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  1. People are sleeping on Tillery. As an avid ND fan, not only am I biased lol, but I saw him play multiple times in person, and he was a game wrecker. He stood out on every play, and unlike Rashan Gary he doesn't take plays off and you'll never have to worry about his drive/motor. I'd be all for the Colts taking him somewhere in the 2nd.
  2. There's just so many variables at this point, once the league year officially starts, the picture will start to get a little more clarity. We have so much ammunition to work with, could be legitimate SB contenders next year if it pans out right. Yeah, I like the idea of hitting defense early and often. Hopefully Julian Love slips down and we can grab him with a mid round pick, but he's likely gone in the 1st three rounds. I'd love for them to go with some combo of DT, DE, WR, but would also be happy with S, CB, even LB thrown in. We need help/depth everywhere. Will be interesting
  3. Man lol don't get me started on Tillery and Julian Love, I'd like to have both. Tillery could likely be had with our 1st in the 2nd rd, and Love with the 2nd in the 2nd round. That would allow them to take either an Edge player, top safety, or elite WR with the 1st rounder, but again I'm not opposed to trading up to get a true Pro Bowl type player along the D-line.
  4. I'd be all for it, also I wouldn't be opposed to moving up for Jeffery Simmons, I think he's one of the best 3-4 players in this draft.
  5. I'm liking Rashan Gary more and more, even tho I hate everything Michigan with every fiber of my being. He is slated to run a 4.6 40 at the combine at 280lbs! That's freakish! People down his sack #'s but that wasn't what he was asked to do. I think he could be really special player at the next level, unfortunately every mock I've seen has him in the Top 10 area. I think one of the 3 Clemson DT's will make it to 26, or Simmons based off of track record. I really like Dre'Mont if we're gonna go 3T, because the ER talent will likely be 2nd tier by pick 26. I wouldn't be mad if they went S or CB
  6. I don't care whether they take Edge, DT, CB, or S as long as it's BPA and not a WR. I made a post this morning about it, there's gonna be so many WRs that are gonna slip into the 2nd and even 3rd rounds because of the depth of defensive talent and teams reaching for QBs. I'd like to have as many picks as possible, but if it meant sending our later 2nd rounder to move up and take a true stud along the D-line, I'd be okay with that. I'd love to have Oliver, Simmons, or Gary if we could get into position, because those guys are all likely top-15 picks.
  7. 1)Ed Oliver 2)Rashan Gary 3)Devin White 4)Jeffery Simmons 5)Josh Allen 6)Christian Wilkins 7)Jachai Polite 8)Montez Sweat 9)Dre'Mont Jones 10)DeAndre Baker If any of these guys fall to 26, I don't see how the Colts can pass on surefire 1st Rd defensive talent. Every pre-draft prospect ranking I've seen has these guys in the Top 15, and every one has Pro Bowl potential. I could see Haskins, Jones, Lock, and Murray coming off the board in the 1st (though I think only Haskins and Murray are 1st Rd talents), which should push some of the def
  8. Who knows? The league year, and therefore FA, kicks off way before the NFL Draft, so there could be several need areas patched before the draft. I'd say if any of the bigger FA defensive players end up hitting the market, Ballard and Co. will take a long hard look. Hypothetically, the Colts could land Clowney and Landon Collins, or Frank Clark and Clinton-Dix...that would leave a lot more real estate for the offensive skill positions in the draft. Man...this is gonna be fun lol, and it could also go the other way. We could land Lev and possibly Golden Tate or William's from SD, giving us more
  9. Would be great if Simmons fell to 26, but the kid is oozing with Pro Bowl potential, so most will probably ignore character issues and take him early. If Polite, Josh or Zach Allen, or Dre'Mont Jones are there, I think they'd all be solid additions. I think there's very little chance Ballard goes WR with that pick. I've seen a lot of mocks with them taking Onumariye and Baker, but I don't think they will ignore edge rusher, and as someone else mentioned above Julian Love will be available a little later, and he was arguably the best corner in the country collegiately.
  10. The thing about all of those mocks is that some of the players you have the Colts landing in the 2nd, 3rd, even 4th will be long gone before our picks in those rounds. While it would be great to land 1st-2nd round talent with the first 5 picks, it just isn't gonna happen. The more I read in columns by guys that know Ballard/Reich far greater than me, the more I believe that they won't end up taking a WR until the 3rd st the earliest. Ballard is gonna go defense early and often, and this is the perfect draft for that. I could see them landing one of the stud DL in the 1st, with all
  11. That's why the star system is flawed. Jerry Tillery, TeVon Coney, and Julian Love...none were 5 stars. Heck, Q Nelson was a 4 star, and he's an absolute monster. It's a bunch of old dudes that do their best to determine whether a player will pan out or not. I'd say there's just as many 5-star busts as there are 3 and 4 stars that turn out to be great NFL players. Nelson was rated by ESPN (a joke, I know) as the 10th best player at his position lol, and according to them there were 154 players better overall. Rivals had him at like 14 or 15, so they at least tried to get it right, but the 247 C
  12. Namely WR, but I'd imagine with the concentration being on the positions you highlighted, most of the quality otherwise first-round talent at WR should slip to us for one of the selections in the 2nd. I've seen a lot of mocks with the Colts selecting multiple really solid WRs. That would be interesting, but other defensive needs would have to have been filled via FA or trade. Would love to land 2 out of Butler, Metcalf, Harry, Brown, Arcega-Whiteside, Harmon, and Deebo Samuel's.
  13. The WalterFootball Mock has the Colts taking WR DK Metcalf, ILB Mack Wilson, WR Nkeal Harry, then RB Mike Weber lol...no. Never gonna happen. Offensive skill players with 3 of our first 4 picks? Does this guy know Chris Ballard? Lol. I'm not opposed to them drafting offensive players obviously, but that's a little much, and there's zero chance that Harry makes it into the 3rd round.
  14. Would love to acquire an RB with Fournette's skillset, but the durability issues are a huge red flag. Of the guys that you listed, the only two that I think will actually have availability are Britt and Parker. They're both chock full of unrealized potential, but the odds of an Ebron-type scenario working again are on the slim side. There will be a ton of WR talent that falls into the 2nd and 3rd rounds; talent that otherwise may have been graded 1st round, if it weren't for all of the defensive players eligible this year. That being said, I'd be fine signing ONE of Britt/Parker (
  15. Speaking of upgrading the SS spot, hopefully they look at Collins or Clinton-Dix. I think both guys would be good additions to the secondary. I'd prefer Collins, but I'd imagine they'll be similarly priced.
  16. My bad guys, I was definitely thinking of Christian Wilkins. Clemson has too many NFL-bound DTs lol, its confusing. Word on the street tho is that Dex is attempting to lose 10-15 lbs to add more speed to his game, so possibly a 1T-3T double whammy? He will never be fast enough for 5T, but who's expecting him to be?
  17. I'd be 108% okay with Dex Lawrence, the dude is a monster. He's that 3T that the Colts need, so why not. The odds that Ballard doesn't address the defense with that 1st pick are are somewhere around 0%. I really like Montez Sweat, feel like he's gonna be a great player at the next level.
  18. A lot of those guys are gonna fall according to basically every mock I've seen. Most mocks have 3-4 QBs going in the first and multiple WRs, that should push one of the DL/OLB prospects down to 26 hopefully. As an avid Irish fan, Jerry Tillery is an absolute animal. He reminds me of Q Nelson in that he just doesn't stop, he has an insane push/motor. Would be a great addition, imo.
  19. Simmons would be great, or Montez Sweat. With the ridiculous amount of DL talent, and the abundance of teams willing to bite on way-overvalued QBs, surely one will fall to 26? Would allow us to snag a pretty solid WR with our 1st in the 2nd, or even possibly land the CB from Penn State (can't pronounce/spell his name lol). It's gonna be one of the more entertaining offseasons, as a whole, in recent memory.
  20. Hopefully some of the bigger defensive players, Clowney, Ford, Mosley hit FA. I'd way rather make a run at several of those guys than AB or Lev. It would give Ballard more ability to go after offensive skill players in the draft if we squared away some of the defensive holes in FA. It's gonna be an extremely memorable off-season boys!
  21. He was 2nd in the league in at least 2 major statistical categories, and that's with a below average receiving corps. If they'd just get him another weapon or two, he has the ability to put up Mahomes numbers. While I don't want AB necessarily, they should definitely draft a WR in the first 3 picks, and possibly acquire the WR from the SD Chargers or even Golden Tate if the price is right. I read somewhere that Tate had a considerable amount of forced missed tackles, with consistency, the last 4 years; his YAC ability paired with a draft pick would be great for Luck.
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