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  1. Our schedule will be tough but remember that we have an opportunity to really improve our roster through the draft. We will have three picks in the first two rounds. Over $100 million in cap space to resign players we want to keep and add quality FA’s on the market. We have the opportunity to gain depth at all positions and go after a front line receiver. Theses questions still remain for 2019: 1. What do you do with Brissett? Can you shop him for a 1st rounder or a couple 2nd round picks? 2. Do you look for another top tier o-line guy, especially a center? I love Kelly, but he has been an injury nightmare his entire career. 3. Is the secondary a place you want to wait on draft picks to develop, or is it the time to add through free agency? Particularly the safety position. Geathers cannot stay healthy and Hooker is good player...jury is still out if he will become a great player(only 2 int’s this year for a guy that was hyped as a ball hawking player).
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