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  1. What if Ballard wasn’t 100% sure Luck would be himself again. Do you go Grigson and over spend on FA not knowing if your franchise QB would be the same? Patients, support this franchise because we will be fine. We we need to watch and see if this team improves through the course of the season. Sit back, drink a few and just watch this team grow. They will be fine because Luck is fine.
  2. Who did Ballard not get? People forget FA is a two way street.....
  3. R-E-L-A-X. This team is most definitely not the worst 1-5 team. This team is not a playoff team but the season is not over by any means. If these scores hold, they are only back 2 games in the South. I will go out on a limb and say we still have the best QB in the South. So, we are ok going forward.
  4. I hope we beat the Bills and Raiders which would put us at 3-5. The Jags and Texans play each other next week. I believe the Titans play in San Diego. Then the Texans play the Dolphins week 8 while the Jags play the Eagles. We can only hope. This team is bad, but not as bad as their record.
  5. So, if the scores hold up. The Colts will only be 2 games behind for the AFC South. Not saying we have a chance, out the season is not over. Also, did Leonard play the second half?
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