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  1. Wish they were smart enough to draft BPA this year at positions of need, and sh*ttank next year hard enough to get Lawrence or Fields. That would be the ideal scenario, I'd say we would legit be a title contender their rookie year's. This all contingent upon the fact we draft well this year and plug a couple holes.
  2. Harrison Bryant is picking up serious hype, after the combine he's not gonna be there in the 6th. I agree with taking a TE somewhere, but I'd rather shoot earlier on a guy like Kmet if he goes pro or Hopkins.
  3. I'd be fine with Carr honestly, and if they took say Lamb at 13 he'd have plenty of weapons...TY, Parris Campbell, Ceedee Lamb, Mack/Hines, and Doyle +. Would depend on what he wants contract wise, he's just 28 years old (he turns 29 in March), so he should have at least 5 good years in him barring injury.
  4. I agree with a lot of that, infusion of young exciting players, not only for the team but the fanbase and ticket holders. I just don't want them to feel pressured to spend that pick on a quarterback just to get a quarterback. If a guy like Tua or Herbert somehow falls, or Ballard and Co somehow see something amazing in a guy and deems them "can't miss", then so be it. I just don't want them to take a guy and feel "eh" about him in hopes that they can create wine from water.
  5. What about trying to get a veteran QB, trade for a guy, or an FA and draft some legit skill players? Put TY, hopefully a healthy Parris Campbell, a guy like Jeudy or Lamb, and a young TE like Cole Kmet from ND or Brycen Hopkins from Purdue. I honestly think that would give us a chance to compete maybe moreso than throwing darts at guys like Herbert and Love.
  6. So...you're saying he's not worth 20 mil, Clark? (Uncle Eddy)
  7. I agree. Just doesn't seem to be their style. He stays injured tho, and even if he plays thru them most of the time, the guy is tiny and very susceptible to injury, it isn't gonna get better with age. I'd be okay moving him for a 2nd rounder honestly, in a draft like this that's loaded with WR talent. I feel like this draft will largely be offensive for us, with the exception of an early DT, DE, or CB depending on value. I wouldn't be surprised to see 3 of our first 4 picks go to QB, WR (maybe more than once), and TE or OL.
  8. Taking Jordan Love at 13 would be a horrible move imo. Bare minimum they could trade back and get another 2nd/3rd. The quality of players that will be available at 13 are gonna be legit game changers, especially if 3-4 QB's go early and push some of the talent down the board.
  9. No way he's getting Khalil Mack money. That said, I'd be comfortable signing him in the Dee Ford/Trey Flowers range of 17-18.
  10. Secondary topic, how crazy is it that the deadline is that early in the season? Also, they could trade him, or any aging player that still has a little gas in the tank, to a contending team around draft time, or even during the draft.
  11. He seems to always be injured, whether he plays thru it or not. But like you said, if they weren't able to get a 1st then it's understandable. My thoughts are that a team like Seattle or NE would greatly benefit from having a player like TY in the playoffs.
  12. Wonder why the Colts don't seem to make moves to acquire more draft capital in-season? Like the Jags unloaded Ramsey when it was clear they weren't a contender, Oakland is still reaping the benefits of their firesale, and Miami did a really good job of amassing draft picks for an overhaul imo. Just seems like guys like TY Hilton that are on the backend of their career would be prime candidates to move to a contender. In a draft as stacked as this one is at WR, it seems like this would have been the perfect time to strike, could have used the pick to take one of many stud WR's, or
  13. Can't argue with that lol. Just seems to me like some weeks he's stuff arming dudes to the ground, hitting holes with authority, and elite looking, and in other games he seems average at best...idk, maybe it's all in me head, mate.
  14. Why does Marlon look like Gale Sayers some weeks and a 3rd string JV High School player in others? I'm honestly perplexed.
  15. Dude I haven't posted on here in like a month, so you're thinking of someone else. I was simply making an observation, don't get so butthurt, "we get it, you like Jacoby". See, I can do it too.
  16. If you're gonna take a WR in the 1st, get Jerry Jeudy. People saying Lamb is better than Jeudy haven't sat down and analyzed the two, JJ is the twitchiest WR I've ever seen, his stop-go ability is beyond elite, it's legendary. He would be one of the Top 5 route runners in the NFL today, ask Daniel Jeremiah and several other NFL scouts. His numbers weren't as gaudy this year, but he's on a team with 3 other Rd1 WRs (Devonta Smith, Jaylen Waddle, and Henry Ruggs) and a RB that's a likely Day2 selection. Kid is gonna be the best WR in the league in a couple/few seasons. Screenshot this crap. It i
  17. There's a throw that Brissett will never be able to make in his career.
  18. This. He's basically a slightly upgraded Jacoby Brissett. How Georgia let Eason and Fields walk for this dude is beyond me, I think both guys -Fields especially- are better players. Don't let good be the enemy of great, right?
  19. Quarterback is the most vital, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we made a run at a FA quarterback and spent like 3 of our first 4 players on offense to try and make a short run the next few years.
  20. WithTheFirstPick.com 3 Round mock is one of the best I've seen for the Colts: 1) Javon Kinlaw IDL 2-1) Jordan Love QB 2-2) Brycen Hopkins TE 3) JK Dobbins RB A major upgrade on the dline, and a revamp on offense. Dobbins is a great 3 down back, if he lasts to the 3rd that's an incredible value. Only thing about this draft is there's no WR taken in the first 4 picks, which is worrisome to me in a draft loaded with WR talent. Maybe in this scenario it will be addressed via FA? Haven't really looked to see who was hitting the open market this offseason?
  21. I hope Jameis Winston hits FA somehow, I think he would be legit. He may throw 20+ picks, but he'll also get you 5000 yards and 30+ TDs, gotta take the bad with the good. Plus, maybe Reich can refine his craft. Draft a high end WR to go with what we've got and I think we would be formidable.
  22. Knowing my luck, JB will go out and throw for 400 and 4 the last 2 games and cement his spot, Ballard/Reich won't draft a guy and we will go 8-8 next year. Rinse/repeat.
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