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  1. Everyone on this board is so far to the left or right, it's stupid. Why does it have to be so black and white? Can't he maintain his conservative integrity, while also hiring a guy or two that may take them over the top? Does it truly have to be one way or the other? Ultra conservative or super aggressive...it's like Trump vs Clinton in here.
  2. I'd be lying to you if I said I knew the ins and outs of who's due what, or when...but I have to believe that there's more than enough cap space to keep anyone of relevance and still splurge a little? 250 mil goes a long way
  3. Yeah, my grandmother has one of those hype videos. (She also runs a 4.4 40 and hits like a Mack truck)
  4. They need to spend 250 million more!? Why are they not signing people?? Lol geeez
  5. At some point he's either gonna have to start signing guys or extending contracts, because they're well under the 89% 4-year CB threshold.
  6. Don't the Colts have to spend like 66 million more dollars to hit the 89% mark?
  7. Nah man, we signed Devin Funchess for the same amount we could've payed Lev Bell basically...and Lev will probably have more RECEIVING yards next year than Funchess lol.
  8. For people saying the Colts are at a point in the process that the Browns were a year or two ago aren't taking one thing into account: Ballard is conservative AF, and Dorsey is the epitome of aggressive. Ballard will never do what Dorsey did this offseason, never. What's sad is that the goal is to win Super Bowls, right? So, why not spend a portion of what we had, acquire some heavy hitters, and make a run at a few SB titles before Lucks arm falls off? You can't tell me this team wouldn't have competed for the SB with OBJ and Lev, and a couple of key additions on defense...you couple that with
  9. I know that he hasn't signed anyone but a let-down of a WR, coming off of an injury, all while having enough cap space to get practically whoever he wanted. I'd just like to see something aggressive for once, like the Browns. If you want it, go get it. Better hope he continues to draft ar an insane level, because FA isn't where it's coming from.
  10. It was already pretty bad, so I'd imagine bottom of the league. Pure shootouts every week, better get your Chiefs offensive skill players in fantasy.
  11. The Colts had EVERY opportunity to make these moves, and be a powerhouse this season...and Ballard signs Devin freaking Funchess? Why does he have to be SO conservative?
  12. Browns could be contenders...especially if Kareem Hunt is eligible to play next year. They're building a mini powerhouse. Ballard is too conservative to sign anyone. We're just gonna keep rolling over 100+ million every year until it disentigrates.
  13. For a 1st, a 3rd, and Jabrill Peppers...guess it didn't take two 1st rounders after all?
  14. It can't be the Bill's? They already have Gore and Shady right?
  15. I'll believe it when I see it, it was always a longshot.
  16. There's teams willing to spend 1st and 2nd round draft picks on RBs all of the time? This is essentially that, but with a proven commodity, that over the course of 16 games (avg) would have been one of better RBs in the league, yardage-wise.
  17. If you could get a 2nd rounder for him this year, and you have Lev (who can handle a workload and a half), I don't see how you don't move him. Just my opinion.
  18. If they add Funchess, Lev, and draft a WR fairly early, this offense is gonna be explosive! Haha I love this time of year, and it's that much more fun when you have the most $!
  19. I don't wanna hear it, because I've had probably 100 posts of people being condescending and arrogant, so sorry if I wanna make a few posts that are mostly informative. I understand the odds of Lev coming here are slim, but I also knew that there was a chance.
  20. It would be dumb to sign Lev freaking Bell to a huge deal and let him split time with a lesser talent like Mack. IF he gets signed, Mack is a goner. Bell's deal will be for the long term, and by the time it's done Mack will be off of his rookie deal, it then becomes get something for him while the value is high...and his value will almost certainly depreciate sitting behind Lev.
  21. Idk, because all I've heard for months is that he would destroy the locker room, and that he wouldn't be worth whatever contract he'd get. In reality, he's potentially the most lethal weapon in football, and they obviously need more weapons...so, why not add one of the best, one of the more dynamic? How often is it that a player like this is just open? And, the Colts have the most $ available? Sounds like the perfect storm to me.
  22. I'd imagine Mack would be dealt before, or during, the draft. They aren't gonna pay Lev all of that $ to split time with Marlon Mack...no.
  23. I love that everyone is just now seeing that Lev Bell would be an excellent addition to the team? Like...what? It's like everyone was under some Ballard-ism brainwash lol.
  24. I'm not gonna be the guy that everyone was to me, and be a pretentious d-head. You have a ridiculously talented commodity, and a team with an abundance of resources available to acquire said commodity...it's really not that outlandish of a proposition/concept. It's unlikely to happen, and I know that, but they're obviously doing their due diligence...and they'd be moronic not to.
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