, players that have legitimate potential to start in the NFL, several with the right landing spots could be stars. I like Jacob Eason a lot, he was the top ranked high school quarterback in his class coming into college, and it shows. He's every bit of 6'6 and 235, and he has a really live arm. He struggles with deci
  12. Luck was practically league MVP with these guys. I'd say what we really need is a competent quarterback.
  13. That's why a ton of mocks have us taking guys like Jalen Reagor in the 1st, a guy that can stretch the field with 4.2-4.3 speed. Kinda silly tho when Parris Campbell will eventually be healthy, and we will eventually have a QB that can actually detect when a guy is open. For now, I'd rather grab a big X receiver like Lamb, Higgins, or Shenault, would compliment TY and Parris perfectly.
  14. You have no business ever laughing at anything I post. Ever. Especially when you've sat and pumped up Brissett for the last 10 weeks. 98% of your posts are laugh-worthy. Go put on your Jacoby Brissett jersey dude.
  15. Man, I saw a play where a receiver was running acrossed the field WIDE OPEN and I kept thinking "Throw the ball!" and like 4 seconds later Brissett finally looks and sees the open guy and throws, but it's way too late. People can blame Reich all they want, but if JB is able to read a defense and make timely decisions, this game is much different.
  16. What else is he gonna do? His quarterback is a joke, he's down to a practice squad running back (that the oline is making look like Eric Dickerson), it's all that's left lol. "Let's call another pass play, so Jacoby can misread it and pump fake and scramble for a yard". No. At least the RB has a prayer to gain yardage.
  17. They will without a doubt 100% get another quarterback, whether it's in free agency, or my preference, thru the draft. 2020 is a deep QB class, there's 6-7 guys with legit star potential. I trust Ballard/Reich to go get a guy that can run this offense at a really high level.
  18. Gonna be great when the team is 8-1 making a playoff push next year with --insert generic 2020 NFL Draft quarterback-- and everyone's all like "Man, Chris Ballard is the best GM in the business" and "Reich is an offensive mastermind". Jacoby Brissett is beyond limited, it's funny that people wanna blame Reich for JB not being a good player. Reich can't call the play AND make the read AND throw to whichever receiver is open. 2/3 of that is on the QB. There are things called "reads" on passing plays...we have a guy playing quarterback that is horribly inefficient at progressing throu
  19. People blaming Ballard and Reich? Really? Luck won with these guys "that can't get open", so please stop with the "Ballard didn't do enough" crap, that's not what this is about. Luck retired 2 weeks before the season, or this team may be undefeated, again this isn't on coaching or management. Jacoby Brissett isn't able to make plays with this set of weapons, how is it Ballard's fault that the guy he had planned to utilize those weapons (the one that won Comeback Player of the Year with them) retired right before the season? Answer: it isn't. They didn't build this team for slow-*
  20. The quarterback isn't good enough to do that! Not even against this ragtag collection of clowns! JB ain't it.
  21. I'd take Herbert, Fromm, Love, Eason, and Hurts over Jacoby, with a preference being 1)Eason 2)Herbert 3)Hurts.
  22. There shouldn't be a next year, if he's the QB then something went horribly wrong. They need to draft a guy and let him win with a team that's essentially already built to win. We're a functional QB away from being a contender again. This is a better all-around team than Luck had last year, and it will be even better next year, just get a QB.
  23. Brissett would have lost that game 680 to negative 10 (5 safeties).
  24. C'mon man. You have to throw guys open, lead receivers, give them a chance to win balls, put it where only your guy can get it. JB can't do any of that with enough consistency to be successful in this league. They're gonna draft a QB, the question is who?
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